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Full Version: Environment Design Rocks!
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Hey Amit, I did a try (without pre-notan or anything, I just wanted to have things clear) and should it be more or less like this?:

[Image: K6XBArV.png]

One of the doubts I have is that if I should make the borders: painting and then erasing or first the borders and then painting inside them. ;_;
I didn't use the uploader as I'm not officially in the class, just posted here, so if I can't get a crit no worries, I'll tag along with the next assignment though, last one was hard but great fun, feels like I learnt something already!


Hey ,here my work
@LindieDB, Welcome, I am glad to have helped you into the art game. Well done on drumming up the courage to post, GO you! Just keep going, and always remember why you enjoy the process of creating art, and you'll be fine!

@wasgodx: Hey man, good start,. I'm basically really after a clear "read" for the image. I need to know what is going on, the depth, the perspective and what I'm looking at without any explanation. So far, I am not getting a very clear idea of the perspecive in your post and what things are so think about how to show that off. Also, I didn't mention, be sparing in your use of pure black and white this time. It makes it simpler for notan, but not great for realistic pieces.
How you create your shapes is up to you, I find it easier to block them in with a large brush first and then refine, but if you want to sketch and then fill in that's fine. The demo was just a way I do it, you don't have to do it exactly this way.
So, is there a live stream thing happening on Sunday or no? Also, I hope it's ok, but I'm going to have to do all my assignment work traditionally, I've fooked my arm up bad and digital makes it feel 1000x's worse ;-;
@Punk, I might have to push the livestream out to Monday NZ time, got a bit much on, on Sunday. We'll see. I'll send out an email update. If you are subscribed to my sywork channel, make sure notifications are on and you will get updates as I make changes to the stream schedule (at least it is supposed to work like that I guess?)
Trad is fine. Take care of your arm!
Yay, I can't wait to get started! Gotta work hard to get them done, I'm traveling this weekend and will have classes all week, so I'll have to push hard. Good luck, everyone!
Btw thanks Amit for the critique! I had to cut the castle image because I was having weird problems with Krita and on that day there were like 8 power outages and I was about to throw my computer :P

So yeah, it was weird for me too because I actually had more clear the lake composition but between Krita (which wasn't a problem of it, it's just that I'm still learning to use it) and electricity... that was quite of a day.

Oh well, a fun story to tell to the future digital painters, haha
I wanted to ask, for the more experienced artist who can paint landscapes already.

How long did It took you to be able to visualize space on the canvas?

I can do boxes and cilinders in 3d but when it comes to big spaces, more intrincate and detailed scenes I get lost in the canvas.
how do you train that?

You can see it on the notans we did for 1st week. Some people paint them in 3d space even if they are abstract, while others like me may have a vague horizon or bg, foreground but lacking space sense.

For this 2nd assignment I have these ideas of a huge spaceship flying over skycrapers or a camera pointing down to a waterfall going deep into a cave but when I try to sketch it...
Ok people, after a loooong day I've got all the crits done! You will all be getting emails, the non-registered, you have crits too. Check them out here:

The last few are still uploading so check back in an hour or so.

If I've forgotten anyone this week let me know... @Lurch, I know I still have to do yours...sorry it's gonna have to wait a bit, maybe tomorrow evening :)

I'm totally gonna change up my schedule to be able to maintain this. Also the sywork group stream probably won't happen tomorrow, but maybe early next week instead. Just keep an eye on the schedules and follow on sywork to be notified when I'm streaming.

Thanks Amit, no problem - don't worry too much about it, I'm sure you've got plenty to do already!

Just watched the week 2 videos so I'm all fired up to do some thumbnails now.

Thanks so much for the crit Amit, i appreciate. 

btw one pic you mentioned is from a mountain i use to go in for a walk, where wild horses wander in bunches, so i stumbled upon a trail where there were burnt trees surrounded by normal healthy trees, in the forest, it felt somewhat strange, so i took some pics. I thought it was cool to work on it for the notan studies. 

It helps, man. It's a good initiative you're doing and it's pretty motivational. Thank you very much. 

first of all, i'd like to thank you so much Amit for my assignment critique! it's funny how for most of the time of watching it i had many moments of enlighten like "ooohhhh he's right! i really made this mistake and didn't notice it" C:

i'd also like to thank you for your demo vids, and say that they are really easy to follow and understand. at least for a person like me who's been interested in arts for half of her life and knows a bit of the principles. they helped me to sort out those bits of info i had about many things regarding color or enviro painting.

ps. i shamelessly admit, i chuckled a bit when you tried to pronounce Zdzisław Beksiński's name xD i imagine polish words ain't easy for foreigners. also i'm glad you know and like some of the best polish artists, if i may suggest some of my digital "gurus": Darek Zabrocki, Wojtek Fus, Marek Okoń, Grzegorz Rutkowski, Mathias Zamęcki, Marta Dahlig. i also love traditional painters from Young Poland period (with Jacek Malczewski on top) C: ok, enough of "expressing my polish pride" xD
Hey Amit.. quick question - are these studies just general studies, or will we be using them / expanding on them later on.
@Lurch, nah dude you're totally getting one, I promised. Also, Bart, he slipped between the cracks.
@Aumes: No probs man.  Aha, burned stumps are always creepy!
@Morie: Haha I did totally butcher it. I even asked a Polish artist mate of mine a while ago and practiced it  and I recognised my own total fail. Gotta try, though. XD  There are many kickass polish trad and digital. painters! Something in the water? :)
@Punky: You mean the value sketches? I'd rather they weren't studies, just your own compositions, but you can use reference or something as inspiration of course. Consider this a teaser to just get into the habit of doing solid value sketches. If you want to take some of them further in later weeks you totally can, depends what comes out.  We might be doing some colour/mood iterations over one or two of them in the coming weeks.

Oh and for you tradsters, markers and ink pen for implying detail are a good combo for doing these sketches. Don't worry about showing this much detail though, just the best example I could find:
And check out this link to Scott Robertson's awesome vid, which starts at his marker demo. It's aimed at atmo. perspective but you can adapt it to any enviro sketching :). Or just use good ol' pencil, or whatever what you prefer...what do I know!?
hahaha it could be that! i'm aspiring to join that "pro circle" myself C:

that's kind of a strong motivational kick
It looks like Im doing things digital again this week. Heres some notan thumbs and a bit of my value sketches so far. Still figuring out the tools in Manga Studio so they're a little messy.
Nice ones Adam. That bottom left one is looking real dynamic and great perspective. Total book cover material. Gonna reserve crits for when they're all done :)
Hey Amit,

Any chance you can share the google drive folder with the crit videos in? It'd be great to download them all in one hit so I can reap the benefits of all the feedback. Thanks everybody! :P

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