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Finished off this character design with some dramatic lighting and experimenting with callout labels of vertical text.

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If the idea of a layout is to explain something i would expect that you explain those thing in a clear and readable fashion rather than experimenting with the orientation of the lettering atleast in the ''explanation box'' since those type of drawing are often drawing done to give information about the subject which mean the design clarity is essential atleast if you have to refer back to those drawing later on

I think it always best to prioritize clarity over design atleast in that case the environnement and subject matter are familiar to the viewer and they can relate to it.Sometime it can be hard to read the shape of an object and understand it function that why i commented earlier on the helmet shape being hard to read as such.Remember that your complementary drawing help give context to how you want the character to be perceive and that the perfect excuse to draw object in a different point of view to give more information as to what those object function are. Let just take the belt for example you could indicate that it lock onto itself or that the sachel can be open or close.Those object are already pretty clear but some element can be confusing like for example the button on the jacket could be perceive as rivet on an armor so you gotta be on the lock out for people opinion during the design process to see how people interpret what they see and see if it match what you want them to perceive.I personally believe choosing the right color that sit next to each other help clear any confusion.In the case here i would argue that the jacket color is somewhat confusing.To much element have the same color that the issue from the helment to the boot they seem almost made of the same material the idea of introducing a bit of color difference is to separate those texture and to create interest.
Nothing against monochromatic artwork but will doing monochromatic work it would pay off to pay special attention to this kind of ''how do i make my material read as intended''.

If you are going to use a textured brush at a large size be aware that it might give part of your work a digital look as the texture would repeat.I am talking about what you did with the floor.There is brush for smoke i think that what you were going for but that brush doesn't seem to have the quality you are looking for.

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Looking good, the lighting in particular is very well done, very dynamic. Nice design elements as well, the typography helps give the image a futuristic look which compliments the character design quite well!


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