Forrest's Sketchbook of Wondercanes and Dreamsicles.
Gargoyles ftw! cool stuff mate, keep going :D

Thanks rich4rt!



I have to make quite a few changes to the piece with the girl, the hand looks fucked up to me and it all feels a little too tight and tense, I want it to be more relaxed. Also, her eye is slanted. Any critique is still very much welcome.

[Image: myfx.png]

[Image: cockatricefinal.png]


Commission and more progress on the My FX challenge

[Image: c2504813e9c229939ac1611966b7a1ed.png]

[Image: 64568dcda75493f550735bd490dfdf91.png]

What's the FX Challenge?

Jamesxwu it's a monthly challenge on the ImagineFX forums. The topic is "Tarra's Scary Friend Beast"

Might be calling it finished if no one else has any critique.

[Image: 2f4dacca4145f1fc35de748d594c3e16.png]

Hey man, I read your post about needing to be able to support yourself by August, if you wanna do that you're gonna have to work insaneeellyyy hard! I dig the latest piece, especially like the smoke effect. I made a quick paintover to show some stuff you could work on if you want to push this Main thing I'm seeing is the colours are all over the place, I can kinda see you're going for a blue and yellow thing so I'd push that. Gotta think about how your lightsource effects the mood, streetlights always give a low yellow/orange light with super dark shadows at night, so you could push that. You're not gonna see many blues in the shadows at this kinda night because the sky isn't around as a secondary lightsource. Other stuff is just head size, pushing the values, blurring the background. I'd reccomend you push everything you do to the absolute max if you want to start getting serious work, after its only you're portfolio people are gonna see. Take care and keep pushing!
Thank you very much Sam that was really helpful :) I'm going to try and push it

I forgot to show this piece when I finished it awhile back, done in ebony pencils and prismacolors. Tomorrow I start my painting of Aquaman vs. Namor the Submariner :)

[Image: 95a891857f5e590e240dcf8c909a3003.png]

Here's a study, my finished FX challenge submission, and a new WIP

[Image: aeaeb655f3e88e1eebf37182285ea1c0.png]

[Image: 19d0028ece920c9991b33da4d4d60047.png]

[Image: 076fbfbb49b03774fe8bffa08ecb9433.png]

A few hands and a WIP of my next MyFX submission :O

[Image: 488dbb1c1de978c244e1d0635289d6f9.png]

[Image: e4719121a903b8e4fae199d3a87355f3.png]

100 environment studies done by April 15th you say? Bring it on.


[Image: 835806815217beb4e9136f497d7ec772.png]

30-45 min studies

[Image: 620181e578a002968f6c6cde9b140ed5.png]

[Image: 7625fb820e47f0b3e72f59bbe65b12e9.png]

[Image: 4e37bb5988bd3de6e8c92e91216874d6.png]

You're doing awesome man, love it :) Keep on working and inspiring!

Thanks tooth :)

>>Streaming in a few minutes<<

I decided to do a quick personal environment every 10 I do from reference so all this knowledge doesn't go to waste :)


[Image: e78796f996cc3c7d169f448e2aa483c3.png]

[Image: 699d276b7254481aa5b48f7f164ae83c.png]

[Image: 8c1e94895c793921592af2ef19177bf2.png]

[Image: db2c835193f05e45a2c0ff1aec73f62c.png]

[Image: 6d31d19d6650382adb9d99f460843428.png]

Lovely Enviro work pal! Your colours are looking really vibrant.

I'd be tempted to have a go with higher opacity on your brush, overlaying lower opacity brushes tends to give an awkward effect, solid colours work much better against each other - then you can blend them afterwards if needed.

Keep it up!

Thanks for the advice Alex :)

I reached me first progress point in my 100 environment challenge of 10 landscapes from reference. So here is an environment from imagination to apply what I've learned.


Top one is from imagination.

[Image: f14c83627f8ad96644545bf0ec0781fa.png]

[Image: 726df1bf09503887e1dc81485e503709.png]

[Image: 4a7654babea10afcf15d3f95a15c2a91.png]

More progress on the 100 environment challenge and my warrior lady, coloring looks shitty at the moment. Going to try and fix that.


[Image: b3e927aed00c2d0b11e08966a87e8b49.png]

[Image: 6285a248077a92915d134fe0c3994b09.png]

[Image: 6345c0d5daf2f1303086707fc1ef5676.png]

Good progress on landscapes buddy!

Did a quick PO on your comp.

It's all working I think, there's a few tricks you can apply to give it some more impact I think.

One worry for me is she's looking outside of the frame, there's a dude there but it's not clear. Might work better her looking at the other guy.


[Image: b3e927aed00c2d0b11e08966a87e8b49.png]


[Image: b3e927aed00c2d0b11e08966a87e8b49po.jpg]

Simply, added a flat layer of colour set to multiply then masked out the areas of interest. "vignetting" something popular in photography, darkens the corners bascially to add more focus, yours was a bit flat all over with the lighting.

Again some desaturation in the areas of non focus.

Some motion blur in the areas of non focus, adds movement too.

Some FX/grit/debris/blood - layer with a "Radial Blur" set to ZOOM, with a focus placed on the lady.

Some color dodge/overlay type layer for the sunset.

Some Levels, for extra contrast.

Oh and a screen layer with some highlights on the shiny parts of interest, sword shield etc.

The more I look the more I think you should not have her looking out of the picture like this.

Oh and put some blood on that sword, look at all the bad guys she's just slain, with a clean sword! Check out the chick in Dragon Age: Origins, she's gonna look like that on the battlefield. Well maybe more family orientated, but make her battleworn, not so clean cut :)

PSD below.

Thanks so much Alex, I hope you can reply back to my message I sent of the edited versions :)

16/100 environments, been a lazy past few days...

[Image: 770da4e0ef52816fb4c63aa3b0f6e3fd.png]

[Image: 92b338c430afcb66afaec839ab16b310.png]

[Image: 967fc920cf1987f1aab6f7193e821872.png]

[Image: f5468f1aee17b04081acd444b12043bd.png]


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