Toxicpanda's Death Note
great sketchbook you got here, I just looked through the whole thing, want more!

really dig the old lady warrior in post #183.

beautiful portrait too.

Thank you Lurch

Here is something made for Awaken
[Image: FOsT23yl.jpg]
Some studies and sketchesss
[Image: HhMNZlKl.jpg]
[Image: 58AuW0gl.jpg]
[Image: fWSlejFl.jpg]
[Image: 4kfh3fyl.jpg]
[Image: uX3lhkyl.jpg]
Self portrait made for Novermber 1st self portrait day
[Image: 12112394_1109801762364192_85557718297805...e=56AD8D9C]

Like the expression on your self portrait also like the pumpkin illustration

Thank you James : )
Here are some new things again
So here is something from todays stream that im going to finish later.
[Image: tiIZIzpl.jpg]
There three are some random studies. First one is from ilikeyoursensitivity (love her portraits)
[Image: NPy03gNl.jpg]
[Image: J4lqJFwl.jpg]
[Image: PJDLx5Fl.jpg]
And I hope you don't mind me posting this one in a bit bigger res-
This is a very personal painting for me. I actually wrote something about importance of making personal paintings here -
[Image: JJJcBmMh.jpg]

Heeeeeey girl :), i brought youz someez nom nom mangoez :)

Idk if you saw my thread but i might be a good read for you if you feel stuck on improving (you might not, it's a good read anyways!)

ur rendering and compositions are sooo gud :), and i think doing a friggin ton of gestures and pencil studies, just loose ones to get structure down for like hands and stuff will shoot you into new territories :)

Keep drawin panda we luvz u!

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Nice sketchbook, that self portrait is looking awesome :) I am eager too see more of your stuff Toxicpanda!

You have some cool personal pieces. I also read your blog entry, it was interesting to know theres other people visualising worlds/characters etc in their free time. Keep doing those illustrations that are inspired by your life/dreams/feelings, like you said, it shows through :)

I always enjoy these beach scenes you do. This piece with the girl in the crater is so good too! The mood is very melancholic. You mentioned in your blog that you write down your dreams. Me too! I have a notebook full of dreams from the last few years. I was really into lucid dreaming(realizing you're dreaming while asleep). Its an amazing well of inspiration and even helps you understand yourself better. Dreams are a way of connecting with the subconscious and working through mental blocks you dont even realize you have yet. I look forward to seeing more updates from you щ(ಥДಥщ)

great updates Panda, read your blogpost and it's true what you said, your personal peices really do stand out, the girl in the crater is really interesting.
Personally my dreams are really mundane lol, maybe it's to do with my sleep issues but on the rare chances i can remember my dreams they are usually really mundane things though sometimes slightly odd. I should try lucid dreaming sometime like Adam was talking about.

@Fedodika thank you for food! <3
@crackedskull Thank you so much and for visiting my blog too : )
@AdamLina Thank you, I'm so glad you're enjoying those paintings. It's nice to see someone writing down dreams too. I have those kind of dreams almost every night- without even making myself do them (I know some people make preparations for lucid dreaming). So it's interesting to "rule" that world of dreams and control some things.
@Triggerpigking - thnx and im glad you have seen my blog. Maybe not^^ you should be happy that you can't remember dreams sometimes (well, if they are bad ones).

Here is collection of short illustrations I did cor 24hour comic drawing challenge. If you would like to see it in higher res it's here:

[Image: 5DM3hsu.jpg]

Daily Spitpaints: Blue Line, Maze in the Sky, On Giants Back 

[Image: aC5bpjSl.jpg]
[Image: Ktgwxk4l.jpg]
[Image: 4OmCMMTl.jpg]
Some random study and ideas
[Image: znku5vRl.jpg]


I tried painting something from my dreams again.

[Image: KDGYGWTl.jpg]

Finished that piece from before.
[Image: zNcoWHRl.jpg]

I read your blog. You got struck by lightning!? Or is that part of the dream?

@Adam Lina xD yup, for real.
[Image: ukPAOG4l.jpg]
[Image: JhMT1L3l.jpg]

Stunning studies, awesome work! Keep going! Grin


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great sketchbook Toxicpanda, keep up the great work :)

[Image: LHYgR4ol.jpg]
[Image: JFlZzRcl.jpg]
random exploration sketch
[Image: cFpfe2bl.jpg]
Daily spitpaint-blind monk
[Image: SjQ2LZdl.jpg]

I will try to do this webcomic daily, so here is what I have so far.
[Image: UrvHTqEl.jpg]
[Image: 4QbBwFel.jpg]
Summ of 2015
[Image: 1bzpNI5l.jpg]
Yasuo fan art from League of Legends
[Image: tMzVYGUl.jpg]
Christmas card
[Image: e6cwjlSl.jpg]
Some thumb ideas
[Image: a4tutD2l.jpg]

Fcking insane.

[Image: lgrbiKQl.jpg]
^spitpaint, down-commission
[Image: Td7eJVul.jpg]

Awesome sketchbook! *_* Those hand studies you've done a little earlier are goooorgeous!! And you got struck by lightning?! Oh my.. I love that last commission painting, cool hair and colors!

You are your only limits!


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