Eddy´s Sketchbook
Yep that is a hell of an impressive butt crack, i'm assuming you learned these amazing skills from studying metal gear models XD.

Also that is a cool looking mask, simple but it's effective.

Fedodika: Im glad you like it man :D i cant wait to get done with this dude and go for the female version hahaha. 

Triggerpigking: "what they are doing in Africa... a buttcrack to surpass all buttcracks..." Indeed man, i dont think i will be able to stop until i can mimick the graphics of that game perfectly :D And thanks a lot!

So i started the head again, because i wasnt completely satisfied with the result. 
This time i wanted something more realistic so i used the actor Gaspard Ulliel again for reference to model this. (Though a friend just told me that he looks more like Edward Norton, im okay with that though) 
Just starting with the texture. 

aaaand done :D

Now for the weapons/pose/presentation

The 3d model viewer is coming too. 

[Image: weeYaLo.jpg]


Looks effing sick dude


:D !!!!!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
wow looks great! Scary eyes.

smrr: haha im glad you like it! :D thanks as always!

Piotr Jasielski: thanks matey! :)

Closer and closer to that demo, the P90 and the sniper rifle are placeholders (free models from the net) until i finish the design of my own weaponry for the game. Amarok will feature a role for each member of the squad (the class) but it can also follow a doctrine, which is like a secondary class more related with how you play the game. 

Do you like to plan everything in advance and solve the mission like a puzzle? or terrorize the enemy to drop their morale until they run for their lives?

Ideally, i want the balance of the game to be similar to x-com, but without relying so much on random chances of success when performing an action. That makes the game more predictable but, in exchange it allows for the player to rely more on carefully laid out plans and strategies. 

The rpg part is handled like in the souls games, leveling up and getting better equipment makes things easier, but even a maxed out character will be killed if he/she doesnt take cover, gets surrounded, overpowered, etc. 

[Image: tzJU7bD.jpg]

And here is another shot trying to stablish the overall mood of the game, i tried to stay as close as possible to the color palette of my original anime concepts :D Gloomy green and blue with rain and fog everywhere. 

[Image: kJEV6jz.jpg]

Here is another mood shot, i will have to make a few more of these before working on the game itself on UE. You can think of these shots as concept art in 3d. The level the demo will take place is this. A decaying city soaked in rain and industrial waste. As for this character, you will never be sure about whats going on in his head, until the very end that is.

[Image: vr2VWIZ.jpg]

Hey Eduardo! Dennis here!

Just wanna say that your sketchbook is really amazing! So much cool stuff like paintings, drawings, 3d and all that good stuff! Just a joy to browse through and see the progress! Keep it up! :)
Forty five pages!! omg, dude. Amazing!!

I'll have to go back and read them all! :P

I really really like the environment you posted on page 43!!

Thanks Sublimus! :D That was one of my first tries using Unreal engine 4, so if you like it you can always give a try yourself (the engine and assets i used were all free), its not hard at all!

i really need to update this again with everything i've done this past months.
Its just life got more complicated all of a sudden this year and im still adapting haha


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