Terran it up....ehhh
another study dump

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looking good! your proportions are getting much better, be cautious about using a small brush for large areas, big artists use big brushes! :D

looks like practice is paying off. :)
Try some master studies now, i think you will enjoy it.

Nice sketchbook dude, and some great studies. You seem to have gotten a good crasp of anatomy, especially in those mma studies on the previous page. My advice would be to keep working those forms and push your values/ lights and darks. Perhaps try some black and white screen caps or still lifes. Keep it up man.

Uhhhh whoops. I had a bunch of anatomy, film stills and portraits I was being lazy about posting. Now that I want to post them I seem to have misplaced/deleted them accidentally Cry GJ, Terran. Oh well, still learned from them.

Lately I've been doing some deconstruction of household objects into their basic shapes, along some life studies.

*EDIT* The peppers don't look as good uploaded. Damn you, gamut.

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Crazy level up with that last post. Huge fan of the line drawings.
Good to see you're juggling with both studies and memory work.
Keep it up

This is starting to look sooo good :D Specially that peppers study-I feel like I could just take them off my monitor-so real. Great work ,keep up like this and have lots of fun^^

Awesome improvement sir :D Keep pushing it!

They aren't kidding terran your mindset and progression is totally evident! I love coming to your sketchbook to see your improvement. keep going :D

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i agree with the others, really nice clean lineart and killer studies.
You are leveling up!

still looks like crap. do more.

3 more life studies. Spent some time trying to figure out how and why lighting and reflections react on glass and plastic. Made some mistakes here and there but I'm overall happy with them. Damn you artifacting orz

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Sexy stuff man

just whoa! Shock
what a huge improvement in the last few pictures!
keep going with this homnomnom stuff! ;3

Forgot to upload these. First 4 helmets were on 30 minute timers, which is why they are so sloppy.

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I haven't been in here for so long... big improvements man, shit. Keep pushing it, stuff is looking sweet.

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very cool sb, I should start doing studies like you do, keep it up!

What happened to your Bloodsports entry? no updates? WHYYY?

Thanks guys <3

Tom - Something had taken my attention from the contest so I couldn't work on it Tongue

Some bleh imagination and rock studies, last couple I'm pretty happy with though. may push dag man bandit more.

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your line work is really strong! sense of form is getting better too, keep up the still life's! remember not to be afraid to use larger brushes too great improvement though so keep it up terran! )


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