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Hey thanks! I've tried oils albeit very briefly, and a long time ago, and I found them quite challenging. I think they're probably the best medium from a visual stand point though, I'd love to see how you end up using them! And I'm always open for crits as long as they are respectful :)

For her weight, I think it's possible to stand like that with enough back involvement, but I can understand why it feels off. Initially this drawing was just a gesture sketch where the pose was pushed quite a bit, but I ended up taking it further and it doesn't translate too well in the end. I was measuring it like this mentally:

[Image: 2s62h75.jpg]

So its just a tiny bit off from that point of view. I'll try moving the legs forward to meet that line maybe? Unless you're seeing it in a different way. At this point It would be too much work to try to correct the torso I'd think, while moving the legs around is relatively easy

Thanks again

Yeah, legs forward would help (to my eye).

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Yo beardley my man... I'm so glad ya came back haha, and I know this place is nowhere as lit as it used to be. Bro to be honest i almost fucking wept looking at your long post about the game studio and then seeing the development you went through. You're stuff is so much fucking better its insane dude. The heads have such a nice form and your lines are so much more structural and sophisticated..

I like this piece with the woods girl alot man, the lighting is very cool. I'd say make sure her ribcage is a functional platform and even on both sides, because one side near the spear arm is sunk in it seems. The Deltoid muscle is really high up and also really big, and the other arm has a strange pose and the forearm is weird. When i try to mimic that pose it feels really unnatural and uncomfortable

Anyways, im really sorry i didn't see your initial post as i don't check SBS that often, i just update my own but I'm so happy for you man and I really appreciate you stopping by :,)

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

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Hey no problem! Thanks for taking a look and thanks for the kind words (And thanks for luring me back over here all those moons ago lol)

This place is definitely quieter than the last time I was here in 2015, and with much more of a focus on the sketchbooks almost exclusively whereas before there was a bit more spread in the kinds of posts, but i'm not concerned about that personally. As long as a few people participate in a few places then it should be all good!

Do you think you could elaborate/scribble on my pic about what you mean with the rib cage? I'm not 100% sure I follow

I agree about the far side forearm, it might work better if I brought up/showed the rest of the arm a bit more on that side?

And for the deltoid, she was intended to have larger muscles as someone who fights, and the height was meant to show her lifting her shoulder defensively. I can try pushing the pose of it around and the sizes and see what happens, it might also look disproportionate since we can't see the other one at all. Thanks for the help!

Sure mayne!

Just overlap the breast over the scarf to show that the breast is raising from the torso. I'm just basing that off the other one which appears to be a very different size. Also maybe look at that neck again, it kinda looks like a piece o toast if you were to draw it without the hair. The side forearm you could probably push out or elongate, i mean it wouldnt really match the tenseness of the pose, but it would look more correct. I think the arm facing us is just way too big for her body though, i know you want a muscular look, but it doesnt match the rest of her body which is quite slim!

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70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Hi Patrick :), it's always good to see an old timer coming back :).  I was sorry to hear about your dad being ill, I hope he's OK now though.

I love your sketchbook, you have an admirable grasp of light and shadow and I like how you're levelling up your drawing skills as well.

You were asking about making colour combinations in one your posts and I'm starting to look into that myself.  Some great advice I got a while back was to think in terms of warm and cool colours, I've watched a few traditional painters on YouTube and they seem to talk a lot about warm and cool, here's a video that I found really helpful:

Hope that helps.

Keep on truckin' fella!

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