Yann's Sketchbook
Hi everyone and welcome to my sketchbook,

I will be posting most of my stuff in here as I try to get better.

Crits and feedback are very very welcome!

let's start with this thing, ill add sketches with the finished work

[Image: sketches2_zps07332f07.jpg][Image: whitesnake2_zps82256a3c.jpg]
[Image: whitesnake_zpseae2240c.jpg]

Some faces, pretty different ones too!

[Image: Shinyknight_zps9bfde1d8.jpg]
[Image: frog_zpsfdba5c4e.jpg]

Here are some studies from photos, i really have to start drawing from life though

[Image: shark_zps684c827a.jpg]
[Image: skullstudy_zpsb863b331.jpg]
[Image: sidelitgirlstudy_zpsb4875894.jpg]

Here's a mix of all the uglies fish i found

[Image: scaryfish_zps79f4e6e2.jpg]

here are some monster concepts!

[Image: monsterideas1_zps2d691e0e.jpg]
[Image: berserker_zpsf8e28f07.jpg]
[Image: brute_zps373050c6.jpg]
[Image: brute3_zps3c939f08.jpg]

Some fanart

[Image: sketches_zps258d8fef.jpg]
[Image: Caligula_zps9f73abd1.jpg]

And an original piece

[Image: livingweaponbase_zps06e2548a.jpg]
[Image: vampireknight_zps32dff9a2.jpg]

[Image: Swordplay_zpsa7a8c87f.jpg]

hey! welcome to the daggers (:
great start to your sketchbook, I'm looking forward to your progress!
renderings are looking cool, as a tip I'd say work on that arm anatomy a lil' bit. the arm showing in the second last piece looks okay, but with some practise that could improve a lot. I'd say, go and attack your bridgman book :D

Thank you very much!

Yeah I totally need to work a ton on anatomy in general, the forearm in particular is difficult on it's own and to connect with the biceps, wish i had access to live models :)

anyway here's some more stuff!

[Image: anatomymale1_zps7495da12.jpg]
[Image: blueglass_zpsa34935d2.jpg]

Hi guys,

so a friend and I are working on this little game project and I am doing some early monster concepts and illustrations for it.

here is the brute, your basic beefy creature, ill post a few steps in the process and the final render.

[Image: bruteprocess_zps0f70c32c.jpg~original]

[Image: bruteresize2_zps3d2a0464.jpg~original]

Critique on form and idea is very welcome!

Fantastic start to your sketchbook!!

You know where it's at, you know what to study and that's awesome!
I can't stop looking at that still life, it's gorgeous!

Keep it up, keep it up! :D

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Thanks a lot for the kind words!

I shall obey and keep it up!

here are some more things

[Image: cloth1_zps43f1144e.jpg~original]
[Image: boxing_zps2af91d4c.jpg~original]
[Image: hands1_zps77a4386b.jpg~original]
[Image: hands2_zpsd99bef0a.jpg~original]

Welcome! Some cool stuff, really liking the energy in the hand studies. Could possibly try to use a few less lines in your studies though.. a problem I also have. Keep working at it you'll improve fast!

Hey welcome! You've got a really good mixture of studies and I really like your brute illustration, the lighting makes him look really massive and dangerous, great job! Can't suggest anything else than keep going, progress is already visible!

Hi Guys

CoreyH : thank you!
Your totally right about the lines. They are a bad habit i took at some point. When I first started drawing I used to have a clear line, and then for some reason I started doing these scratches which can even be misleading later on in a drawing, will try to work on it!

Felidarc : Thanks so much! glad you like the beastie! I tried to start losing edges on that piece so the eye goes to where the shapes are, err, sharper. Hope it helps it a bit :)

Anyway let's keep the stuff rolling:

[Image: figure1_zps91aef104.jpg~original]
[Image: figure2_zps318d9cf4.jpg~original]
[Image: figure3_zps625aa52b.jpg~original]

Hi guys

So, after doing a few pages of head, body and figure studies, i wanted to do a portrait.

I call this guy the albino gnome, though he's not really a gnome. The idea was to have a small humanoid that's going to be nasty and backstabby. I tried to convey that character with the expression and the general feel of the piece.

I'll post the process and the final picture.

As usual, critique on idea and execution is most welcome!

[Image: gnomesteps_zpsa3d1e7db.jpg~original]
[Image: albinognome2_zps75b6a4e7.jpg~original]

Hi Daggers

So, for this next piece I wanted to try to do an environment and some linework.

I decided to call it done at this stage because I constantly change things and feel like this could go on forever.

So here it is:

[Image: sniper_zps070ec172.jpg~original]

Study time!

[Image: faces1_zps81aa97e0.jpg~original]
[Image: tomates_zps20c4a935.jpg~original]

Study Study

[Image: bastet_zps04b93e0e.jpg~original]

Man, I really like your last personal piece, badass perspective and sweet colors!
Keep up working on faces - maybe it gets easier if you try to apply some more things you already know about constructing the face when doing portrait studies. Try to get a hold of the threedimensional shape that's behind the lines, that's what I mean :)

Thanks a lot Elif!
I'll keep up the work on faces, try to deconstruct them into shapes instead of focusing on the outlines.

Here's today's study of a movie still, trying to catch the lighting! This one has probably been done to death but what the hell...:)

[Image: raiders_zpsa00aaf04.jpg~original]

So I went and with Elif's advice on trying to figure out the 3D shapes when doing portraits studies by using Loomis's method from the drawing the head and hands book.

I didn't manage to figure out exactly all the shapes in the face though, guess more practice is in order

[Image: replicantprocess_zps2c157cf9.jpg~original]

I think that looks pretty cool! Keep it up! :)

Thanks Elif and hi daggers :)

Here's some stuff:

I started using the posemaniacs 30 second figure drawing tool which is pretty cool, followed a nice YouTube tutorial on drawing the face, a quick photo study and finally a personal piece.

Crits on everything welcome as usual!

[Image: posemaniacs1_zps59877792.jpg~original]
[Image: posemaniacs2_zpsffdeb278.jpg~original]
[Image: posemaniacs3_zps2d0229bf.jpg~original]
[Image: facecolors_zps012c5f06.jpg~original]
[Image: Mantis_zps48be872a.jpg~original]
[Image: darkheartprocess_zps51a76056.jpg~original]
[Image: darkheartresize2_zps3c6d49f0.jpg~original]


Small update, trying to make my stuff more fluid and loose, made myself a flat brush and tried to do very quick (10-30 min) studies and sketches. Also learning to make tiles for a game project!

[Image: looseness_zps088d6dc9.jpg~original]
[Image: tiles_zpsc08d92db.jpg~original]

Loomis time!

+ more tiles

[Image: loomisfigure1_zpsd89a249c.jpg~original]

[Image: tiles2_zps51d7f3e6.jpg~original]


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