Crimson Crusade / Mentoring Program
sorry for being late , my internet is crapping up lately and it made it hard uploading the pics anyway heres mine

@tul thanks for the crit man ! ill definitely learn from these :)) and i promise that ill work hard to be good , saying to others that i have been mentored good by you :)

additional poses are from senshistock

[Image: let_it_go___pose_reference_for_drawing_b...7192bc.jpg]
[Image: here_i_stand_in_the_light_of_day___pose_...72exee.jpg]

[img][Image: Sketch25615388_zpsou0vo1ze.jpg][/img]
[img][Image: Sketch256143149_zps66uny9lp.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: Sketch223215546_zpscepvckwa.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: Sketch234223337_zpspj1sc6dn.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: Sketch24523114_zpsleepwgrp.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: Sketch245211017_zps0j5ur4pd.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: Sketch175224713_zpsunoxtbjw.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: Sketch21212543_zps8zyq3tf4.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: Sketch175101425_zps0bd036a2.png][/img][/align][/quote][/code][/php]
@Foxfire: Holy shit man, major improvement ! :D I really like how you made the sketches, good job ! Keep it up !

Bad part is you kind of missed the point with the lineweight excercises. You should redo those if you want to (and the last one, no worries I'll explain some geometry rules so it doens't look wierd like that (don't get discouraged, you're doing a awesome job !); Look at how Hypnagogic_Haze and Triggerpigking did it. They really nailed it.

and @ Hypnagogic_Haze and Triggerpigkin: YOU MAKE SENSEI PROUD ! XD great job dudes.
Sorry I'm late! :P Here's my stuff:
[Image: a2p0_zps1f6b527f.jpg]

[Image: a2p1_zpsbe5d69bb.jpg]

[Image: a2p2_zpsb94ba13d.jpg]

[Image: a2p3_zpsb3122ddd.jpg]

[Image: a2p4_zpsf12ac796.jpg]

[Image: a2p5_zps923e303e.jpg]

I still need to do other 2 poses, tomorrow I'll edit this and add them.
Edit: Here they are:
References from magikstock and nobledeath-stock

[Image: a2p7_zps28327134.jpg]

[Image: a2p6_zps46ad9434.jpg]

@Amaral: very good job man, I can see a clear evolution since the last assignment. Very Awesome

Gotta find a way to give you guys crits and make it faster. Because it's taking me way too much time and it won't help you guys if I don't do it in due time.

What would you guys say about a livestream session for the paintover and crits about assignments ?
If yes when would you guys be avalible for a livestream ?

Now some old buisness: @Triggerpigking I really appreciate that you worked on this so hard. If you keep it up like this you'll be a pro in no time man.

Most of the things you did wrong weren't so bad, you just need some practice now to fix these things. I see that you have learned some things since the last assignment, that's awesome !

@Hypnagogic_Haze : YES ! very good man. There's not much to correct here. The geometric shape thing and the lineweight assignemnt is flawless. Top notch stuff. !

The poses are also good ! I wish you would have done more simpliufied geometry on the initial phases. But none the less it's till good !

Livestream sounds good, and ill know itll save heaps of time and effort as opposed to just paint overs . Im fine sometime in midnight , GMT+8
Thanks man, glad to hear (read) that!
Livestream sounds good to me too, my time zone is Western Europe (GMT +0) but any hour is ok to me, I can watch later if I lose it.

Thanks for the crits man, livestream sounds good,
i'm okay most days except late sunday, i'm from britain so my timezone is GMT+0.
Oh and about the place in my perspective picture, yeah my brother has a small tent in his room.

Im in EST. Anytime in the morning from 9am to 1pm. I work nights, so after 10pm and Im usually up till 2am.

Hey Thomas, it's really awesome your doing this, are you planning to update this site with all the assignments? Because it would be really awesome to just have a archive one could look up, if one falled behind, thanks again for taking the time to mentor people, i think that's awesome :)
Hey, man, this page is awesome! Are you still accepting people to join in on this? I'll probably end up doing these assignments on my own even if you weren't, but it'd be sweet to be able to post them on here and get paintovers.

I too am interested in joining in on this. I'm really new to this stuff though so I'll probably be pretty bad, compared to what I've seen so far xD
Sure guys, you're more than welcomed to join, but be warned my timing is not that great XD, people here know that already (sorry guys, had a busy busy week. update coming soon).

About the livestream, after the next assignment we'll try that out.
Hey guys, long time no speak ( write ).

So as you guys noticed, I kind of discontinued this. Since the last time I posted, I've been quite swamped, I thought I could manage it in time while I handled other projects and jobs, but I failed miserably :P. I've made some more lessons, but I haven't gotten around to polishing them ( they actually take a huge amount of time to dish out) When I do finish them I'll post em.

If there's still interest in this I'll post some more, but irregularly, because my schedule is really weird. If I had someone to help me manage all this stuff, perhaps I can make it a more stable project. Till then ... this is all I can do.

And for the people that want to join, go ahead and join, do the previous stuff, and if I have some spare time, I'll post some crits or even some paintovers.

See you guys around, cheerios :D

Is it possible to join this still? I'm so psyched about this class, never taken one before (can't afford it) but this would help me so much. I can catch up pretty quickly I think!

Edit: Ahh just read the latest post. Well, I'll give it a shot anyhow! If I can help in any way, let me know.
@Milodus: Well I'm still here ^^, if get some spare time I'll help you out if you do the assignments.

Sweet I'm gonna join this too if you don't mind, just found this site after watching a bunch of Dave Rapoza's youtu be vids. I like the xp aspect, I remember someone telling me, the only way to force a level up is to do the grind.

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