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LLB - Weekly theme: FREE
Good conclusions Markus and I'd probably say I percieve the hue-change in the mountain the same way. So that's a nice catch!

I have to say that I didn't pick up much of my own with these studies. Just things I've already known. But I've always been fascinated with the blue colors that lie in the shadow of snow and then the yellowish light from the sun. It's a nice contrast of colors. I tried thinking about brushstrokes like Markus said, but didn't really follow with it all the way. Ah well, another day another study!

Markus. pretty nice color transitions on that last piece.

Patrik. noice dude. while thinking about brushwork. have you been switching brushes around?

heya! my piece for the week. i still want to make a few lines thicker. ill work some more on it for tomorrow.
crits would be nice. i hope things make sense.
oh. and i tottally failed on preplaning the character. so i ended up just drawing a bunch of stuff that doesnt really tell us much about her.
damn it.

oh and the pool is even! what do we do?

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Bjulvar, although these are from observation look into colour saturation to get that extra oomph in your focal points, you can also contrast it with more neutral colours. If you haven't already, I'd suggest reading up Linran's light and colour tutorial. Really good stuff.

Aragah, Looks good. Hard to give any crits, nailing the technical aspect of it. Very clean.

Allright, messed this one.

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Aragah Same as Markus, but I do still believe that you could move her to avoid the very central composition. Feels like there is a bit negative space creeping in from the right. Might just be personal opinion though! But the perspective is feeling solid as brick.

Markus That water must've been a bitch. You simplified it to be readable enough though. I'm sensing a bit of what you were telling me to try out, even in the original. Definitely going to read that link though, so thanks.

Okay, I switched around the brush strokes a bit more in this. But there was a power outage in the middle of it, so I lost some motivation there.

Don't know about the poll. I've started on a snowy thingie :P Choose whichever of the two or rock, paper, scissors?

yoo guys... im a bit brain dead right now. cant really think of crits. sorry.

yeah! ha im doing the snow one too.... we jsut gotta pick the new ones now

im thumbnailing, and based on that ill do my studies. and reserve saturday and sunday for the piece. no time for perspective tuts this week :/

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Bjulvar, looking much better already!
Aragah, thumbs are looking good! I was thinking of doing a valley kinda thing, but you kicked my ass on that, need to think of something original!

Here's a 1 hour 20 or so minute screencap from Spartacus.
I didn't give any time for the characters, but I think that's fine as the focus was in the mood and surroundings.
oh and I did some thumbs aswell.

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Nice thumbnails dudes!
Aragah Digging the sketches with a guy standing on a stone, or it looks like that anyway!

Markus Yeah man no need to to waste time on things that is not your focus. I have a hard time following suit, but getting there! I like the atmospherical lightning. Clean strokes!

I tried fiddeling with the sliders during this study, not getting the hang of it. But I tried doing this in a more efficient way and altering the focal point on purpose as suggested!
Also including thumbnails and character ideas for the piece ( if it's okay!)

MArkus - dude. dope stuff. that study looks pretty sweet. the comp is quite amazing. and you capture the skintones pretty well.
im drooling over the comp tho. works so well. the lighting is so cool. and if you split it right in half you get two comps that stand by themselves. i should watch that show.

Patrik. awesome stuff.
for the thumbs. i would recomend focusing more on values. ( i personaly jsut go for gray scale)
remember what Master Mullins told us! color has a hierarqchy of importance:
1- value
2- saturation (i like to think it as color temperature as well)
3- hue

a study. about 1 hour.
felt pretty good about it. even tho i think i got the hues of blues from the shadows all wrong.
felt confident about the process. first separating the mountains with lasso tool. than shaping the snow in them. and then on a diferent layer painting the rocks.
the problem i found in it was that the value relation in the shadows between the snow and the rocks got a bit confusing.
plus i feel kinda inefective doing the constant hard edge soft edge hard edge sft edge. im not sure if it jsut takes time and practice or if im missing something.
oh. and 2 days later i managed to finish sundays piece. :P

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Sorry guys, I'm a bit tired now. I need to relearn some animation basics before my final year lest i be screwed, so I'm a bit busy.

Today's failure. Didn't even have time for the cool dude.

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Completely unrelated and the exact opposite from our weekly theme, but I did a 1 hour drawing challenge with some friends. Topic was Volcanic Landscape. I'm not sure what I'm doing right now but I think studying even on such a short time span is paying off.

Here's some cheesy, kickass music.

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"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
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I'm probably going to paint some new thumbnails in greyscale if I have time for it! Feels like I'm already behind schedule though, been some stuff going on IRL. Lame excuse I know!

Aragah Really powerful lightning dude, I'm wondering how it would look with a hint of some more darker values! Though the lineweight might speak for itself.

Markus Yeaah man, those studies are already shining through for ya! And two in a day, wham bam thank you mam! I kinda prefer your imaginative environment over the study even. Cheesy as that song is, I've had it as my alarm for awhile haha.

Removed a lot of guys in the background. But this is further experimentation with things. Not sure on what to think yet.

damn markus. that study and that sketch are so good. man.

sweet study patrik. i feel a bit confused about the edges tho... some trees in the bg are pretty sharp, but the characters arent...

and this is me trying to apply the study
shitty value control.
i was thinking about how adding the rocks only later on would be more trouble some because i didnt had a reference to go from. so i though spending more time and refininng the line art was the way to go. but that somehow didnt happend. its kinda hard to forsee how the shpaes are gonna play out without the values there.....
so basicly it was sloopy sketch. ill force myself to really refine the linework tomorrow before proceding to color. if that doesnt work. ill try a diferent aproach.
towards the end i kinda forgot about the layers and just did some rocks free hand. it worked pretty alright.

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Thanks dudes!
Aragah, Maybe something warm for the where the sunlight hits? Or purples or oranges in select places. And I think as you have so much reflective surfaces, the large shadow area might be a bit lighter on the flat area behind the building(?). Looks solid though.

Bjulvar really liking the palette and lighting on your study. Liking how your stuff is starting to turn out.

There's nothing quite like an alien creature that wants to violently merge with your biomass to give you the chills. Get it, chills, because it's the Antarctic. Oh man...

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"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
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Aragah I like it man, I think that you applied it very well. The stone looks really good. Can't handle it myself :P It's not shitty! The mood just feels smoother. So I guess that the study was more harder in it's handling of light. Overlapping them more.

Markus I seriously haven't seen that movie. I also really need to take notes from you. Because I spend way too much time on unecessary details in my studies/pieces. Liking that the flag is getting a focal point. Makes the composition feel lower in perspective!

ah I made the same mistake twice with the characters being softer than the background haha. Oh well! Doing all this feels really great and hard at the same time. I don't know about you guys, but my experience with environments have been fairly limited before. But I feel that I am getting somewhere even if I am not superhappy with what I am producing.

So I did some applying today instead of a study. Mostly about edges. In retrospect it's a bit too bright and the main mountain doesn't look like stone!

Markus. yeah i though a bunch about that reflective light. i was planing on making some atmosphere and dust and stuff but i forgot about it in the end. so yeah. there should be more reflection there.
the study is dope! love taht movie. the value and edges on the chooper look awesome. it gives the feel of movement and i can feel that the chopper is black but far away.

Patrik! pretty dope man!
a couple hints would be that with snow there are tons and tons of reflective light, so oclusion shadows are very few and sparse and form shadows dont go too deep into value. local object value takes quite a bit more of importance.
and be careful with the warm cool contrast. since the local saturation of the snow is gray every little thing counts a ton. so if you are gonna put actual yellow in it. put it exclusively on the highlight, here you made the highlight a bit cooler, then a warmer second tone and then a cool shadow again. it should go warm>cool>cool, rather then cool>warm>cool
hope i dont sound too cocky.

yo! made a more refined lineart.
and then painted. worked pretty great i think. takes way more time tho. but i feel so much more in control. i am really a line guy. cant make anything without them.

OOOOHHH damn. i think i forgot to show you guys. look up Shady Safadi on youtube(i block my youtube in order to avoid procrastination) he did some art for the last of us. but on youtube he has a series of 7 or 8 eps were he takes us trough the process of a landscape study. i learned so much from that. it really is a must see.
dang. i feel bad for not saying that earlier.
also, his brushes are quite amazing. ive been doing most of my stuff with them lately

Thanks a lot dude! That's a bunch of stuff that I haven't though about at all. Haha you don't sound cocky. I appreciate it. That Shaddy Safadi guy pretty much nailed everything that I really needed to hear right now. Best thing ever!

Aragah It's good that you know the processes that works best for you you atleast! Would be pretty fun seeing you not use lineart in a way then. Just to challenge yourself even more!
Maybe the piece itself feels a little bit too even in it's value/color? I feel that I'd like a clearer focal point! Though I think that you're leading the eye good with the composition, it gives you much to look at. One area in particular that I feel is unecessary is that thing at the bottom right. I'd much prefer seeing a contrastic shape!

Not so much environment, but a scene today. I suppose I'd have to say that it's going further with edges. It's also another one-layer painting. I like doing them, but it usually doesn't work out well when I need to change something haha.
Also more thumbnails, and the one that I'm planning to work on.

yo patrik. thakn man. but i did that a ton and it ended up being mostly a waste of time. one i acctually get a grip on things then ill try that. that type of experimentation would only make sense when i got the knowledge to pull it off! which i dont hahahah. so im sticking with procedures that work for me, yes its "safe" but it allows me to take risks in other areas without everything crumblying apart.
i dont remmeber who said it. and i had it in the back of my mind for a long time, and only recently it made sense to me. - when i comes to experimentation, having a constant is more important than a variable.
so. ill keep my procedure constant so i can learn(experiment) color/comp/value and all that stuff. and once i get it right. ill make that a constant and transform my procedure in a variable once again!

btw already talked to you a bit about it. but nice comp. especially that last one int the cave.
tho i think you can push the top value more and more.
its like when you are in a dark room and the window outside is so bright you can see anything because your eyes are adjusted to the darkness.
plus it would add more contrast to the chara. which is the focal point. which is something you probably want....

talking about procedure.
im realyzing my comps have been really weak and falling by the sideways. i think its somehow related to the fact of having to draw everything out. even tho i did some value thumbs. i think it would be worth spending more time in them to get some more things defined before jumping to lines.
Planing planing planing.
it was all gurneys book was about.

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WEEKLY THEME TO VOTE ! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/76HPRN6
i tottaly want wetland forest to win.

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Sorry too tired to write anything fancy right now! But here's a little progress and quick colorthumbs for the taking!

Sorry dudes, got caught up with some stuff. I'll make a post later today.
Looking mighty fine!

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