Bjulvar's Sketchbook
Smrr, what happened to your naaame! Now I can say Smrrrtttteteefftte any more :<
Thank you, that means a lot! I give out free heart tingles!
Thanks for pointing it out :) It was a concept for a 3D character that I also modeled, so I basically just symmetried that shit uup! ( I suck at A-pose :()

You're boooss!

Hey thanks a lot! Happy to hear that, I value ideas I guess!
Yes that's probably my achilles heel of some sort and I think it's tied to the idea part. Feel like I have to come up with something new everytime I sit down to paint.
I've thought about it for a long time, so thanks for pointing it out. I'll start on something that I stick with :)

Ya handsome devil! That's reaaally cool to hear! Making me blush and all damnit.
Haha and that might go into what Caisne said, might be when I lose steam. Though I like to just leave it when the idea is out there. Doesn't do much for improving rendering and stuff. Aaah Illustration incoming soon I swear!

THanks man! :D Woah, cool of you to look through it. I guess you don't think about that after awhile, that the sketchbooks just exists here. I'll keep at it!

No problem, thanks for liking! :D

So woah, schoolwork lately has been immense. We're making a point and click game and I've hardly ever been this stressed. The project lasts for 8 weeks and there's a lot of graphics that our level designers want, they're good at changing things that should've been final too!
I've kept up pretty good with the character each day of 2015 so far. I went over the threshold of "is this really a good idea?" and now it feels nice. Maybe there's still some room for improving that plan. Since I want to make illustrations and more pumped up pieces. Hopefully I'll evolve into doing that.

Started doing studies again and that's also good!

Can't wait to post some 3D, finishing up a character assignment presentation today/tomorrow!

Bunch of stuff in no order or explanation! Sorry :(

Waah here it is, my second character in 3d! (or third if you count lowpoly)
Based on a classmates concept. It's modeled and rigged by me. The ugly turnable and book is my idea too.
Learned a lot while doing this. Tried staying away from triangles and ngons the best I could. Turned out alright. During the next model I'll probably focus on edge flow and lighting.

Woah, I wasn't gonna write anything but I did anyway. Just venting out some thoughts! Almost feel like I've been away from Crimson Daggers for too long, but I have much of my artistic evolution recorded here. 

Schools been stressful and immensely challenging. But in the end very instructive and it's helped me so much.
It's insane to think about the amounts of things you can stuff inside your head in such a short amount of time. But now summer is here and I'm so ready to let it sink in for a while and work on my 2d art again, in a more relaxed environment. It's hard to say if the school has hindered or helped with the art aspect. Hard to see my own development in an outside way. Easier objectively.

One of the stranger things have been to create games with not much instruction going on. We've just been given a genre each time and been free to relate to it. There's been certain guidelines, but at the same time it's been pretty abstract. No idea how we managed to do four games that way. I've realized that the focus during these projects have not been on skill as much as relationships between people. As an artist sitting alone in my room I've only had to deal with myself and my own stressful moments. But in an environment filled with different willed people from different disciplines it's been tough and borderline exhausting. Though at the same time it's built up some really strong friendships that I'm sure will last as long as I do.

Most of struggles have been to keep up the pure painting side in the storm of rigging-headaches and animation failures. So I kept doing daily characters. Which sounds good, but has gone up and down as all things tend to do. If you're stuck in a comfort zone, you either keep doing it until you tire, or do something else. At the same time it's been pretty cool pushing through with it and seeing where it goes, how ideas develop and how designs develop. I constantly forget things and remember them weeks later. I'm not gonna promise myself that I'll do incredible amounts of work this summer. But I'll promise myself that I'll try.

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Wow, youve been working hard at it and it shows too, so many great characters.
What school are you going to? It sounds like a good one.

Bjulllllllllllvaaaarararararararar (!@)!_(@WIHQ


I'm so happy that you're still posting on the daggers, seriously. It's all good that you haven't posted in what feels like forever, the point is that you ended up updating ^_^

Dude, seriously. Just yes!

Your characters have improved tons and same with your technical skill.

Keep it up! I'll see you 'round o/!

P.s. hahahaha yas, the name change. I just made it a tad shorter. I like nick names of nick names lol.
you can still call me smrrfette doe :D

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Cool, so internet has been wonky as soon as I wanted to start posting :P
I'm back home at my old room during the summers. Feels weird to be back again, same spot where I started this whole thing!
I really want to get better this summer, so I'm up for any critique people have. Going to try and start some illustrations as well.

Thanks a lot man! I'm really happy that it shows in any way, since it's such a roller coaster :P
I'm going to a school called The Game Assembly. It's all about creating games and specifically about studying game art. So this first year we've gone through the understanding of basic 3D. Just touching on all the different aspects there is to know about. Next year will be rough and there we will build a portfolio for internship and focus on an area where we want to excell. So I'll work a lot in Zbrush!

WohoooHO SMUurrffffs!

Thank you :D I'm happy to be posting again. Gotta settle in and start popping by peoples sketchbooks! I'm sure a lot of things have changed around here! 
Yeaah that's what what I hoped for when I started doing characters a bunch more! Hopefully school taught me something too :D
I'll go ahead and make it unecessary longer every time then yaaay :D

Dumping stuff again! Mostly daily characters, varying in length. Recently started studying too, which I want to keep up.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnnnn seeing all this stuff is just.... daadosddsjidiajdsjdsaisadijada ok excuse me I gotta go work harder now haha. All the hard work is definitely paying off. Great work!! keep it up! I want to see more :D
Harr! Welcome back friend! Nice to see you continuing on your inspirational character creation journey!
Pretty sweet to see some deviation from that too, like in the form of that goblin. He looks real sweet and blizzard-esque.
Nice thing with the painting on top of that zbrush sculpt also, could help a lot with developing more form in your works. Always nice to see more of that, I do love me some chunky style.

I apologize for the weird textsize!

Aaaaaaaah! Thank you very much! :)
I'm happy if it makes someone work harder! That in turn makes me want to do more. Though I've really been struggling with the quality vs quantity question lately :P
I can't see your sketchbook btw! Cooooooomeon!


Thanks my man! I try I try, I'm like a week behind from doing my last game project. There was literally zero time to spare then hahah. Ooh that one, the Goblin's crib guy is a texture assignment only. So I didn't model anything except for his hair, fur and earrings. But I watched Tyson Murphy's videos on handpainting texture, so I hope some stuck :D

Yeees chunky style for the win! It was fun, should probably take the sculpture further :)

Incoming dump!
I've said it a million times before, but now it feels more natural. Been wanting to do real studies a loooong time and now when my motivation is swaying a bit, it seem like a good time to start it up again. I think i need to focus on doing longer and more refined work after all the dailies. So I'm posting an illustration sketch here too. 
Also started doing a 3D weapon which I'm planning to handpaint the textures for. The mesh is already screwed up.

illustration sketch

Computer broke down temporarily today. That was cool ( I freaked out)
Here's some more characters and some more studies. Get the feeling that I need to do masterstudies. See what I can get out of it. Feel like my brush strokes aren't up to par.
I also want to get into the habit of not doing characters exclusively, since that kind of came with the package of doing dailies. Can't decide if I want to stop or not!

A commission sketch, maybe

Break from characters, did some dragon heads without reference. Then I dug up some and drew them a lot. It's a bit of a mix.

Some armor/helmet studies, I've tried applying them in some of the dailies

A variety of smaller studies done from one masterstudy. Looking to see if I can apply it to an illustration.

Have I ever told you how much I am in love In love with the colours and design you use in your work, Bjulllavvravrar??!

Well I am, I really am - and to think it only gets better from here o:

But, but, but, if you enjoy doing characters... then keep doing characters? Why stop doing something you love? Besides, there's still tons to learn about!

This commission is looking interesting... Possible link to Suicide Squaaad?

Also, I hear you on the Master studies lol. Whatever you are worried about doing, you should do!

Keep rocking it dude :D

P.s. "Computer broke down temporarily today. That was cool ( I freaked out)" almost spat out my water that was funny lolol

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Fuck yeah dude! Volume and quality at the same time. Love it. You're on fire =D

Aaah thank you smrr, that's awesome :D Super happy that you dig it! I've noticed that I like color a lot more recently haha.
True about the characters. I guess it's starting to feel a bit comfort zone-y or something.  Trying to push myself to do other stuff on the side. But I won't give it up I guess, too stubborn :p
Maybe it's related to suicide squad, but I don't know about it haha!

Yeaaah, more studies for everyone! 

Haha I had put in the graphics card wrong or something. Because it froze when I tried starting games too. Also, the reason why I thought it was broke was because the start up screen happened in my wacom. I didn't see it. So it worked all along haha!

Ram the man! Thanks man <3 Trying to burn brigher and... harder? No just brighter! :D

Trying to free myself from doing "pieces" of studies and stuff like that. Feel like it's way more natural to have like an arc of paper going on. Both with sketching and studies. Also leaves room to write and such! 
Now the fear that's starting to grow in me is 3D. Gotta prepare myself for school soon, so I should jump into Zbrush and do stuff there.

Studies and characters, the usual haha.

Trying to do daily gestures now and build up a routine. I've really missed having one haha! Also realized that school began earlier than expected, so that got my stress-levels up a bit.
Found my way through the confusion of worldbuilding too. Tried setting a project before summer that I would stick too, but it ended up being too uninspired. Over time I started drawing on an old project and that's where I am now. It's called Fjord and anything is allowed. (good perimeters) 

I'm fond of this idea of gambling fantasy heroes/villians. Gotta explore that more!

Ey! Still pumping out those daily characters, eh? I say as anyone with a nice thick northern accent would say that it is roit bloody impressive, innit? ^^ Like the arcane gambler guy, a nice touch with those HS cards in his belt too. I really think you should explore it more! But a character like that in a clear tavern environment and let him interact with other characters, show off those arcane dice skills. Think you could do many a cool compositions with that type of character, with the perspective from the dice's point of view or the viewers view or that have you. Keep grindin' it, mon!

Adzerak Hey dude! I stopped after the summer break so I could focus on school. Need to redo the challenge and finish it. Maybe not a year in a row though. Lost a lot of sleep! 
Hmmm thank you man. This was pretty good to read right now. I'll see if I can remake it into something for like a Hearthstone portfolio.  Great idea! :)

Warning for real talk:

The art of losing yourself

If there even was something to lose from the beginning. Seems as if the last couple of months have been dedicated to the act of trying to stand again after sitting on your ever numbing legs for a long time. The blood rushes back from your body and into the numbed limb again. But there's some adjustment time needed.

I'm apparently very easily affected by outside impressions. Giving way for what is expected of me.  I used to work in a way that allowed me to create things each day, finish a couple of images and then resetting next morning. Fueled by a lot of anger and having something to prove. This was a while ago and it's not been the same since I got admitted into a 3D game school. An individual can easily get lost.  Constant comparison to others, be it classmates or the industry, is very stressful. But it's also very focused and concentrated. Like a patterned maelstrom of reaction, you get sucked into it.

The anger is also lost, replaced with some mix of nostalgia, sadness and longing. So it's impossible to use what once was as a motivational fuel again. At the same time I don't feel burned out. I'm not tired. I'm kind of over-stimulated in my brain in that there's so many ideas that want to escape but I don't feel good enough or have time to explore them.

I got an internship in the games industry. I should feel very happy about it. But in reality I don't. I'm not sure what I want to do with my future, so obviously I'm having a hard time living in the present. How do you even do that, live in the present. Is it the art of not thinking about anything going on around you?  It's not like I haven't tried.

So I want to find something new. A new sort of fuel that can propel me and maybe reach a goal that I didn't expect. 

Quote:Constant comparison to others, be it classmates or the industry, is very stressful. But it's also very focused and concentrated. Like a patterned maelstrom of reaction, you get sucked into it.

Have you tried doing a private sketchbook? Like a bunch of doodles or painting that you don't show to others. Your environment is a very competitive one, and there's no doubt that sometimes the pressure of that need to one up the guy next to you is crushing. 

I'm not saying competition is bad, but maybe it's a good idea to just do something for the sake of doing it. It's so easy to lose track of the reason why people do things in the first place. In your case, the people around you gave you that impression of drawing is a serious, throat cutting, one-upsmanship experience. Probably it's a good idea to reflect why you're in this business from the get go.

Sometimes, artists lose track of what attracted them into art in the first place. Drawing is fun. Creating something that wasn't there before is fun.

Quote: I'm kind of over-stimulated in my brain in that there's so many ideas that want to escape but I don't feel good enough or have time to explore them.

A lot of people start off with that feeling of not being good enough. But ask yourself, will not being good enough stop you? No doubt that Stephen King has a boat load of crappy unpublished stories during the late 50's and only broke in with Salem's Lot during the late 70's. That was 20 years of him being "not good enough" before he wrote something that's widely accepted as "good".

Everybody starts at shit. Difference between the ones who make it and the ones who don't is the degree of how much that feeling would stop you from doing it.

So what if your art sucks. Or your creative ideas fail. At the end of the day, you are not your art.. People sometimes forget how resilient they really are.

I'm not proposing to shut everyone out. I'm just saying be open minded. Not just to be aware of other people's opinions, but also be aware of your own self dispositions. It's just that now, it sounds like you're a bit off-center.

That being said. You're alright! Good luck with the internship! Hope you have loads of fun!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
IG: @thatpuddinhead
 John - 
Hey man! Wow, that was a long time ago. I'm really thankful for your message, I really took to it back when I first read it. 
It's just recently that the message has sunk in though about the self-disposition and such. Working on personal projects have become a lot easier.
Thank you so much for reading and responding to that rant. I appreciate it.

So internship went well and I've been a working concept artist for a year and a half. Being inbetween jobs right now, so I figured I could revisit the Crimson Daggers community. Plus I don't like seeing old work here representing me, so time for some updates! 
Gotta keep Adzerak company too!

Here's a mix of stuff from work and from my free time

I love that rhino! He looks like he's 3 feet tall with a major Napoleon complex.

Congrats on getting work as a concept artist! That's fantastic!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
-Chinese proverb


 love that rhino! He looks like he's 3 feet tall with a major Napoleon complex.

Congrats on getting work as a concept artist! That's fantastic!

Thank you so much Tygerson!
Haha yeah I'm sure that he does and I'd even say he has some sort of Stalin-complex! Had a blast working on that character. It was the first real concept I did when I worked at The Station.

Here's two studies from today. Listened to some old Crimson Conversations and got a study-kick. It's been a while.

Another concept from work, for the Mass Effect pack.

Just finished this little rad imp.


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