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WHAZUP! Been browsing these sketchbooks, and i love the enthusiasm here! Here are some bad value studies i've been doing... I really want to start on color soon!

I need to apply these... and i appreciate all comments and criticisms!

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I like those expression studies. You captured each emotion very nicely. The skull you have as avatar looks really good too, especially with the texture. I think you need to watch out for proportions though, they seem a little off to me sometimes. Maybe you could sketch out the basic structure first?
Good luck and keep at it. :)

drew a weird girl from imagination... I know alot of things are wrong with this but i cant really tell what.

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Head should be smaller
Facial features should be bigger.
It's easier to make women's faces very round (jaw line and chin)
I also put her head a little higher, she didn't really have much neck.

And remember when you're foreshortening, further pieces are gonna be a lot smaller.

Hope that helps you on your way! :-)

It's a fun design though, I'm curious what it'll turn into!


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thanks so much for the paintover!

Is there anything you would say about making the pants she's wearing less flat? or do they look okay, i was going to do some cloth studies for that but i'm not sure

You did hit on everything i was a bit worried about! thank you!
Them expression studies look good, keep it up :)

gotta work on my edges haha!

Just curious, how many studies do most of you guys do on a weekly/daily basis?

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Hey man! I really liked the color studies you did there! Although some proportions are off, like the skull, your painting is very neat!

As for the amount of studies, I began a schedule of doing from 2 to 3 studies per day, then applying them. The most important part of the day is applying! That way you can force your memory to put what you learn into action.

Keep up man (: cheers.

Thanks man! i really gotta get down and apply because that is how you make stuff stick; and as far as studies go, yea that sounds like a good amount to me, i wished i could do more, but oh the time in the day!
The colors on the skull are beautiful! However as mateusrocha said, your proportions are off. It might be easier to start a study like that off with a drawing first, to get your proportions correct. Then paint away the lines.

Other than that, good work! More! :D

still learnin, might not post for a while until i get my work to look tighter, and i think i know just the trick... Also thanks Eraiasu, i am working on that!

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my first attempt at a concept

full res: http://ksfedodika.deviantart.com/art/Dev...a_recent=1

Feedback is certainly welcome!

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Hey :D

Nice face up there!

About the concept, I would tell you what problably you already know: the anatomy is a bit off. Aaahh, it's a pain, we all get stuck by it..

As for the design, I really recommend for you to see the mentoring from Dan Warren here in CD forums, he gives a lot of explanations on how to make interesting designs (also watch his streams about the mentoring, problably they're still reachable on his livestream Library!)

Keep going!

haha mateusrocha I'm aware that is a pretty bad concept now; i have a lot to learn as far as anatomy. I just noticed i haven't posted here in a while, here is some of my more recent stuff, the snail lady is a piece from imagination; I'm studying cars, so you can go ahead and laugh at how crooked and awful they are XD
It's kind of a way for me to practice spatial relations and perspective to some degree, and also rendering metal. I don't post all my stuff because most of it is just tear jerkingly awful, you guys rock!

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Heya Fedodika!

Great sketchbook so far! I can see that you're giving it your best shot.

Mmm, I say, post all of your stuffs!! If I didn't post all of my seriously crappy stuff, it wouldn't make me want to work harder. Also, it'd disrupt the self-critique process, unless you're looking at these "awful" studies in other windows/on another screen as you're updating your sketchbook.

But, hey, that's only my opinion, it's up to you :)

Oh and one more thing... maybe it'd be good to do some more studies in pen/pencil? Unless you're already doing them but aren't sharing >:O

Keep pushing, keep pushing!!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Definately, you are right SMURF! you inspire me to work hard! I will try to post all MY CRAPPY STUFF TRY NOT TO VOMIT!!!
may do some trad stuff tom, on the request of Smurf :D

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Here are some black and white studies from today, i kinda have headache, idk y haha

Drawing heads looking up is tricky as far as the planes, i think i'll look at some refs tomorrow, i have a cool idea for a self portait as well :D

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HAIRY LINES >.> it'll get better just gimme time...

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hey daggers, here are some of my new originals! i have another one i would upload but im afraid the quality will be kinda shit, because i guess i'm cursed with bad quality uploads lol. If i can get that figured out, i'll try to post it.

Critiques and comments PLEASE!

thanks :)

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