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Full Version: Environment Design Rocks!
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I updated mine a bit after getting some feed back from Other Muzz.
Hey guys, I'm going to try and finish all crits tonight. I'm going to stream on Saturday afternoon NZ time. Will send a final email out with the time so you guys can join in if you are free!
Last stream of the course will be at 5 PM NZST Saturday 19th December. I've sent an email out as well. Hope to catch you all there!
Haven't done anything during the last week because I procrastinated on studying for exams/working on research papers. -_-

Here's something I bullshitted for an animation project.

[Image: OdXh4zA.png]

[Image: 2WC7ntT.png]

[Image: eq1awXP.png]

[Image: KgWCzOY.png]

Low quality animation that I gave my teacher via slow internet:

Some important effects that I worked on cannot be seen because the quality is low. :/
Finished work:

[Image: 8L6yxr4.png]

Not well, not bad. I have to improve a lot.
@wasgodx That looks awesome! Good work! :)
Hey mates!
First off, thank you for the stream Amit. I guess you explained eloquently why you are an awesome guy :). It was a nice and purposeful segment of the course. I'm happy i managed to watch it. It was not about "what a magic world full of wonders and, the rest, you can figure out on your own". It was actually more like "dah", very realistic, down to earth, insightful, and interesting to listen to - meaning "no bullsh*t"/cut the crap/here's what this is all about kind of approach.
So, at the end, i am glad i took the time.

Thank you for the initiative.

All the best to you, Amit, and to each 'n everyone who participated.

Because the time is "à la mode", "may the force be with you all"! :)

@wasgodx: Frikkin what are you talking about man. The improvement you have shown is stupendous! You should be very proud. I can do a paintover for you again if you think you will want to continue on with this further!
@U3-C: sorry man, still no paintover! gah....but you always seem to move ahead before me. If anything I say if you are keen, let's work on the first image in your series!
@Aumes: Brother, it has been a pleasure to have you on board! I'm glad you learned something from my rants! I never know sometimes whether I am just being an arrogant dick talking to myself. Stay in touch man!

Everyone else, I will be finalising a course survey to get your thoughts on how I can improve my content, relatively soon. Please keep posting your wips and I will attempt to do paintovers or give you crits as they come!

Also, now that the course is over I want to be developing more vids / tutorials etc on my YT channel. Please let me know here, or by message, any topics for short video tutorials or workflow, or general freelance stuff that you might want to learn more about, and I will add them to my list!
Ah, no worries. Finally finished school, so I've got an entire month (finally ;v;)!
Stayed up late 'cause fuck work. Decided to get some of this done.

Finally starting to like the direction it is headed in.

Nice Gunnar! I really dig the lighting you are starting to get. Keep it when you have it at a stage overall that you feel you can't take it any further and I will do a paintover for ya!
I'm stoked to get more done on it now! I'm also changing up the pose of Beatrice a bit. Her cape is going to be blowing backward to give more of an effect of power emanating from her touching the crystal.

Really digging this new level of motivation I'm finding these past few days!
Whoa holy crap twilight, that is a huge improvement!! Great work! Same for wasgodx, inspiring stuff all around.

I will join you guys in progress posting after the holidays... Unfortunately my psd is so ridiculous with all the photo layers that my poor travel laptop can barely open it, much less do anything once it's open :/
Thanks, Broadway!

I feel ya there, too! My PSD was starting get cluttered, so I went through and organized it/ended up deleting a bunch of layers. I should have been organizing it from the start.
Finally able to post something Thumbs_up . Missed the last 3 weeks completely Meh  .....but don't wanna give up.And after watching those awesome posts from everyone, i gather my courage to continue . I'll continue from color roughs.still struggling while doing colors.Couldn't do from greyscale to color.Paintings turn out bad.Don't know why!  Sad  these  are done directly into color.i used a hue/saturation adjustment layer with saturation zero on top of all layers to check out values.I don't yet feel confident enough to do a large scale painting from greyscale to color or directly into color .i have several greyscale thumbs with man made architecture.....but could not able to figure out how to turn those into color!!
thats why i did these (relatively easy subject matter)....And i find photobashing is way too advanced technique for me.
Nice tml....I like all of those colour thumbs, all great moods. I dig the first and I really find the second one intriguing and has some real nice scale and interesting additional design for the tree/settlements that push it past simple landscape. Work on whichever you really feel inspired by, but I can help you bring one or more to a finish! You have a good sense of depth, scale, colour and atmo, very good, so I think finishing is just a matter of discipline in pushing it past where you would normally end and getting it done! I loved your previous value thumbs too, though. If you wanted I can maybe try and show you how I would approach translating that to colour in a different way..

Broadway and Twilight, definitely consolidate down any layers and ajustments for individual sections etc, as much as possible once you are happy with them. Makes it easier to work with, less taxing on your system. Especially if it's not for a client and you know that they won't be coming back with changes at any point!!
I usually like ending up with a file that only has normal painted layers, and separated out in broad sections of varying depths, seems cleaner for me.
Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to all you guys Party .Hope you have good holidays and spend the days with your loved ones :D

Thanks Amit.Those are really kind words.Really appreciate.I really liked Impressed the way you did color roughs on your week 4 demo and i think that process is the most suitable one (for better control and iteration) for me to do from greyscale to 
color.But i don't know why my colors didn't turn out not even close to your beautiful colors Thumbs_up .Currently i am working on a greyscale piece and i'll try my best to turn this into color with your method.I'll post my progress.
Well, I've been busting my hump on this thing all week.. Think I'm ready for a final crit so that I can finish it up soon!

Okie dokes Twilight, I'll do a PO for ya soon!
Here's your PO man. I thought your image was turning out too dark overall and the colour/material  of the crystal wasn't really hitting the spot.  I adjusted the reference by adding a background made from colour picking your image, then I tweaked the values/colour of the crystal to look good and fit within that background. Once that was done, I just applied that to your scene. 
I also colour balanced the scene overall to bring it together a bit more. The green in the background stood out on it's own too much so I shifted the environment towards that a bit more overall.

It's really hard to paint over without the layers, so some of the blocks got munted.

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