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Finally approved to show this guy from last year. For Corvus Covax Miniatures.

[Image: ZcHla6V.jpg]

I want to enter the Crimson CHOW -- I don't think I'll have the time for it. But wips are required. So these are for Crimson CHOW #5 - The Necromancer.

[Image: XWBzKwp.jpg]

Getting the old practice routine going again. Amazing how much fall-off there is if you don't keep up on gestures. And a colorized update to that non-venom ;) miniature.

[Image: ErD5UTU.jpg]
[Image: vgosJxs.jpg]
[Image: TUm3NET.jpg]
[Image: OGar8Lq.jpg]
[Image: 9OvJ1BL.jpg]
[Image: adONTYm.jpg]
[Image: FxvSFiq.jpg]
[Image: cE9U8rV.jpg]
[Image: dBvt966.jpg]
[Image: m6sV3m1.jpg]
[Image: Co5t5yU.jpg]
[Image: qzPDfOK.jpg]

Todays things. Warmups. A quick head study. And 30 minute speedpaint for the Daily Spitpaint group on Facebook.
[Image: 8dBv50J.jpg]
[Image: 00CbsnN.jpg]
[Image: snZREQz.jpg]

Edit: One more before bed. Quick, loose study, just trying (and failing) to get better at seeing colors.
[Image: dCm8s8c.jpg]

Daily warmups and heads.

30-45 minute heads
[Image: MJW2XPU.jpg?1]

2 minute head sketches.
[Image: YBRQ2QY.jpg]

Most of my gesture drawings from this past week.
[Image: mfrjNks.jpg]

Spitpaint warmup and a WIP of a katana wielding girl that can't decide what genre/era/world she wants to be in. Let's call her a yakzua girl or something?

On this spitpaint I was really trying to hit my points for a larger scene (thanks Caisne for the critique there as well).

[Image: mLRfs9R.jpg?1]
[Image: slUWfIy.jpg]

Recent illustration.
[Image: PoljYJT.jpg?1]

Last one is nice, but it doesn't really feel like he's holding the book, maybe tilt it more horizontally or put his little finger under the book for extra support :) nice colors and contrast

Gliger - Thank you! And I would agree with that critique. There are some things I would do differently with his pose if I did this one again.

And a couple of recent things:
Commissioned fan art of a draenei death knight from WoW
[Image: eYgtNHK.jpg?1]

And enviro concept art (a lot of photo bash here to get it turned out)
[Image: fvwaYyU.jpg?1]

Amazing.. look forward to more from you.. and now off to stalk your dA too :) Keep up the amazing works x

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Awesome studies, and really nice application with imagination stuff. I really like the latest enviro actually-- Probably because you had a suitable colour palette. I think you should do some colour studies next. See what colours fit together, and whatnot. I think there's an environment generator on the forum where you can choose the option of what type of colour scheme to use-- Doing research through it might be beneficial!

Besides that, you're really doing awesome.

Keep up the great work! Thumbs_up


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Oh. Just 2 years between posts. No big deal.
Same story with Instagram and stuff... anyway, I just wrapped up a new personal piece. Wonder Woman wielding the Lasso of Truth. I originally planned this to end up formatted as trading card art, but quickly abandoned the concept and just had fun.
[Image: 4QuNDqH.png?1]


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