BLOODSPORT 14- BeastMasters!
post wips for bloodsport 14 here!

information about this bloodsport is below-


Bloodsport 14- BeastMasters- Rules and Guidelines

good luck!
Really? Again?) Awesome!


My the games begin


New here and really excited to get started. Did some very early rough comps for a foo dog/ guardian lion beast warrior.

What?? You are evil! Don't you know how much else I have going and you throw a SECOND Bloodsports that I can't refuse? I've actually had an IP running in my head along this vein for a while and here you go and throw an event that forces me to conceptualize him. What are you guys doing to me??

I love what you guys are doing. I needed this so many years ago.
I got a challenge for everyone, I unfortunately didnt finish the last one but I see it as a lesson to manage my time better. This time I did something new and I challenge everyone else to do the smae I found a random animal generator that gives you two animals and those two you choose from I got a Louse. here is a link to the generator and a picture of a louse. Good luck everyone!

Definitely going to enter this, my mind is at a complete blank to what I'll do, but that is all part of the fun. Insane, ecstatic

that generator is pretty awesome CJ, it gave me a minnow fish and a kite bird(although the image search came up with actual flying kites people use) possibly fusing the two animal results would be something to contemplate?

Time for some brainstorming.
some quick sketches to begin with. Already decided with the base for the animal
[Image: 892011_511211048925564_1314159414_o.jpg]
So my competitive nature would keep me from sharing these, but I have totally embraced this concept of a community of artists who are like family pushing each other to create better art as a whole. (As opposed to a business model designed to profit off of helping other artists - thanks so much, guys!) So, to push this contest to the next level, check out this awesome link of veterinarian anatomical illustrations!
Very cool, thanks jeshields!

Here is the reference I'm gonna use:
Animals: , I'm thinking about some kind of fish creature, a creature that looks like a hyena, or a yak.
Humans/clothes: , probably african/tribe theme.

Hey, sexy boys. Just registered after some lurking. Here's some sketches from this morning. The idea is to have the 'normal' version wear the feathers as clothes, while the harpy version has them naturally. Same with the tribal tattoos, in the harpy version they should be a part of the skin. Not sure how to fit the wings in a card, I guess they won't be entirely visible. I want to figure out the design before doing the cards, so the poses I have now are probably just placeholders. I'll work on the bodies for the rest of the day and search for some references to make the harpy more bird-like.

(not sure if I managed to attach the image properly)

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This will probably shape up to be really interesting. Couldn't pass up this topic. Here's some exploration sketches. I thought that it would be incredibly funny to have a big armored guy turn into a small and weak little hedgehog. Really great power to possess.

Here's a bear study for the beast form and a rough pose sketch for the human form.

Woohooo, and we're off. I wanna do something with batlike things :p

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A mind that wanders so much it brings back souvenirs.



Roughed in what I think the composition will be, but I still have tons of designing and studying to do.

Study 1:
[Image: iCyQ8It8mEbwV.jpg]

WIP 1:
[Image: iP3BuCaK26Qty.jpg]

It's a african tribe warrior with yak clothers and powers.

composition sketches of my Chameleon Man lol. Concepts of human and animal form will be up as soon as I finish em
[Image: 544171_511471842232818_2051410297_n.jpg]

wow! so much great stuff so far. Just started with some studies for my unicorn bro

[Image: horsestudies.jpg]
[Image: unicomps.jpg]

So here's some studies, poses and armour ideas. I've gone for Jackdaw/Raven/Magpie thing.
[Image: 01_by_bethbh-d5z1vkc.jpg]
[Image: 02_by_bethbh-d5z1vka.jpg]
[Image: 03_by_bethbh-d5z1vk6.jpg]
[Image: 04_by_bethbh-d5z1vk0.jpg]

I'm glad I didnt see any lions yet. hahah

Here's mine so far, I did some armor studies from memory while thinking of possible animals...

At the end of this day, I'm thinking of doing a black panther, BUT, maybe I'll change it tomorrow, hahah

[Image: 23_03_13_all_armor_concepts_by_mateusrocha-d5z1xcx.jpg]


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