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Full Version: Environment Design Rocks!
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Had a lot of fun here :)
Whooo! Almost messed up the time zones but I un-derped my time zone math in time :P

Everyone's stuff looks awesome, some really cool 100x notans in this thread!

Here's mine
[Image: rC4tNBU.png]


Here's mine! Had a lot of fun working on this. :)
Notans were so much fun ! :D
Alrighty! So, here's the finished assignment! Sadly you won't get to see a lot of the details here, BUT if you go to the website Amit provided for us ( you can see it in it's original size (Plus you'll get to submit your assignment if you haven't yet!) 


Thank you all for the suggestions. This assignment was not easy, but it was fun. I look forward to the rest of this course with you guys! 

Have a great night!
Finally finished :) this was a really fun assignment. 
Wow so many impressive submissions, keep going people!

(10-01-2015, 11:45 PM)Amit Dutta Wrote: [ -> ]@Art44: a simple answer. No crit for them. I will use their allocated time instead to help some of the people who haven't registered but are motivated and managed to submit in time.

That's really kind of you, Amit! Should the non-registered students submit their assignments via the form then or just leave it here in the thread as you suggested in the beginning
(panting out of breath) ErMaGerd! You guys! I did it! I finished mine! Yall's look great!


Here's my stuff,

Cheers - Six

Thanks, college. I wish I had more time to spend on these! Thinking of doing the exercise again traditionally :D

[Image: rsNMRHO.png]
All I could muster this week unfortunately :S Thought it was better to submit _something_ rather than late.

Late... (┬_┬)
Finally understanding the importance of time management...

[Image: YTrBf0D.jpg]

[Image: 4zmpQCQ.jpg]

[Image: xXXIpVR.jpg]

[Image: pZIDMDs.jpg]


*Phew* This was pretty crazy! Got married on the 25th so by the time we got back home and settled in I didn't have long to get this all done! I'm really glad I got it in on time though.. even if I had to rush it a bit.. I'm pumped for week02 :D


WELL DONE ON getting them in!! YAYY you guys. Be proud of the huge amount of work you just did!

We had about 32 assignments submitted which is better than the 20 or so I thought I would get! 

Not all were from the registered but this week everyone who posted will get a crit! I probably won't be able to do this when the crits require more explanation or detail.

Because it's the first week I let a couple of you squeak in. 

From now on the deadlines will be hard-coded into the submission widget, so it is out of my hands. When the deadline is over, it's over. I'd recommend submitting whatever you have, even if unfinished, I will still have a look at it.

@U3-C: Yep. I'm still shit at time management...believe me.  Always room for improvement.
@FoxFlake, No worries, I'll swipe yours off the forum.

Ok rest up and enjoy guys, assignment 2 is coming up soon, and you'll only have a week to get it done! Did I mention this was going to be exhausting? Oh yeah. You gotta get on your A game, "eat that  frog"
Hey Folks! I am loving everyone's work so far! Great job! Here is my submission. I rushed to finish it! I did everything except one 4 value study. Ran out of time :/ Luckily I submitted my work 2 mins before deadline. XD This exercise was definitely challenging! I spent too much time on my notan sketches. Esp up to 60/100. After that I decided to go more abstract and focus in on just design. The last 40 were done a lot quicker. Anyhow, I really enjoyed this exercise and found it to be extremely helpful! From now on I will use the notan exercise as my go-to for warming up. By the way, Amit, I love the new website for the class. And your recorded crits have been really helpful! Thanks a million! :-)

[Image: ZOhjGn6.jpg]
Assignment 02 : Value Sketching, creating depth and focus. 

You get to do your own value sketching after all that study. The videos combined are a bit over an hour long.
You can always go here for everything together:

  1. First a discussion about Depth
  2. Another talk on using Contrast in your focal points (you won't need to use the colour contrast stuff in this assignment!)
  3. Lastly a painting demo on one technique I use for value sketching. Note this one is still uploading...should be done by the time the first ones are watched.



GET cracking. Go DEEEEP:

Resource Links
PureRef download :  (FREE!)
@Amit: Thirty...thirty two assignments...

That is scary, all the time you have to spend going over them... :o
I'm so excited!  Yessss!  Grin

Thanks so much for making your crits available to everyone, Amit.  I really appreciate everything you wrote on my assignment #1--  It's really helping me keep important things in mind.  Accuracy and squinting!  Yes!  I can do this!  Thumbs_up

I hope that everyone is looking at these crits and using your pointers in their work.  It's all gooolldddd.


This was reeallyyy difficult for me.  I feel like I pushed as far as I could go, and I know it's a mess, and it's not right perspective-wise...  I'm hoping for a great ripping-apart crit, and maybe even a paintover to help me figure out how to get more in-depth...  Grin

Sorry if it hurts your eyes, Amit.  Grin Thanks for powering through it, haha.

Submission form fixed. Thumbs_up


I had these done about 20 hours ago, but I spent too much time waffling about whether to join the forum and post, and missed the dl. Which is fine, I just wanted to post them anyway. I only got 92 notans finished, and the last couple was blatant cheating as I just kept doing value studies.

Disclaimer: I am not particularly artistically gifted or skilled. I've always meant to dabble in it, but never knew where to start. Couple weeks ago I received a graphics tablet as a gift and as it quickly became clear that managing the resulting mess on the screen was going to take a lot of practice, I started looking for ideas for how to go about it. I found this class and the sheer amount of notans required seemed like the ideal way to gain some control over my errant pixels. And oh boy was it ever! Even I can clearly see the improvement. 

So thank you very, very much for providing the opportunity for me to learn a new skill. One I really enjoyed, and will continue practicing. I'll try to follow along with the rest of the assignments, for so long as my abilities allow.  I guess I just wanted to say that when things get to that inevitable point where you wonder why you are doing this and making so much work for yourself (at least, most of my projects reach that point), you should know you opened up an entire new world and changed a random stranger's life for the better. 

And I will stop babbling now. 

Dang, I thought I still had a few more hours before submission (I'm out in california :^/)
Either way, I definitely learned a lot from doing this, it was a really tough exercise for me
[Image: x9EhGIu.jpg]
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