Richie's the last chance sketchbook
Hey, I really enjoyed looking through your sketchbook, because it reminds me of the studies that I do,
rotation studies, posing practice, gestures. If you are interested in animation or something related I think you are doing everything right. 

Just keep going, I think with sustained effort you will be doing cool stuff and you will find youself enjoying the creation process more and more.

Thanks CaDisciple and Bookend! Still going and switching to studying more anatomy from now on. Really want to do the action storyboarding with Steve Ahn but got to get more drawing chops to make it worthwhile:)

Some value studies of a Asaro Head it was more to get used to photoshop again and get more confidence in the tools:

and turning around simpler cartoon characters from Steven Universe, these took hours and hours to do, really have to learn perspective properly!

Lets keep this going!
just warm ups will get to learning anatomy in a more formal way from next week.

trying to figure out value and colour studies again and getting use to PS, got a long way to go :P

Thanks Sketchosoph! Yeh Bruce Timms one of my animation heroes.

Ok I've kind of left this sketchbook to wither away. Been busy arting but not posting here, but here's what I got up to today:

gesture warm up

head studies, messed up the second head different angle face!

and starting some paint studies

And im back its been a few years, seems that everyones on facebook now. Where have i been? Animating on games and tv shows and not really drawing or painting at all silly me, so my skill level is pretty much worst that is was years ago so trying to get my sea legs back again. 

Back to value studies. Values are still hard to hit and my brush work is really labored in these, trying to get back in the swing of things

I think you need to slow down in the earlier stage of constructing of those face i can see that you still need to take more time to get the centerline in the right angle also you tend to distort face as shown in the last example.In term of value i think you need to go lighther for the face.Also create a wielder range of value because you not pushing in the darkest dark.

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My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
Thanks darktiste, yeh your totally right, lol knew something was off but couldnt tell.
Heres some more of the same still getting values and shapes to match but a little closer this time. The second head i did straight in value and kind of like that process because still not sure about what to laydown first.

I suggest to start with a Center line than i like to put in a reversed triangle to indicate the top of the brow area and the bottom of the nose 

The big cercle over the top brow is the forehead 
The 2 oval inside the triangle are the socket of the eye
The oval at the tips of the triangle is the nose
The 2 line that goes diagonally just under the nose represent the skin covering the upper teeth
The 2 line that goes diagonally just under the mouth represent the skin covering the lower teeth

The 2 oval under the nose will help you create the mouth
The oval under the mouth is the chin
And to finish 2 angle on each side to represent the jawline

I like to use this image to alway visualize my plane

I sometime like to throw in a horizontale line that represent the end of the brow to get a better estimate of the distance between the hairline and the rest of the element.

You can get alot of information once those point are put into relation with one an other no need to be scared to do it on an other layer over the picture if needed but you should eventually just skip it and be able to just visualiaze those line or shape.

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My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
Thanks darktiste yeh gotta get the structure right, will be looking up the arroso head and trying to memorise it.

Heres a few drawing from yesterdays life drawing first one i been to in years, same pose different angles, each one took 20 mins. Need to study more on proportions and drawing in a construction way to help drawing from imagination. 

Here how i propose to approch life drawing

Start with a rectangle that would frame the person you drawing
Create 2 diagonal starting from each corner of the rectangle to get the middle of the rectangle 
Draw 1 horizontale line that pass throught the center of the rectangle
Draw 1 verticale line that pass throught the center of the rectangle
You now have created a 4 cadran grid that will really make the job easier to do.
Each quadran is a useful tool to compare against when you want to find the angle of an element inside the rectangle

I suggest the first element you put in to be the head because it a pretty easy to draw a cercle it also will rapidly tell you if you have the right proportion as you move to other part of the body.

One tips i like to do is to go really simple when dealing with the first stage of drawing the leg and arm
I like to use triangle that represent the rotation point of the arm and the leg to deal with the foreshorting

Here what i like to think of when i do life drawing 

How much of the face is facing us:Front view,Profile,3/4 etc?
What is the angle of the shoulder?
How close are the arm to the side body of the body?
What are the arm doing twisting,supporting,relax?
How are the leg are they bend or straight ?
How are the hand open or close?
Can i find any negative shape that i can use to draw the silouhette of my character?

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My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
hi darktiste, yes i use aa pretty similar mentod show here really helpful way of working but going to mix it up with construction as well next time I go life drawing.

Trying the krenz Cushart way of grinding still not really memorized them but will keep going Torso and finger, feet next.


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