Bjulvar's Sketchbook
(11-02-2012, 09:34 AM)Bjulvar Wrote: Selfportrait day woah!

at first i thought that this was some guy from the game of thrones!
EduardoGaray Thanks man, that means a lot to hear! Aye! Edges and near-blacks are the bane of my existence right now. Working on it!

Purblindd Haha that totally boosts my ego! Hopefully it's a good character!

Atleast I was aware of my edges during these studies and the sketch. Not sure if it shows though!

Quickie with a headache

Never going to use this leafbrush again. The abuse is immense.

Drew some faces.

Hey hey! Nice work here - I can tell you're pushing hard. There are two areas I think you can hit and get immediate improvement 1) proportions and 2) drawing through your forms or at least thinking through them. With proportions, the imaginative stuff seems to suffer the most - I know some of them had some perspective going on with them to complicate things further, but a solid foundation there will have you leveling up in no time. And on drawing through your forms, there's a flatness to your imaginative work that I think you can work through, in conjunction with the proportions, by lightening up a lot in the sketching phase and possibly slowing to make sure the forms are reading correctly.

You're doing well, just push and push and push!

Hey man, loving the long comment! I actually noticed that I was lacking depth in my paintings just yesterday, so this confirmed it! Or at least I saw that something was wrong. I'll attack that problem immediately. Yeah, my sketching technique makes my forms go dark pretty early on. That's not good at all!
Thanks a lot for the thought out critique mate. And I'll be sure to push myself to the limit. Finding hard to study certain areas, but I might not be looking hard enough.

So I went ahead and studied some proportions and anatomy. I can't really defend myself there, it's been a slackfest and a nice touch of arrogance!These are sketches from today and an old page from my sketchbook that I haven't uploaded.

haha i love those monkeys! and the dune studies.
its good that you are focusing on anatomy, keep working!

You can never go wrong with monkies :D
Thanks man, overwhelmed with work to do! You too!

Birdie and the birdman

I have been having a large dip in my creativity lately, so to pick myself up here's some thingies!

Invisible man

Birdcity WiP!

Todays warmup, little mix of values and anatomy. Efficiencyyy!

A longer study, really enjoyed this one. Starting to learn new things, as small as they are :D


Trying to get more edge control and mixing hard surfaces with soft ones. And also this weeks ChoW over at, can't miss out on that post-apocalypse santa!

Some more Santa Clause, hurr!


Nice study and good improvement in terms of figure drawing!
Try not to scribble too much, study some draperies and try to apply it to the Santa you are currently painting.

Hey thanks mate! Nice to hear that something is improving :D
I get what you mean, I'm not too proud of that scribbling! Great idea man, I'll do that right away.

Then you're going to hate these scribbly environments haha!


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