Forrest's Sketchbook of Wondercanes and Dreamsicles.

[Image: 0abbe9febc3477bb1d08b895189227a9.png]

[Image: 4124888e930124bd54c78371fc555cf8.png]

Was supposed to post this last night but forgot, some studies including a Brad Rigney study (I must know how he gets his stuff to look so good!)

[Image: 44e20eba7ba8b45f07f11d35db088a07.png]

[Image: 9dc0146847c5c3b4c2f73ede059291af.png]

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More Stuff! My warm up for today, some thumbs for a piece I'm planning, a character design and spider-man :D

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[Image: 5e040ea839b3de9518581369e1cbba1f.png]

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Hey Forrest, still pushing along nicely I see. You're improving nicely. It seems also that you took Sam's advice and it's paying off for you at least in terms of focus and growth. Keep it up!

Thanks Pierce :D

Couple commission jobs I did for and a piece I'm doing for an IFX challenge.

I realize I'm going very far into details first, I don't really have any explanation for that :p I just did

[Image: 9e5335f28094ed8dc7c77358d378c4f4.png]

[Image: 41bd003d9195e3b7e6dfd8c09addf8de.png]

[Image: 116096a0e489b424bb371714dd20300f.png]

Need to finish this by tomorrow for this weeks teen challenge! :o

[Image: 54b078fee7d8c8d04a5c0302e0c287bb.png]

Love the textures on the pirate dude. You're improving really fast. It's inspiring to look at your stuff and see this growth

Thanks Ramalooke :)

I very much need to get back in to studies. I'm tired of seeing so many much better people and I want to become better and so starting monday I'm going to try and push my studying even more. I need to get better!

[Image: c7faa2a637c0ffbe15e96b09ee82d876.png]

[Image: d4e2d23865a5ce6c324f39c652e78939.png]

more work for and my imagineFX challenge piece I'm almost done with. Would appreciate crits on the pirate vs. ninja one :P

[Image: 8c16651a26388a455527f856c06fcbd4.png]

[Image: 4f1c93b17890400d7d2e27c72b67741c.png]

Good illustration on your last piece

Thanks James :)

Hand studies of Donato Giancola

[Image: 01b946e2a65a5e55adf9aae0569965ae.png]

Hope I can finish this one, I like how it's turning out so far :)

[Image: 69d26ae845d23ba1e629bb99f84a7c0b.png]

Good to see your last updates, the two faces rendering is very nice, and that last portrait is so cool, finish it! ; p

Avatar-cat-lizard man looks great, for real, finish it.
Improvement is so visible, keep rollin, I'm sure u got what it takes :)

Oooh nice hands!
The Cat-lizard if turning out nice too, planing on finishing it?

isra-ac Thanks Isra :)

iCi Thanks very much :)

Ursula Dorada I'm not just planning, I did finish it :D

Couple finished pieces and the start on my CHOW #300 submission.

[Image: ef2f0627aa1ba4e5ba73d79f39888e5f.png]

[Image: 40260dc5febb21085e5b0a54fa36ca75.png]

[Image: deb7479a2db54e72e20bfde52d4f0b16.png]

Damn nice work on the Pirate vs Ninja, The alien there is really good to. Unfortunately I don't think I have anything helpful I can point out.

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Here's some work on my CHOW #300 I'll get some MMA studies done for tomorrow as well :)

[Image: 914d251803a11035f5a38be972cc16e2.png]

CHOW progress and some studies

[Image: b656eaaf5478762e79d26a0b1ddc75e9.png]

[Image: 4722f26b38bea68ba682f2bd34ec65e7.png]

[Image: 0c1b6a87ca0a32707947adf448662777.png]

Teen challenge progress

[Image: 015e469a34567790051cd8a89dc41984.png]


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