vatteh's sketchbook
BenFlores - yeah I guess I got a little lazy there Tongue Will focus a little more on that area.

SpectreX - Thanks!

I just finished this piece for the latest Bloodsport challenge. Basically my time warrior is a WW2 fighter pilot from the past and is accompanied by a robot co-pilot sidekick to help him learn and use the futuristic technology of the jet. I'm fairly pleased with it and I feel I learned a lot doing it.



Your ship design for the final is beast, dynamic composition aswell!

Great studies Vatteh. I may try your memory method of study.

Been really liking your Chow entries.

Lumens - thanks man!

Craig Paton - Thank you!

Another chow entry. I didn't finish this one, but I figured I would post it.

Study I did beforehand.

CHoW #323 Secret Agent's Sidekick

I tried another of these memory studies. This time with Bedouin girl by Luis Ricardo Falero.

Heres the piece.

And here's my first study

And my first try from memory. Pretty much a fail.

Here's the second, third, forth, fifth and sixth try

And here's the last try with quick corrections done and I left it at that.

Awesome. Really like the process of the last study! Keep it up!

Your persistance is admirable, and it's paying off too. Lots of improvements since the first page which is great. Pretty awesome seeing you push at the chows too.
No crits from me mate, just keep hitting those fundermentals and practicing like you are doing and i look forward to seeing you future stuff. :)

DomSinkevic - Thanks man!
Warburton - Thanks for the complement. Very motivating to see posts like this.

It sucks that I haven't posted for a while, but I have to look for work again so my study time has been drastically reduced. But here are some photo studies I did in my sketchbook.

More studies in my sketchbook.

very cool drawings, beautiful rendering-style!

Hey, looking sweet as expected!! I love those CHOWS, I was actually working on the Jadis one before CA took a dump. Too bad, I'll still finish it though. Hope you can continue to update as you were, such nice stuff, but until then best of luck with finding some work!

I STRaY I - Thanks for stopping by again. Yeah, looking for a day job sucks but I still find time to draw so that's good.

janvonfrosta - Thanks for the complement!

More sketches I did in my spare time.

Vatteh! You've improved tons since I last saw your post-apocalyptic santa entry! Like those studies you did from memory. It's fun to see what parts of the study you remember after each pass. Gotta try that out!
Keep it up!

Bjulvar - Thanks man. Appreciate the complement.

More sketches done in my free time.

Awesome sketches Vatteh!

Feel free to contact or follow me in these places aswell!

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matt_radway - Thanks!

Not much more here out of the usual. Just some more sketches and some life studies from my bust. The first two archers were mostly studies from photographs.

I just started my day job a few weeks ago, making it very difficult to continue drawing with the idea of one day doing freelance. But I'm still practicing with all of my leftover free time, so we'll see in time how much I can improve in a couple of years.

I just want to get into the habit of updating frequently, so I got a CGHub Drawing Jam and a few sketches I did.

chicks with guns

A study and a sketch from memory trying to replicate the rendering of the armor. I'm a little disappointed on how little I retain my studies. I'm going to have to start to replicate my studies from memory again.

A Chow I did earlier.


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