Marjorie's sketches
You have a nice eye for colors.

okay, some really good stuff here, I like your character designs. What hit me most in the last few pages was that your render quality went up and your compositions seem to have improved. You should probably push to finish a bit more, course when you do it seems way way bettter than, im having trouble formulating the right word here, excuse me ... usual (?)

anyway finish your stuff!

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Thanks Vicianus ^^' I have the most trouble with color so i guess i'm getting better with em ?

Mark, Thanks man!
I totally don't feel that way but its good that i'm improving and its showing even though i don't really see it or totally feel like i'm doing anything right lol xD
btw Totally agree. I needa finish shit.
Thanks for stoppin by man

Oh and i figured i'd share some maquettes i've made for reference. ya know to show y'all some of what i've been up to. Also I'm sure you guys would like to use some for studies or what not too.

sharing is caring : 3

[Image: e2uUtGTl.jpg]

[Image: IkjKmonl.jpg]

[Image: f0kcDCGl.jpg]

[Image: vaUOyY4l.jpg]

[Image: OihAylol.jpg]

[Image: 5HbHawxl.jpg]

and a random sketch

[Image: RK9UQ7ml.jpg]

Woah, those sculpts look sick. You just use balled up aluminum foil for the armature? I messed around with some terracotta sculpy clay but Im thinking of getting the harder grey kind.

Thanks man!
Yup, just aluminum foil and some painters tape if i need a bit of a stronger hold on the foil.
Clay wise- I used super sculpey firm.

so yea figured i'd share how rough my roughs can get when trying to get an idea out... things don't have to be pretty all the time you just have to get an idea of the design down ^_^

[Image: CK1hrvd.jpg]

[Image: 2EfHGa3.jpg]

[Image: AzcaIyR.png]

[Image: SE5eXlY.png]

[Image: 5pvu9Ep.png]

a little bit of what i've been up to lately

[Image: Y9SCBFl.jpg]

[Image: GXNBUHe.jpg]

[Image: UDN9MRT.jpg]

[Image: RZxWx67.jpg]
[Image: PZ6yz0T.png]

[Image: 4lfxG88.jpg]

[Image: nG6AHmv.jpg]

Hey great volume of work you have here, its clear you are working very hard! I really like the busts you made. Have you been doing that for a long time, do the 2D skills translate easily? I always wondered since we always think in 3 dimensions any way.

Good stuff!

Those head busts are so cooool! Do you have any resources for sculpting that you found useful? Or was it more of a trial and error thing?

i love your painterly style. im curious with the head busts though , do you use reference in making them ?

Hey thanks for stopping by my sketchbook guys
got a lot of sculpting questions so heres a tool run down

just a cheap set of tools from the craft shop along with an xacto blade.
Clay- super sculpey firm (its the grey one)
Tin foil to build a structure.

Kimonas: Hey, thanks man! i'm trying. xD to answer your question- i've been sculpting for a while now. Probably a few years. nothing super serious or anything just for fun or for reference.
And yes it translates wonderfully to 2d and makes you a lot stronger with lighting, the way the forms work in certain perspectives. if you really want a challenge sculpt with an anatomy book it'll make you really know your anatomy. can't recommend playing around with sculpting enough, so go for it man!

Pnate: Thank ya! um I just use stuff outta Loomis and Bridgman and try to apply it the best i can. Recently, i've been looking at other artist characters and trying to sculpt them. So its a mix of stuff.

Foxfire: Thanks ^^ i'm informing the anatomy and structure from anatomy books and playing around with proportions to get different characteristics. And on top of that just taking characters I like from other artist and sculpting them out.

if you guys have anymore questions i'll do my best to answer 'em

and heres a little update of sorts

[Image: NA4WquY.png]

[Image: 4Y0CcB4.png]

[Image: Lf0zcQ4.png]

[Image: d2951M3l.jpg]

sweet, a lot of improvement since I last checked your sketchbook out.

A lot of your stuff is close to being really nice, but right now the biggest problem I see is the way you render different material. It all looks like matte surface to me, even the metal/leather. The last one for example looked really badass until I looked at it more closely and realized that the materials all looked very similar to one another. I see the same thing in some of your other pieces as well.

I think if you study up hardcore on your materials and apply it, you'll be golden.

Thanks JJ! You are totally right. I needa focus on materials for reals. I'll add more material stuff to my study routine.
I really appreciate the feedback man! ^_^

something from imagination

[Image: 841hNf6.jpg]

and one just messing around with stuff

[Image: l7rfq37.jpg]


(all the dog puns go here)

[Image: 8afRpHv.png]

[Image: gyftQ7e.png]

[Image: GXot6Bf.png]

I really like how the female is coming out. I mean I had to Paws and just take in the image. It looks like you worked your fingers to the doggone bone just to get it right! Must have been real ruff to get the composition just right.

It is really coming out great, and I find it cool she kinda looks like you a bit.^^
Lots to love about this this elf knight! Nice work.

(01-14-2015, 03:27 PM)marjoriedavis Wrote: [Image: d2951M3l.jpg]

That girl in the woods isnt looking as ruff. I like those trees look like they've got some bark. I sense this piece has a deeper meaning. Like its an expression of the anal gland? You know, cause... dogs...

ACtually really like that dude with the hawk mask, looks awesome as it is, all smokey and shyt.


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