Adzerak's book o' sketches
Thanks there, Artloader :) Happy to be back and posting more again. Need to improve that painterly style!

Here's some graphite sketchy stuff

[Image: CrowTree.png]

[Image: SatisfiedThief.png]

[Image: RuneSage.png]

Got an ipad pro, feels pretty sweet to render on. Made me realize some new things about brush pressure soooo here's some render practice!

[Image: ProcreateCreature_01.png]

Alt. shading version. Playing around with some o' that good ol' rimlight
[Image: ProcreateCreature_02.png]

Wow, your graphite stuff is so cool! And dont get me started on that digital. Love it so much! Sorry for the lack of critique I just dont see anything at the moment.

NoodleInBox: Thanks :) It's ok, you can always come up with some harsh and fair critique some other time im sure heh.

Finished a piece I worked on while listening to the Podquisition podcast. Jim Sterling, Laura Kate and Gavin "Miracle of sound" Dunne talking shit and sometimes videogames. They do entertain me a whole lot so wanted to render some on this in their honor lol. Guess the painting is kinda weird for those who have no clue who these people are (might be weird anyway), but hey, not everyday you get to draw boglins and an arse-shield!

[Image: PodquisitionHeroes_Final.png]

Some grayscale practice doodles and a rat king i did for a friend's steam avatar :)
Getting better at finding the chunky forms when painting, without stuff looking too blocky I think.

[Image: SpacePals.png]

[Image: blob.jpg]

[Image: ratking.jpg]

Some more grayscale render practice and a mom's day card.
Worked from 23:00 to 6:00 and my brain turned to mush, but hopefully got something out of doing those zebra studies

[Image: GoblinAndMage.png]

[Image: Matriarch.jpg]

Did a study of one of those fleshy creatures from Metro 2033. This one's kinda cute tho.

Feels like I've leveled up a bit in the drawing department. Less fiddling about trying to find the correct proportions, sketching and observation comes easier to me now. I used to be very into detailing my drawings a lot and held my pen really stiffly-like (like how you hold it to write), and while I still do that when working with details it's more like my mindset has changed to think more about how gestures flow together rather than getting straigh into detail-stiffy mode.

[Image: pessedjur_Final.png]

[Image: puss_SideBySide.jpg]

Time for some updates! Doing a bit of cloth study for the finishing of a personal piece.

[Image: doreippu.png]

[Image: SargentStudy.png]

[Image: rootfiend.png]

More graphite sketch stuff.
[Image: beerbellygoblin.png]
[Image: mechawalker.png]
[Image: BrambleTitan.png]
[Image: bonegnasher.png]
[Image: demonface.png]

Also, a student asked me to draw Illidan. I was not prepared so drew him mostly from mind, forgot that he's supposed to have wings and stuff and had to add it in when it was near completion lol. Anyway, really like playing around with shadows in two-value drawing. Such a great practice for more dynamic lighting too!
[Image: Illidan.jpg]

A WIP of something. A classic thing I like to paint I guess, a normal-sized char against something huge. Already know a bit what I'm going to change with it as I continue painting. But if you spot something or just have a cool random though, share it please :) See now that I have to change her arm there as well, it's supposed to be more foreshortened.
[Image: leapWIP.png]


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