Attempted a photo bash from my last photos.

[Image: PB_02.png]

Behold! A man who has no clue what he is doing! (So much to learn.)

[Image: SP_02.png]

And a little lunch sketch from today

[Image: SB_002.png]

And! I hesitate to post these, and spam with more photos, but I'm very happy to be done with them! Big Bend Texas! From March this year.

[Image: 29340866140_e3d55b64d7_b.jpg]

[Image: 29520665442_3f52ec97c3_b.jpg]

[Image: 29520661082_2980158f84_b.jpg]

[Image: 29520659402_73b9d58d89_b.jpg]

[Image: 29520655382_0106181278_b.jpg]

[Image: 29520651912_233b9140d8_b.jpg]

[Image: 29520648182_40a67b97cc_b.jpg]

[Image: 29520646102_53c25cbf9a_b.jpg]

[Image: 29520644872_3235f6df21_b.jpg]

[Image: 29340843760_8f58b60eeb_b.jpg]

[Image: 29340838690_c0b8fe92ca_b.jpg]

Here are my recent ramblings. Feeling lazy.

Here are some brush/texture explorations
[Image: doodle_52.png]
[Image: doodle_53.png]

And other random drawings

[Image: doodle_55.png]

[Image: doodle_56.png]

[Image: doodle_58.png]

[Image: doodle_59.png]

[Image: doodle_60.png]

[Image: doodle_61.png]

[Image: doodle_62.png]

[Image: doodle_63.png]

Still trying to learn painting. In order it was top right, top left, bottom right.

[Image: SP_03.png]

And some crap ink stuff. Much to learn here.

[Image: Inktober01.png]

[Image: Inktober02.png]

Thanks for looking! Now back to hermiting.

cool stuff man, loving the acrylic!!
@nympn0 Thanks!!

Not super keen on my work currently. Here is the latest.

[Image: doodle_57.png]

[Image: doodle_59_2.png]

[Image: doodle_64.png]

[Image: doodle_65.png]

[Image: doodle_67.png]

[Image: doodle_69.png]

[Image: doodle_70.png]

[Image: doodle_73.png]

[Image: doodle_74.png]

[Image: doodle_76.png]

Here is a tattoo for a friend. (They're holding one of those paper lanterns.)
[Image: MT_Tatt.png]

Two shitty ink wash attempts lol.
[Image: Inktober03.png]

[Image: Inktober04.png]

Picked up a ream of computer paper and a shitty ballpoint pen. This was the first sketch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[Image: SB_003.png]

And an update on the angel. Still working on this, I swear!
[Image: MC_White_Angel4.png]


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