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darktiste:  Great suggestions, thanks!  I worked a great deal on the skin to give it a more natural look, and a less plastic one.  Hopefully it's more natural looking now!

chubby cat:  That's some excellent input, thanks for taking the time to do a paintover to illustrate your point;  It was a major help and helped me re adjust the values quite significantly, so I'm very grateful for that.  I implemented all your feedback you mentioned, hopefully it looks better now :)


I worked on the image significantly, did some changes to the lighting and refined the skin heavily to soften the values a bit and give it a less of a plastic look:

I did some changes to the image and finalized it.  I'm quite pleased with it and ready to move on to the next illustration.  Here is the final illustration:

Next up I started an illustration for a friend, with the theme 'Lady Justice'.  I spent many hours on the sketch to make it as refined as possible.  I had a reference for the general pose, which can be seen here .

The pose suits the theme quite well, the pros being its very iconic.  On the downside, its a bit stiff.  Here is the final sketch:

Any feedback is always appreciated as always!

My advise would be to make sure to add alot of atmospheric perspective if you know what i mean.For the women in the background i would say there out of proportion to fit the composition i can't find a work around for that but i just want to let you know.

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darktiste: Thank you, will most definitely make use of that during the painting process. Also regarding the figures in the background, they are actually large statues placed in the environment, should have made mention of that before... Will try to make them appear more natural during the painting process!

so my critique of the pose is kind of philosophical. Im tempted to think of the Columbian pictures woman, with the strong upright pose, and her feet are planted, with this she is taking a dainty step forward, and her body is not. I think it be better if she were floating, and her feet pointed down eloquently, and you got rid of the stumps and lava/water/hands because they add just more things to busy up the drawing, while you have a lot going on up top.

Also how shes holding the scales is strange, put your arm out like that, try to hold like a cup or something and tell me that feels like a powerful grip.

Even the sword, bend your like that, does that feel powerful? not to me, id say it should be all the way up, or all the way down, you already have a cross shape with the figures behind in the clouds and adding the bent elbows makes it redundant since her main gesture is straight up and down. maybe angle the dress blowing more subtely, and the sword arm behind her but the sword still visible. and yea definitely lose the swamp hands and lily pads, i know you got a thing for those girls in the water but i dont think they help this picture.

less is more, think big shapes less on detail. and on the figures in the back the breast straps feel kinda corny to me, like theyre trying to be really sexy. thats just a taste thing, but there are some epic breast plate designs that could be possible there, instead of the cliche boob armor weve seen a million times. even if it is boob armor, it can still be designed in a fresh interesting way, im sure you know what im talking about

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Fedodika: That's some excellent input, thank you!  I just tried her floating and the results were good, but overall I preferred the grounded look as that gives her a sense of weight... and makes the 'hands' more threatening.  I re-adjusted her arm with the scale as suggested, I feel it works much better now!  I got rid of the breast straps as well on the background figures/statues.  I think I'm going to keep the hands and the lilies, I feel they add some much needed contrast to the image!


I updated the sketch a bit and blocked in the basic colors.  Pretty happy with my color choices so far, but feel free to let me know any input!

There an issue for me with the scale she holding it create a strong emphais on the statue just something to consider if it not a point of emphasis you where working toward.If you have isolate your element it would be easier to move the element around but it might be a bit harder at this stage if you work on a single layers.That why i recommend to start an illustration by isolating each element for easier resize and manipulation around the canva.

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The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
I agree with darktiste, there's a lot of tangents that are messing with the composition. Here's an example of what I mean
[Image: 0vQNBeA.jpg]

edges touching like this or elements that are very close to the edge of the canvas should generally be avoided 
quick paintover because I suck at explaining
[Image: A1TTw8c.jpg]

scales going over the statue's face is a nightmare to deal with but it could be fixed in the painting as long as you don't detail the statues too much. Painting this will be really hard I think you should play around with changing the time of day
The rule of tangent is to make organize the element so that line doesn't converge toward a singular point or that 2 object edge doesn't meet it also include the frame that count as an edge.Tangent have the tendency to flatten composition.I think if there so many tangent as Coinhero shown that you might want to be more actively thinking about them in future painting.It not something that you have to practice separately necessary but you should not be testing you color and be seing still seeing any tangent who should have been dealt with before so next time i recommend that when you finish the composition before going into color you check for 2 thing line that converge and meet in a single point and object with confusion ''fusioning'' edge.

Here a video if my explanation fail to explain what tangent mean
I recommend it because it as visual example that make the concept easy to grasp.

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The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
darktiste:  Great point regarding the statue's face, I think it's the blue 'flame' that I added on the scale that brings more emphasis on the statue, so I got rid of it.  Thanks for the detailed explanation regarding tangents, I admit I haven't put much emphasis on avoiding them during the sketching problem.  The video you posted was ridiculously helpful in that regard, so thank you!

Coinhero: Thank you for the detailed paintover, very much appreciate it! I reworked the sketch a bit and got rid of most of them (or at least made them less severe).  


I worked on the illustration a bit more, tried to get rid of the unnecessary tangents as was pointed out, and also established the lighting.  Pretty happy with that aspect so far.  Here is the current progress:

I'm just going to echo what Fedodika said a few posts back - the way she's holding the scales is strange and awkward. She has a powerful grip on the sword, but she's holding the scales like they weigh nothing even though they are made of gold(?). It's really how the hand and fingers are positioned; there's nothing powerful behind them that follows the rest of the images' vibe.

With the bowl as well, just be careful of the left one - the statues face almost looks like it's resting on it

chubby cat: Great point regarding the hand;  I just repainted it, hopefully it looks more natural now!


Worked on the image a bit more, refined the illustration as a whole.  Current progress:

Just to pester you a bit more on the scales (lol) - I think it's worth considering whether or not these are actually functional scales? How would they actually measure anything without her hand placement being an influence? Take a look at old fashion scales, or even statues holding scales; the beam is always supported by something else in which someone holds onto.

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRdimJFkXGYzXMzq9i_k...eTpzEKBR0J]

It make more sense for the scale to be leveled with each other and it would help move away the unwanted focus on the statue face.

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The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
chubby cat:  Great input, thank  you!  I admit I haven't thought too much of that practicality of the scales.  I do like the example you posted so I'll think about doing something similar for the next update!

darktiste:  Hmm... I'm not sure to be honest regarding the scales;  I think having them perfectly straight would be a bit boring composition wise.  I did however fix an anatomy mistake with her arm being a bit too long, so I was able to move the scale a bit so there's no more necessary attention to the statue, thankfully! 


Worked more on the image, made the arm a bit smaller and continued refining.  Here is the current update:

I worked on the image a great deal more, it's coming along fairly well I'd say.  Here is the current progress:


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