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Hey guys, great work!

Seems I'm a bit late to the party; so though not being an official participant I'll just do the assignments and post them in the thread. It's a real inspiration seeing all of you being so productive here :)
And thank you Amit for doing this class.

So, here what I did so far - the studies are either markers on paper, gouche or digital sketches.
For the Notans I too found it quite impossible to stay abstract, I guess I'll come back to that exercise again :) But it was very fun.

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Wow, everybody's stuff looks killer so far! Excited to see where everyone goes as the class goes on.
Oh well, seems that I'll have to wake up early on the 2nd to give it away. I'll try to post it earlier tho.

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Good work everyone! It's exciting to see the amount of enthusiasm devoted to this class. :-)

Ok here is my final assignment any suggestions are very much welcomed! I only wish i had more time to work on them. :/

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Do you recommend trying to do the 3 value notan studies within 15 min?

I chose paintings that were pretty complex to challenge myself, but that only stressed me out and somehow I spend about 4 hours just undoing and redoing parts of my first study, as I was stuck on details. That one was just terrible. I tried to limit myself to 20 min, which forced me to focus on the composition and to make choices, but they are really not polished/are really scribbly.

Is that acceptable? Or am I defeating the purpose of a part of the exercise?

Here are some examples of the quick studies:

[Image: MOLey8J.png]
Hey U3-C just focus on accurate shape / proportion / placement of the largest compositional elements. Squint your eyes and paint the shapes you see. Forget the detail until you have the main things down. Detail can easily be added on top of the good foundation.

The exercise isn't about detailing and rendering but aimed more at studying composition and seeing/understanding and simplifying value grouping.

The time taken is irrelevant. I don't really care whether you take 3 minutes or 3 hours, as long as you get your studies done in time, so you can get your crit. :) Having said that I don't think working on these for more than a half hour each is necessary, but that will depend on your own speed etc.

The examples you posted look fine to me in terms of detail levels, as long as the main shapes etc are relatively accurate. Look at some of the others work, you won't see huge amounts of detail most of the time, and there were tons of great studies. Don't stress so much man, do what you can, this was supposed to be the fun easy week. :P

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Hi guys,
Great work so far, big thanks for learning opportunity !
[Image: 9pGkM0P.jpg]

a simple question ! what will happen to the people who didn't submit there assignment ?
Hey guys. Been scrolling this thread, there are lots of awesome work, well done! I'll just post my stuff now. 

Keep on rolling...


[Image: AumesRonoy_week01.jpg]
Guys check out the "official" shitty EdRocks website! : https://sites.google.com/site/edrocks2015/

I built a quick thing using google sites, to keep all the stuff in a much neater organised way than in this thread. You can find all the demos and assignments, livestream schedule, deadlines, watch all crits and even watch other people's assignments get submitted in realtime.
I will be updating it quite a bit, and there may be a resources page coming. Hopefully this will be useful and more convenient for you.
It absolutely does not work on mobiles...

@Art44: a simple answer. No crit for them. I will use their allocated time instead to help some of the people who haven't registered but are motivated and managed to submit in time.

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Hayo! Here we go. I'm a complete beginner but besides the power outages on my house and the ragequits because of that, it has been really fun!

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I'm not officially taking part in this but I wanted to try and work alongside, so hopefully it's cool if I post here.

Interesting to notice during the notan sketches that I tend to stay with either straight lines or curves, and had to work to mix them up, plus I seem to have a preferred direction for diagonals!

Great work so far everyone, and thanks Amit for running this.

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Finished mine! Woo!

[Image: zombiechinchilla_week1_zpsrmjsg620.png]

oh man i've only made the 100 notans so far :/ I don't think I'll be able to finish the value studies in time.
still a noob here and it's my first time  doing these notans. most of these were random strokes, then first things
that pop in my head, then things i saw while jogging. gosh i really need more practice. 

here's my "homework" (:

[Image: lfkZJsc.jpg]

I just realized how badly I need to do more comp studies.

Better one next time.

Finally put something together in the nick of time hopefully: 


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