Forrest's Sketchbook of Wondercanes and Dreamsicles.
Good work with those environment studies. It's really curious for me how you use that square brush, it gives your studies a quite unique look <3

Thanks very much Isra-ac :)

17/100 environments and 2 different roughs for ImagineFX's "Sky Harbour" Challenge this month.

[Image: a69f1e4d26cdec403b86012fae9f1e0a.png]

[Image: f55dc2ec09926ca02a3215d0cda73909.png]

[Image: 8ec87810764e58a2a209930e20b9f524.png]

Good warrior illustration on the last one. For the landscapes try blocking things in with black and white shapes like a comic book illustration with no gradations or color, just black and white. I think it will help you get a sense of the shapes in your environment without worrying about color and gradations, just the drawing and the shapes.

With a flying city/port you're given the opportunity to make structures on multiple vertical levels. Seems like a shame to make a city like you'd see on the ground. Just my 2 cents, of course. Really like your enviro studies. Would be interested to see you bring some to more of a finish.

Jamesxwu Thanks very much James, I'll try that on the next few that I do and see how I like it :)

mdbauman Yeah I feel too close minded while drawing these different cities and so I'm going to fiddle around a bit more and try and find a nice unique idea that I like for it

Finished the warrior lady and did a couple landscapes, I'd call it a productive day :)


[Image: 5690f26e8484ba35d8f8db1ad2f24b51.png]

[Image: 27d2f73641e221cd757550dbb7833580.png]

[Image: 499b9ed712b3df6d811b5cd42dee1f52.png]

Not much for today, I finished a traditional painting of Aquaman and Namor the Submariner so hopefully if I can get a nice professional pic of that I'll put it up here.


[Image: ada91432884464a866e9ff5ca194c80d.png]

If you're hoping to be able support yourself from art quickly, I'd reccomend not spreading yourself so thin. I see you're doing a lot of environment studies, but are you making environments for your portfolio or do you just wanna say you did 100 enviros? I'd personally advise doing more illustrations like the warrior girl: illustrations with background and sometime multiple characters. The more you specialise the quicker and better you're going to get, which when it comes to getting work is crucial. Pick whatever you enjoy and do the shit out of it
Thanks very much Sam, I suppose you're right. I was doing the 100 environments and then every 10 I did I would do one from imagination so I would improve much quicker and remember what I learned. But you're right I really am in need for work right now, that's why tomorrow is studyin time!

Going to have studies to show tomorrow! :)

[Image: 63e3f0c99a268451c8169b6a039b48a6.png]

[Image: 4f4c0a69d15b77dc7d3953d7079e0a23.png]


Wolf studies from the stream last night

[Image: cf591fb13372e7db2abd42e51d3c3890.png]

Wow, I haven't posted in far too long. I'll just show some recent commission I did, I really got to get back in to the groove of things.

[Image: e33abdb6e554c47cfa3e4e79e61245fe.png]

I haven't posted in soooooo long! Time to change that damnit I am committed to getting better and moving out of my house!

[Image: 58996fab477a4dc3aaa411af9d37d780.png]

[Image: cc539b64dd8f9bfaf30af791798a4db8.png]

[Image: 129d4ab52a9f883ba4ac22eb198cbdcf.png]

Sir Morgenstern the Immortal!

[Image: 880d992f46895dcc2e302950d63ae501.png]

Not much today, just some hand studies and another little bridgeman thingy and a rough sketch of my next prismacolor project I'm working on for my art show.

[Image: dc622157041ddb9dfa67a1a70af0e30b.png]

[Image: 2e95b983d0a75cb102760aa620141af5.png]


Meant to post these like two days ago, oh well, I'll have more stuff tomorrow too.

For now just a study and me applying what I learned to a shitty looking person, I was more worried about gettin skin tones and such.

[Image: 5b9c28497461ef3d7fcc876e3c336171.png]

[Image: 5c568fdd1774d90b29caa5185b2a1571.png]

Some sweet stuff here dude, and you've improved alot!

As for a crit, something ive noticed throughout some of your recent pieces is the lack of contrasting edges. Its especially noticable in your figure studies where the skin tones look muddy and only really consist of one type of mark. I would suggest try to use bigger brushstrokes and mix up your hard and soft edges. Keep hammering that anatomy too and some gestures.

Sweet progress regardless dude, keep it up ;)

Warburton: Thanks very much for the critique :) i'll try to improve on that

Random shiz!

[Image: 6597a34fcba81de5be9025cebe1ea910.png]

[Image: e901da1be7a7ffb9a774c6b452c27571.png]

[Image: 0e0c01a0ff063ca400c98333ddaa7495.png]


Here's stuff! :D

[Image: 4755db2b6b8f4e4faed9155038f13d28.png]

[Image: 5a441b0380c5a4a2a7fe32932b09b9f5.png]

[Image: 575b5a990bb64930880ce95fa71c261d.png]

[Image: f310018012d78e4629a080f1e77b0e76.png]

[Image: aca8504580bd07a60136607578a048fe.png]

[Image: b31c30f8dad8ce33a7f11dcea00250b5.png]


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