Matthias Kinnigkeit Sketchbook
Some gesture/anatomy exercises and sketches. For the guy from the 26th I used Darren Yeows video from Cletus as a reference. I´m having so much fun with these!!! I realized that I was way to focused on pure studying. I want to take much more time now to sketch, explore my ideas and apply what I learned. I´m having so much fun with these! It really makes me understand again why I actually want to get into art. :)

Sketchbook stuff and some guy

Those portraits are incredibly awesome!

Great values, great personality

Thanks DoubleThink!!

some sketching..

I tried to do some creepy zombie portrait thing. I kinda got stuck on it because the forms don´t really read. Dunno if I´m going to keep on working on it.

Hey! Some more sketchbook stuff. I noticed that the proportions in my sketches where quite off most of the time, so I worked a bit on those. Some more lifestudies too. I finally found out how to use the path tool to make selections and clean details :D I could have made my life so much easier if I had bothered learning that tool a bit earlier :O

Studies and sketches

Some sketches and hand studies. I tried to run from it but now I really have to start studying hands :(

Hey guys! Some sketches and studies form the last days. I tried to sketch a bit with value without direkt lighting reference. It´s pretty hard to imagine the big and small 3D forms and to throw a light on them, but it´s really helping. This stuff just made me understand again that I have been applying my studies way to lill! That kind of pisses me of but I´m happy that I see that now :O

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Some more value sketching. I tried to push it to a more finished level this time.


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