Marjorie's sketches
Hey thanks adam! i do like surreal work. maybe its coming through ^^

LaleAnn thank you! I'll try to keep it up :))

and heres some stuff i've done... theres a lot more but i dont feel like art/sketch dumping (takes too muck time to get it all on here and i'm a lazy son of a bitch)

[Image: cEcu6Qzl.jpg]

[Image: jrAckmDl.jpg]

an oil painting with a color filter on it. trying out colors before putting it down in real life. saves me from making big mistakes and gets to better color ideas faster, i find.

[Image: I8GALh6l.jpg]

[Image: QjZZCmSl.jpg]

Love your studies and gestures - they are looking beautiful (even though they are small!) post em bigger next time!

Windows 8 everywhere, tee hee :)

hey thanks kimonas. i'll try to upload a bigger things next time.

a thing for a client

[Image: uUccrXql.jpg]

heres some stuff from my instagram
these are pretty much warm ups/ sketches before I get on the client stuff for the day.

the idea for this one is beast from the x-men but in a fantasy kinda style.
[Image: adFNOpX.jpg]

[Image: c3kmlOU.jpg]

[Image: RUuNsrE.jpg]

[Image: wJz6B19.jpg]

Seen this on instagram, they're beautiful! Love this hatching/

Love that pencil portrait. I don't know the comic characters, but he looks kinda pensive, with that yellow tone, and that could be taken further with some light watercolor washes.

I really like your pencil work - that tumbling portrait piece is beautiful!

Thanks guys ^-^ <3

pisst meat i did finish off that in watercolor i posted it on my instagram... i forgot to post it here .-.

heres something silly from the stream the other night

[Image: Zz48Cx2l.jpg]

i would recommend doing some studies to help getting your flying orange anatomy up to the same lvl as the rest , but aside from that this is a great piece 10/10 oranges :P .
Having my schedule fixed sucks cause i don't catch anyones streams :*( , anyway keep rocking "dude" your work is looking awesome !
Hey Marjorie :D It's been a while; I remember talking to you in the hangouts like forever ago. I got kind of obsessed with jiu jitsu and disappeared for a while :l anyway that's a cool cathedral interior. If you're interested in the implications that the technology of architecture has had in the design of cathedrals you should google "Romanesque vs Baroque cathedrals" if you're not already familiar with it. Hope everything's going well :)
Hey Bearlaser! I remember you xD its nice catching up with ya man!
also thanks for the tip on the Romanesque vs Baroque cathedrals. very cool and helpful stuff.
Hope to see ya round more. Cheers!

and heres some paizo things

[Image: WYC0XoAl.jpg]

[Image: z9Dgi5Ul.jpg]

[Image: m5Ei4Wul.jpg]

[Image: 9LufQYYl.jpg]

Really good work on those characters! I'm digging them!

like the new updates marj, looks like your working hard for paizo.

Some really neat work here, and a lot of improvement since your first post. I think a pattern I see, especially with a few of your recent pieces, is that you're overrendering in places where it would probably be better to just have indications of light. Everything sort of has the same level of detail, which really isn't what you want. Try thinking about doing more with less. Bigger and less brush strokes.

Anyways, hoped this helped if anything :P
Hey guys.
Thanks for checkin out my stuff and the lovely comments! i really appreciate it <3

Thanks for the crit yangdaniel027! You are absolutely right, man.
i let myself get into a zombie like state and end up rendering all the things.
gonna make more of an effort to stay present and not do that kinda thing.

annnd I forgot to post this soo.... yeh. concepts for a client thingy.

[Image: trO9Klvl.jpg]

annnd an update personal stuff yay

rough sketch

[Image: ko0QPDa.jpg]

and the final wooo

[Image: aa22cX6.jpg]

heres some studies from yesterday and this morning

[Image: gvyocxz.jpg]

[Image: vT9Tza6.jpg]

Great work Marjorie, you work really hard :) I love your rendering technique!
Aww Thanks, Angelique! ^_^ <3
I dunno if a I really have a technique because its always changing ><'

annnnnd heres personal work wooo

[Image: 1Mr85Nb.jpg]

This last one tho. Lovin those character concepts up there as well. Solid improvements in this thread.


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