Book of Voodoo
All the images in my Sketchbook are broken 
I try to  upload to another site and link here 
Let, s see if it works! 

Here is the image featured on the front page
I did for the character challenge 

[Image: 39352694285_fef032dfd8_c.jpg]

I've been a long time lurker, I finally decided to join.  
If I'm serious about improving drawing and painting I figure I should start a sketchbook thread here (´.ω .`) ...
Critiques are very welcome
also I really enjoy drawing fanart, hope its still ok to post here...

Well here are some sketches
It's Arno from Assassin's Creed Unity
[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: 2.jpg]
[Image: 3.jpg]
[Image: 4.jpg]
character from Samurai Warriors
[Image: 1_1.jpg]
[Image: 5.jpg]
and some random sketches
[Image: 32_1.jpg]
[Image: 33_1.jpg]
[Image: 34_1.jpg]

I will post some digital works next!

and the digital works
an elf sketch
[Image: Voodoo_Mama_fromSketch_VI.png]

random characters
[Image: WEB_Voodoo-Mama_charDesignII.jpg]
[Image: Voodoo-Mama_charDesignIV-1.png]

Jia Chong from Dynasty Warriors
[Image: WEB_Voodoo-Mama_JiaChong.jpg]

This next ones are mattepainting, I hope its still ok to post?
I work full time in VFX as a matte painter and compositor,

This is a mattepainting I did for the TV show VIKINGS season 3, adding some snow on top of the practical snow that was already on the set
[Image: vik03_102_010_frm1_small.jpg]

This is a day to night mattepainting I did for the TV show REIGN season 2
I had to replace the sky with a night starry sky and get rid of anything modern (since it's a period show) so got rid of things floating in the water and the lawn mowed grass
[Image: reign02_3241_013_frm1_BeforeAfterVFX_small.jpg]

For both I used Photoshop and Nuke

I will show some drawing studies too after ^^u
Beautiful work in here. Liking those pencil drawings.
Ohohoho am I glad I came across this sketchbook
Real cool stuff!
I'm actually gonna start watching vikings soon, looks epic

Looking forward to more art man, and welcome to the daggers!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Great works so far! Can´t wait to see more updates :) welcome!
Solid pencil drawings man and digital work. Keep going with the updates :)
Dennis, Thank you!

smrr, Thank you!
ohh if you can you should watch it, it is a good show! (and I'm not saying that cuz I work on it, I actually used to watch it before I did work for them :P )

AngeliquevdMee, Thank you very much!

Zearthus, Thank you very much!


Some more work

Petit Arno Dorian from Assassin's Creed Unity

This is an illustration I did for Ubisoft. They'll be handing out free prints of it at the Montreal Comic Con! (This July 3-5, 2015) So if you're there you can come by and get one :P

[Image: WEB_AC_Voodoo-Mama_surlestoits.jpg]

Some studies from photos of the FIFA Women's WorldCup,mostly practicing some dynamic poses
[Image: 44.jpg]

hand and feet studies from life
[Image: 45_1.jpg]

 random sketch
[Image: 46_1.jpg]
Nice work man, your figures have a good flow to them.

Crackedskull, Thank you!

Mariyan-Hristov, ohh thank you very much! I am very happy somebody else likes mattepainting in here!

Mostly studies
In characters. I have a lot of problems with feet and shoes, also with proportion and foreshortening...and folds in clothing too, so I've been trying to improve on those issues.
 [Image: 49.jpg][Image: 47.jpg][Image: 48.jpg]

here's a work related piece.
A mattepainting I did for VIKINGS season 3
[Image: vik140_140_BeforeAfterVFX_M.jpg]

The hill behind the boats had modern houses, farm land and wires, so I had to remove all those and make the landscape look natural. I created some concept variations of how it could look first. The bottom image is the approved look and final that made it into the show.

In this shot, the boats were real. But some of my coworkers had shots were they had to add boats digitally.

I used Photoshop for the matte painting and Nuke for the compositing.
moe studies
[Image: 51_1.jpg]
[Image: 50_1.jpg]
[Image: 2_1.jpg]

some digital sketches.
Jiang Wei from Dynasty Warriors.
[Image: Voodoo-Mama_JiangWeiSKETCH-1.png][Image: Voodoo-Mama_JiangWeiSKETCH-2.png]
Thanks for stopping by my sketchbook, I really like your drawings keep up the good work!

Aaaaaaaaah Voodoo your work be so inspiring to me :D

That Assassin's Creed Unity chibi is awfully adorable! Those people are all lucky bums for receiving a *free!?* print of it!
Love your sketches, the action poses feel so dynamic; and these last sketches are coooool too!

god I'm like a squealing fangirl without any constructive crits, but yeah, I got none haha

P.s. yeah, Vikings definitely on my "to watch" list on Netflix, just gotta finish some work by a certain deadline and it's on!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Awesome stuff, if you have trouble with drapery, this may sound weird but check out how they do it at ghibli, specially in their latest movies (the wind rises e.g.) , they NAIL the simplification of the forms in the folds, also animating drapery helps.

Takeshi honda is crazy at it too, but this is just borderline showing off ;)

Woaah man, super cool sketches and work! So cool you got to work on Vikings! That Assassin's Creed chibi is really cool, I love the rendering!

You are your only limits!

yer pretty good <3

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Hey thanks for stopping my my SB and the crit. I see you're working on hands and feet yourself. Hands and feet are definitely a weak spot for me. I've been meaning to focus on them but theres so many other things to work on, it gets pushed to the back of the line. I cant crit you on anything at the moment other than maybe try out some more dramatic lighting for your characters/ illustrations. Most of your stuff uses diffused light from above. Try out some direct light sources and play around with some hard edges.

desirulz123, No problem! and Thank you!

smrr, ohhh Thank you so much! *0*

Gliger, Thank you! Yes! a simplification at the right places is what I'm trying to go for :0 Thank you very much for the links, the second one doesn't seem to be working for me though :0

LaleAnn, Thank you!

Fedodika, Thank you!!

AdamLima, No problem! yes they are a weak spot for me too.  Thank you very much! I will do different lighting scenarios from now on  and definetly the use of hard/soft edges *_* 


gah! my scanner decided to not work today, but I took pictures :/
...Normally I use loose pages of paper to draw but lately I've been trying to fill out sketchbooks instead
Also from now on I should use a ruler cause my freehand lines are embarrassing :/
[Image: 54_1.jpg]
[Image: 52_1.jpg]
Assassin's Creed drawings, Arno and Elise
[Image: 53_1.jpg]
[Image: 55_1.jpg]
Aiden Pearce from Watch_Dogs
[Image: 56_1.jpg]
simple paintign studies
[Image: 3_1.jpg]
[Image: 4_1.jpg]
Awesome work once again, it's just a longer version of this shot ( 2:34)

Your traditional work is lovely, particularly those paintings. I love the crispness and juiciness of the colours.

Great pencil drawing good control of linework .Keep it up!

Aaaaaaayyyy Voodoo!

Lookin' good as usual!
(I've yet to play Watch Dogs, heard its intense)
Hey if you wanna improve your lines, you know you can, right? Just do some line exercises as apart of your warmup ^ ^ I know it sounds boring, but we all know this kind of boring stuff pays off in the end ha-ha

Also, aaaaaah I do the same thing! For me, drawing on loose paper feels so much easier because if the drawing turns out bad you can always just put it away somewhere and never look at it again... xD

Yayay lookin' forward to more!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all

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