Fedodika the Koala
You've been doing some really great work recently, love seeing the improvement! :)

I agree with what darktiste said, atm your vlaues are grouped close together and when I squint nothing really grabs my attention or focus. Perhaps add some lighter values to the two women or darken the background as awhole to really make them pop.

Look forward to see this one when it's finished. :)

roanna: hey thanks for the writeup, i looked at your correction agood bit and i cant honestly see how its... more correct? I think maybe with time ill be able to see that sort of thing better, it seems im getting some critiques lately with this cube grid thing i outta try it out myself hehe

Peter: thanks peter, i dont wanna pull the "its just a sketch bro" but thats kinda the case with this, though i appreciate all the feedback, i only spent like an 2 hrs on it and it aint gonna be finished lol. Doing all these compositions for the japanese thing is teaching me a lot about simplifying values, so ill definitely have all this stuff in mind!

More comps for the mural, having a lot of fun with these just keeping things loose and fun. love how these both turned out, theyre all something i enjoyed making so far so im gonna try and keep it that way ;) bout 4/12 done, its a long ass picture, probably over 50 feet of space lengthwise

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nice gestural lines


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