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Full Version: Flo's sketchbook
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so I am back from awesome, awesome canada. and I saw prometheus there, so I felt like sketching some xenomorph. and did a little environment-study, which is still wip


just a sketch and some studies from the bridgeman book. unfortunatly I have to make money now (not drawing but doing transcriptions), which means I can't draw much today. do you guys know where I could look for possible comission-work? I know my stuff is not great but I would ten times rather work more while drawing (even on small projects) than do boring stuff to get money.


edit: worked some more on the Chile mountain study

some bridgeman studies
moaaaar studies
Good studies Flo, keep these up.

Also, don't forget to do some character/illustration pieces after some studies. :)
Hmm your colored works could use a little bit saturated colors. Side of that. Really good work. Keep pushing ;3
hey guys,
thanks for stopping by, i really appreciate that. :)
@ dennis: i will keep it in mind. infact I find myself yearning for a character/creature piece after those environment studies. also I am trying to a grip of anatomy since i am not very good at it. bridgman is supposed to help me there

@ ramalooke: you are totally right, mate. personally I still am not to fond of my colors, especially when I try to go from b/w to color it tends to look very ugly. maybe pkmike gives me some of his powers? other than that, I will keep working until I get it. It can't be that hard, right?

also some more stuff. the first one is colored sketch for an environment and the next one is the worked on version. it is supposed to be a rocky structure with thermal water being pushed out everywhere sitting in an volcanic environment. and for relaxation a goat-man, I slowly learn to enjoy the use of perspective-lines, they are so helpful!

nice studies, that rhino looks really good
thanks ben, much apprechiated :)

the last finished piece and some environment speedpaints done while watching this:
Things are coming along nicely, I really like the idea and most of the execution on that personal piece, though maybe you can ad more colors to the plane closest to us. You can reference your landscape studies and see what colors are out there.
And yea, tnx for the notification about new Feng's video :)
The steam waterfall is really cool, it makes me wish I could be there to try and climb to the top!
Looking good. The rhino and that environment are both sweet. Like it all though : ).
@ iCi: thanks man, glad you like it. i still am a noob with colors, I have the feeling that I slowly get a grasp, but still it is a lot to learn. do you have any particular tips for the foreground respecting hues to add?
@ Simonarpalmer: hehe, thank for the kind words.
@ JakeB: thanks mate, that rhino was a lot of fun to do as well as that environment.

just a quick color overpaint of an older piece.

Cheers everybody,
hey guys,

i tried to fix the perspective and added some more hues to the foreground.

Awesome landscapes man! If you ever try out that scene generator for anything let me know. I'd love to see how it turns out. Last one turned out great!
thanks a lot man :)
that generator is really cool, i will definitely try it out.
in the meantime, a charactersketch, inspired by this

Nice, haha.
Oooh, I recognise your EOW! :D Keep up the good work ^_^
today's stuff :)
some speedpaintings, each one about 30 min.
ne of them I took a little further for the environment challange here on CD, and then I did something totally different. but it was fun.

@dennis: glad you like it ^^
@laura: will do, you too! your faces are coming along nicely. do you have an entry at EOW too?

You gotta finish that last one for the Cd challenge. Looks awesome.
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