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LLB - Weekly theme: FREE
ugh. didnt really know what i was doing. last study was black and white so i dont have a clue about color temperature on clouds. plus im pretty sure that there exists diferent types of clouds and you can tell them by their shape.
gotta do some research!

but ill be moving to vancouver in a few hours. so things are kinda crazy at the moment

Had the same idea about doing some clouds man! All I got from it is that there is a lot of grey and purpleish blue :P I guess the bluer color came from near the light source. Atleast it looked that way in my study.
Both of your studies have a lot more clear form than I could produce. Need to wikiattack this shit :P

Thanks for the crit man. I get what you're saying, I feel like I'm not quite confident/knowledgeable to change things just yet. Need to study more! Probably a bad excuse but usually not sure on which direction to push things in. Especially if it's in the environment.
But yeah keep on the battle!
And good luck with the move!

The landscape felt really similar in value and chroma on this one. With just a few exceptions. I supposed that's because the clouds are blotting out most of the light. Couldn't get the edges under control but I tried mixing soft brush with less soft brushes. Which seemed to work the best for me. Making it too hard just made it feel unatural. I've found that popping in some roundness jitter on a softbrush helps get that cloudy feel. Oh well on to the next one.

sorry man. no time to reply. im a bit scared with school our schedules wont meet and we wont be able to do hangouts anymore :/

Hello guys!

I've been watching all your productions for a while and it is pretty amazing and inspiring! I'm friend of Pedro from Brazil, and he presented me the group a few weeks ago, and I always say to him that i will post, but i always forget haha, or i'm always tired ... So lets change it! I will try to keep update it in every morning of my day with my production, i lost the 2 themes but i m trying to do them! Today i brought something with winter theme. Hope you enjoy as much i enjoyed and you please can critique as well! It's a pleasure to me be part of this now, hehe, see you next time!

Hi guys, I'm alive!
I'll post some stuff in the weekend, promise!

"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
Sketchbook|Go Team!
pretty killer man. not much to say! besides that i would like to see you applying that to your imagination stuff!

Markus - hey man! hope you had a good hike. :) do we get to see pictures?

heya! some thuuuumbs. i think its gonna turn out as a peterpan ish fanart.

Thumbs Up 
Heya Cesar, glad to have ya here!
awesome studies man, you're good at making me feel bad! :D

Ah is that like the entire island from peter pan? At first glance it looked like some sort of maelstrom!

Here's some more clouds and stuff. I have applied them, but it's too pathetic to post just yet :P
Plus some thumbnails, might be a little too much character. But anyways!

Okay so I kinda felt bad for having thumbnails of a characterdriven piece. So I'll probably conjure up something else to redeem myself.
But here's another study of clouds and lightning! Went for it because I thought that it would be hard. Found out that the area of the cloud that was actually lit up by the lightning was small, mostly in the area where it's formed. Trying to use only a round brush and play with the settings to mix that soft and hard edged feel. I think It's getting better.
And I applied some earlier knowledge for a simple sketch, for fuuun!

patrik! awesome man. those last two the edge control really improved! more controled and softer edges good job!
eager to see those new thumbs man :)

a little work on this one.
not sure yet about the values of the island.
and i think i might have gone too warm on those clouds. but i really wanna give that orange sun feel to it.

I feel like a slacker falling behind!
Here's what I managed to do during the trek. The place was way up north and had lots of ancient trees with weird roots, very beautiful. I'll see if I can scratch a small archive of pictures once my friend sends them over.

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"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
Sketchbook|Go Team!
Thanks Pedro! Good to know that it's getting better atleast haha!
Nice going with your piece! I like the clouds leading into the island. Though, I'm not sure if the bright value on the top cloud is good for the reading of the composition. Seems like there's two focal points in competition right now!

Welcome back Markus! Sounds like an awesome place then. Probably really refreshing for the visual library! You gotta do a bunch of forests now :D
The top sketch has really confident lines, looks like it's painted with a caligraphy brush. Must've been good practice to draw twisting trees too.

Not posting a study, but more along the lines of applying! Haven't done that for a while. Tried a new approach this time. Sketched with a set of colors, when I felt finished with the first one, I just rotated it until I found an interesting composition. Then I used the same colors, maybe adding a new one, and painted! Felt really good and a pretty quick way of exploring the same concept.

Bjulvar: Thanks man! Yeah I used a brush pen on the top one. Very nice tool.
On your most recent stuff. HARD EDGES! :D

Here's my today's failure. Gotta get in gear again.

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"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
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nice going patrik.
yeah i agree with the values of the clues. also makes it harder to read it as a simple cloud.
i think your first piece is very nce. the idea of recycling for the others is really interesting. but i feel like there is a lack of any focal point at all on those last two.

markus. nice study man. cool color temperature contrast.

yo. sorry for not posting yesterday. i slacked.
seems like im almost done getting all my stuff so i can finally move in to my new place the day after tomorrow.. exciting times. first day of class is tomorrow.
heres what i did today. some more comps and a bit more progress.
trying to figure out if i can handle thumbnailing with color instead of just value.

Aragah: the colour thumbs are very nice. I like how you're starting to handle valuework.

Here's today's study. School's just started so I'm extremely busy preparing my final work. Gotta do script, storyboard, animatic and all kinds of stuff!

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"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
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I'm tending the fire while you guys are away. Let's kick ass.
This was about 2 hours, lazy.

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"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
Sketchbook|Go Team!
Yoyo! I've been feeling kind of under the weather lately. Doing stuff just for the sake of doing it.
But here's some things I've done over the days. I guess that we could start up a new topic at the end of the week and keep the flame burning high!

Markus I really like that last study! Did you change much from the original? Because it has a great middle focal point with the end of the tunnel being darkened. Almost sounds poetic!

Aragah Much better now without the light on the top cloud. The colors are looking way more coherent I think! One thing I had in mind before was if you put the character further down so they'd be more in the clear sky. Might give too much negative space above. But a thought atleast.

Used brushes without opacity changes this time. I think I need to simplify forms more often and not get caught up in the details of a study.

hey people!

really sorry for be too quiet and to not post studies this week! I m little busy right now with one freelance( its not a big deal haha ) but in the last few days i was finishing one big illustration (is not finished yet) to my portfolio! please, if you guys have suggestion to do, you can critique and say whatever you want hehe, feel free! And Sorry for not saying something meaningful about the studies from you guys too :x
I wish all you a nice weekend and good studies, see you later!

Hi guys. I'm in the middle of client work, I'll post later.
Rosolino, that looks badass! One thing I'd do though is try to differentiate all the surfaces you got going on with texturework and maybe some more organic randomness with the natural bits like the tree. Very nice colours.

"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
Sketchbook|Go Team!
Screwed something up, so I'm a bit stressed at the moment! :P

Really nice one Rosolino. Love the colorcontrast between shadow and light!
I thiink there's some confusion going on with the relation of the torso, the head and her right leg. The torso is twisted in a 3/4 angle and then the head and leg is in a profile view! I hope that's helpful :P

Quickies and a tree!


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