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Still just doing these little sketches in clip studio paint, cant wait to start grinding studies again. :) trying to work from imagination as much as possible.

watched evangelion 2.0 again today, so i had to do something in the mood.

Great pic with the controller, it's just a minor thing I see, it looks like to me her torso is shown from front, but her left shoulder looks a bit short compared to the right, and also the pupils/iris seem a bit different in size.
Really like the pose and composition in the last pic, although I would have draped the scarf on her right side making that soft turn back to the figures again. (I hope you understand how I mean it XD) Imho it would have been a bit better to lead the eye, but I'm not entirely sure as I'm still learning myself so feel free to ignore it...! Proportions of the lady are a bit off as well, but this happens to me all the time when I try to draw figures in interaction, just a matter of practice.
Keep up the good work, I'm enjoying seeing these! (I have a thing for characters with green hair.)

Ahh and Evangelion! I just received the missing Manga volumes yesterday XD Now I need only wait until the last volume will be translated here. Hopfefully not long!


Cyprinus: thanks a lot for stopping by and for the critique! :) Its true, i have all those problems that comes with the lack of knowledge and expertise, hopefully i will get rid of them, eventually haha. I kinda agree with you on the composition, if it were a more serious piece i would have to do multiple or tons of thumbnails to decide all that stuff beforehand.
Also, i havent read the manga from evangelion. Is already finished? because i want to read it but i dont want to get stuck in another never to finish manga like berserk haha.

Just fooling around today.
Trying to get back into the usual drawing routine.
Still trying to draw from imagination, all of these are pretty awful but, thats the point xD i need to keep doing them get better at it.

dem colours in that last coloured piece. The style is so awesome! Nice job!
I admire your ability to draw such nice forms from imagination. Looks really cool! Keep on pumping out the good stuff. Looking forward to more :)

Nice stuff dude! I think doing some studies of how the legs connect to the pelvis and how the breasts fit in to the form of the torso would help you out here, those seem to be problem areas.
Keep rockin!

Jaik: thanks a lot! i'm really glad you like that style, it was short of an experiment, i will definitely keep working on it. And my imaginative work is still almost non-existent haha, its going to take years. xD but thanks again!

Samszym: Thanks mate! indeed, i will start hammering hampton and bridgman again really soon.
That would probably help me remembering how those areas work from memory.
I would have started already but i started doing comic stuff and got carried away haha.

Here some more warm up practice, from memory and from various artists and books.

And a character head in different angles from imagination.

Finally, my first take on digital inking and more "manga" look in clip paint studio.
Loving this style so far, will experiment more on it for sure.

That manga style looks absolutely awesome man, did you take a bit of inspiration from berserk? maybe it's just me but the expressions in some of the panels strangely remind me of berserk(maybe it's just my subconsious telling me to watch berserk again XD).
oh and after A quick look up on wiki, the evangelion manga seems to have ended last june, honestly I thought it ended a long time ago, they must have added alot more story onto it over the original series to have it last so long(I also heard Gendo is somehow an even bigger douche in the manga then the anime).

Cool sketches dude, would love to see more on the manga scenes (perhaps a few battle scenes)

Gonna echo the others and say that digital inking piece is looking awesome. Lots of energy and life to the lines. Moreeeeeee

Saw some of your lates manga drawings on deviantart and here and it's awesome! Keep it coming! :D

Triggerpigking: whoa thanks man! yeah i should have mentioned that, indeed i've been reading too much berserk while listening to lamb of god recently, the result was that haha.
And yeah, cool to see that the manga already ended, now i can consider start reading it knowing that i will be able to follow the story until the end.

crackedskull: thanks mate! to be honest, i think battle scenes are pretty much out of my reach now, but now that i think about it, maybe something like that is what i need to push my limits further.

pnate: thank you! lines were never my forte so i'm glad to hear that i'm improving in that aspect.

Nowio: hey its good to see you Nowio!:) and thanks!

Originally i wasnt going to post anything today, but i couldnt sleep last night, been working on stuff since 5 AM, so i did a new sketch in clip studio paint to relax a bit.

I kinda have a story with these characters, i will probably show something more about it soon.

Dude, YES! getting into storytelling is what I liek to see :D and that manga style page's art looks sick!
Can't wait to see your stories :0

Haha, love how those three have so completely different facial expressions. Not sure if it's a stylistic choice, but the heads are quite big in comparison the the bodies... especially visible with the girl, whose head seems to be almost as big as her thigh.
I'm interested in the background of those characters :)

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Hey there! i was so real busy this last week, deathlines... deathlines...
But hopefully i will be able to keep this updated more often from now on. :P

Samszym: thanks man, storytelling is probably the only thing that keeps me motivated these days, its probably the number one thing for me artwise right now haha.
I already have a story and the first chapter written, now the only thing i need is to put my big boy pants on and have the courage to start drawing. xD

Lyraina: hahaha this is embarrasing, no, thats not really a stylistic choice, the heads should be bigger, but not that big! thats just me drawing with sleep deprivation.

If you want to know a bit more about them, the guy with the pony tail is a young salaryman who refuses to grow up, the serious dude in the front is a paranoid who sees everyone as a potential threat and has anger management problems, while the girl is very obsessed with gaming and seems to have problems to interact with others. (She doesnt even like multiplayer games)

So, after working on some really gory stuff involving zombies and medieval blunt weapons
i just needed, to go back to my comic stuff. xD
So i did this, i think i'm starting to figure out a few things about digital inking...
Also, that title, isnt random at all!

I'd push the black areas on the boy a bit more. They look a bit shy right now - but only on his back. The girl looks awesome <3

Really love the figure drawings! You mentioned Hampton and Bridgman. What's the difference between them? I mean, what does Hampton emphasize, and what does Bridgman emphasize?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
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Ursula Dorada: thanks! :) indeed, i still lack confidence with those shadows. :P I guess i will be doing some studies to start losing the fear.

Tygerson: thanks! the difference? mm i didnt study the books too much, as i always get tired of reading and start drawing asap. But, bridgman is more like Loomis, memorize the forms, and develop a system on your own, while hampton, feels more technical, more about constructing a structure in depth, playing attention to gesture (thats what i loved the most about it)
But i'm probably not the right person to ask such a question. xD

Heya guys, i finally, finally started drawing a comic on my own, if its crap, so be it, let it be crap!
But the point is to start moving, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step or something like that.
So i tried full manga on this first page, with tones and all that, your opinion is highly appreciated.
I'm still tempted to do it in color, but i also want to keep exploring tones and stuff.
What do you think? also, if you spot something wrong in my engrish lettering, please let me know. xD

ooh nice work on the comic, looking forward to seeing more of it, there's a small typo in the first dialogue box, you spelt usual as asual aside from that all looks pretty well written to me.
As for the panels themselves, I think you should just keep experimenting with it in black and white but try to color it anyways might look good and just as a random idea maybe have some of the pictures pop out of the panels, one of my favorite manga artists Kouta Hirano does that and I think it makes it feel more alive.
http://m.mhcdn.net/store/manga/40/065.0/...1194758403 http://i3.mangareader.net/hellsing/50/he...318503.jpg

(02-20-2014, 12:23 PM)EduardoGaray Wrote: But, bridgman is more like Loomis, memorize the forms, and develop a system on your own, while hampton, feels more technical, more about constructing a structure in depth, playing attention to gesture (thats what i loved the most about it)
But i'm probably not the right person to ask such a question. xD

That's a good enough answer for me. I liked Loomis, but wanted to know more how things are constructed. Hampton sounds good.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
-Chinese proverb


Ooh yay comic! I'll be reading <3
Though of making a blog/tumblr for easier following? :D

And don't worry about being good just yet, do the best you can and DO IT and awesomeness will follow. So cheers!


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