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Hey, I'll be keeping some sketches here. Stuff I don't want to put on deviantart. Let me know how you think I could improve. I know that some of my compositions are chaotic. And I really need to work on my perspective, if you know of good photography sources, please share :)

Hey finnjamin I hope your still working on some new stuff. As for your compostions being chaotic, I don't necesarrily agree. Your lights are light and your darks are dark and it reads well, for instance the cloud picture second from the bottom is a great example. However I don't see your forms go in and out of depth. Its all very flat. I would try to work on your two point perspective

Why don't you try to define some forms inside of your darks and lights

and update this dang thing :D

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I was wondering what I'd called this thread! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try and work on perspective today.

[Image: road_in_asia_by_finnjamin-d6cgdyq.jpg]

[Image: untitled_landscape_1_by_finnjamin-d6bpcax.jpg]

[Image: frozen_jungle_by_finnjamin-d6b3slv.jpg]

I think that I stopped working on these before the values were properly distributed, I'm making a note of it.

Also read some stuff about internet technology and politics last night, felt way too proud of myself. I don't remember most of it now, though.
These studies are lovely man. Kinda bit monochromatic maybe.

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
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Awesome work dude, that last one is beautiful!

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Ugh, I got seriously paranoid after sitting under this dude's eye for an hour or two. I was getting tickles and stuff.

The two-point perspective study I was doing evolved into some more complex stuff - which is good! I'm gonna work on it for a long damn time, I think. When there's more to show than lines and dreams I'll post some proof. ;)

I vibe this song whenever I make some study progress: And The Damn Thing Bit Him - The Taxpayers
Awwww yeeeeeaaa!
Check out all of those wonderful enviro studies ;D you said you wanted more stock sites?
I have a couple here :D :

Yes, awesome, you're breaching your comfort zone with that last one!! I'm sure you learned a lot from it too:) he reminds me of Little Nicky/Anthony Kiedis hahah

Keep it up dood D5f02ecd!


Some quick practice things, I think I need to focus on my values before I can paint with more colours. Been in a really good place for the last two days!

Bounce wit me:

Aww smrrfette, you shouldn't have! Now I'm going to harvest every good picture on those sites. Though Geoguessr actually supplied the reference for the road study above :)

Practice, still working on that perspective drawing:

More environment practice

Wow, I love your works! Your enviros are especially fantastic, I'd love to see more!

Hey man more good work.

I think with your speed paints something that might help is try and vary the size of your details, as it feels really consistent throughout it all. Your values and colours on that last piece rock, but it still feels kinda boring because of it.

Hmm, heres a paintover trying to address this. While doing it i think i also noticed that your are using a lot of primitive flat shapes, try and break them up more, like all the foliage on the trees are essentially ovals. Break it up, be more bold with your shapes!

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
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So, like, use more trapeziums and stuff? :P

I have to agree, there's not much that's more boring than a plain landscape, when we can paint literally beyond anything on Earth - but while I'm scratching at the things you said, I don't think I'm quite in the right place to learn that just yet... or maybe I'm in the exact right place. Thanks for taking the time to do a paint over! I'll squint at it as I ponder your words.

And thank you ZombieChinchilla! Your name sounds horrifying.
I think it's mostly the act of trying to break out of the patterns the brain makes.

What I'm saying isn't relatable back to fundementals, it's just simply information that might help push you.
Shape language i find is one of the greatest tools in the artists vocabulary, in a lot of ways it is the defining feature of any style. What shapes make up everything.

In the real world you'll be hard pressed to find perfect geometric shapes so anything you can do to get away from them will help.

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
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Got down some observations about clouds that I saw yesterday:

Many many many false starts.
Llllliiiineaaaarrrrrt! (wip)

Refusing to look at any previous entries due to their badness.

I'll keep trying. I need to invest more time in refs.
beeeeautful! mad props on all the perspective, color, composition and lovely line work!
its a real treat to look through your sketches ^^

I really like your environment studies and use of color. (Post #10 is my favorite)

I think you've uploaded your images too large, but that's neither here or there.

Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!

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Really nice enviro's!


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