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I think that my real art journey started when I registered on this forum.  So thanks to everyone here. I can’t believe it has been only 3 months because I learned so much from you guys.  Great books to develop fundamentals, old and contemporary artists, ways of learning and applying the learned skills and much more. 
My current goal will be within 2 months’ timeframe (I’ve got some objective reasons to set this timeframe, can’t plan further for now).
I’m going to finish 2 color illustration pieces during the next 2 months (a piece for Environment course and another piece (creature in environment, with focus on the creature). Update: I'm going to take part in Crucible, so the 2nd one will be for the Crucible!
To make this goal achievable, I’ll try to work on those pieces at least every other day, be it actually painting or specific studies. My purpose is to make my first steps to building a portfolio. After making those illustrations I will have a better idea if I really want to focus on creature+environment design in my future art career. For now I guess that what I like drawing most of all is creatures, both existing and imaginary ones.  I also like when illustration has a story behind it. Environment would let me show where the creature lives and what’s happening to it. Some of my creatures are going to be humanoids, so I have to learn figure drawing and anatomy, too.
By the end of April both illustrations must be ready.

My second goal is to do fundamental studies every day  (including application of the learned stuff in sketches from imagination or memory), because I’m still a beginner and have to learn basic stuff. If I don’t have time at all, I still have to devote at least several minutes to this stuff. Here is the list of areas that I’m going to focus on, in priority order:
1.      Perspective, basic drawing skills (S.Robertson)
2.      Figure drawing (Loomis, Proko) 
3.      Color (J.Gurney, master studies, creature painting studies)
4.      3d software – Sketchup (mandatory, for designing architecture), Sculptris
5.     composition (Creative Illustration by Loomis, compositional master studies) 
6.      Edge control (I have to find some articles or search for this stuff in my books and try to implement it in my studies and artworks)

However much fundamental those studies might be, I'll try to do them in smart way and think how I could apply them to my future artworks.
I'll write a date on each study and post them in my sketchbook at least weekly.
Upd.: I must plan every single day, no excuses. Otherwise I end up having wasted time at the end of the day.
In May  I’ll be able plan my further activities till the end of the year, but  anyway I am going to continue my art journey.

I also might update or adit this post if I'll have some better ideas.
Thanks to Amit Dutta for video about creating goals :)

Sounds great, good luck!

You can do it!!! I will have to give you some crits on your enviros soon, such a slacker! *shakes head :)

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Very efficient plan.Good luck!

Good luck! You might try joining the Crucible challenge as well :)

(03-06-2016, 11:10 PM)Amit Dutta Wrote: You can do it!!! I will have to give you some crits on your enviros soon, such a slacker! *shakes head :)

Thank you Amit! It would be great to get some crits! I'm currently especially worried about the composition.

Hobitt thank you, I'll try my best with the time that I have.

(03-07-2016, 06:58 AM)Piotr Jasielski Wrote: Good luck! You might try joining the Crucible challenge as well :)

Thank you! I'll try to join it! I wrote those goals before I saw info about the challenge.

sound very good and also quite similar to what i want to achieve the next two months.
The S.M.A.R.T. strategy seems to make sense, i think i will build up on that for my deathline too.
i´m hyped to see your results!
I totally forgot re-reading my goals! From now on, I'll be doing it every weekend!
I've got one change of plans - both illustrations to complete till the end of the month are going to be for the Crucible (1 ready), but I must complete the enviro course, too, so I will work on this stuff in between the Crucible challenges, and complete my image within 2 next Crucible-breaks.

In-between analysis of my current results:
- I haven't been doing fundamental studies every day. To make this goal more achievable, I'll draw /something/ every day and work on fundamentals at least every other day but for sure. I marked what I have been doing and what not:
+Perspective - got to focus on that even more
+ Figure drawing
+- Color
++ 3d software – Sketchup, Sculptris - done more than planned
- composition
+ Edge control

As for planning, I mostly do it but had a break for about a week of ineffective Todoist app using. Found out that paper pad works much better for me than any planning app.

And a test activity - try to wake up at 6.30 and draw for 40 minutes. Eat a frog in the morning! Don't have to do it every day, but often enough to test it. If it proves to be a good idea, I'll keep it up.

Awwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaa---- wait what? "Eat a frog in the morning"??!? Ahahahahaaha...
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Haha but forreals, these goals are great neo! Smash them out, you've so got this

Updates plez!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Time to update! Sorry for keeping you waiting, my life has been kind of on tenterhooks last week.
The art gods must have been having fun watching my efforts! I am staying in Hungary for one more year. It means I am not returning to full-time lawyer job and can continue devote extra time to art. But I can’t hope for a third chance. I’ll do my best to level up and change career, smart goals here to help me. 

First, evaluation of my previous goals.

New goals:

@smrr thanks for cheering up! You can read about eating frogs here on  Brian Tracy's website. I've listened to his audio book "The Miracle of self-discipline" and am trying to apply some stuff srom it, but his recommenations on what actually  to do first in the morning are very contradictory (planning, working out or eating a frog?).

Congrats on getting that extra year! Yayy. Now there are NO excuses :) A year is actually a very long time if you are efficient and focused!

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This is neo vs distractions:
Fight! Fight! Fight!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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That's the way it is John!

I'm leaving the country tomorrow for 2 weeks or a month, can't plan anything definite yet for this period, but my current goal would be to draw whenever possible. And ask myself every evening, if I've done my best today?
I I think I'll be using pencil mostly. As for my environment final, I'll make sure to finish it on return!

Great! Good luck, you have a great approach :)

6:30 though...

@Piotr I won't keep up this practice during my trip :)
Upd: will not be posting anything during the next 2 weeks because of a trip, after that back to my schedule! I'll try to do some sketches during the trip.

Goals update time! (well past time, but better now than later)
I've been put off my stride for a while because of that unexpected month of trips, although I started well. Figured out that big breaks are not for me. Got to take some drawing+painting material with me during trips and use it, whether it's +40C or -40C outside
I've been in some undecisive mood this week, thinking about "the right way to learn further" and surfing the Internet much more than doing stuff. Goal setting is the best way to deal with it, write a plan and just follow it until evaluation time without fruitless contemplations. Amit's post has been extremely helpful for me today.

Evaluation+Comments (I'm not making major changes in goals this time):

Hey Neo - a very comprehensive set of goals.

Well done for updating - it's good to keep on coming back to your goals, measuring progress and tweaking your schedule.

Keep going and good luck :)

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Thank you for the support Artloader. 

I made up my mind to narrow my art path to creature design and make it my main art goal till November.
Next Terryl Whitlach creature anatomy course starts on November 07. I'm going to create 3 finish creature concepts by October 10th (updated.. got less and less time :) ) and send my brand new portfolio to Schoolism. 
To make this goal achievable, I'll follow my Summer challenge plan for the first creature and will be generating ideas/doing sketches for the illustration.
When the 1st creature is done, I'll proceed to an illustration to meet the CC deadline which is 22th of september. Omg I'm short of time. I thought it was till the end of september.
Based on the CC crits, I might take up to a week to improve my illustration.
After that I proceed to my 3rd creature, plan to be written after the 1st 2 are finished.

My list has gotten "too many letters" so I'll keep other art goals private, but will keep tracking them.
Time to get my ass kicked in the chosen direction.

Sounds like a good move to narrow your focus Neo. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your creatures :) good luck!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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