smrr's P.T [paintover thread/physical therapy, who knows! n_n]
Hey dagz, 

This is a PSA ~ 

I'm gonna be doing a thing! 

In an act of wanting to help others out, while in turn, becoming more involved in the community (I tend to slip away every couple of months... for a couple of months nowadays :/) -- I'm gonna be doing paintoverssssssssss :D!

I've always wanted to make a thread and give paintovers to people, but never felt like I was in the position to do any that were of any worth/able to communicate my thoughts coherently. 
I feel I'm up to scratch now and am gonna get into it!

If you want, you can submit work you want me to check out -- I'd be more than happy help out with it <3

Either way, I'm gonna be posting paintovers I've done in here n_n










>> vv

Did you mean submit them here in this thread? Also, good on you, Steph!

@meat: Yes I think that's the case.

Yeah n_n!

Otherwise, if I find work from like people asking for critiques/people posting wips unsure where to go/etc - I'll go ahead and give a paintover in their thread, then post it here.

If Dagz submit work here, there'll be a write up of my thought process and how I went about changing things

Cheers Yen <3

You are a beautiful brings misty tears of joy to my old face.

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@Amit - no u <3 D16c4689 Th_087_

(edit: I'll just update my original post with recent paintovers and add a timestamp)

Totes gonna hit you up on this.

[Image: tumblr_nmm95eIB6N1qcctn2o2_250.gif]

Looking forward to it <3

Hey Smrr,
Would you be so kind as to critique my futuristic fighter pilot dude?

oh shit!
I need to subscribe to this thread so I get emailed when there are replies!
Sorry for the late show of face, DQ - I'll be more than happy to crit this armoured-up babe in the near future (just need to hit a deadline due tomorrow, then it's on!)

Also, *bump*
(after like 2 months M.I.A lmao)

DQ_Nick - Alrighty man, so firstly, I really dig the design, pose + perspective of the character. For real, top level stuff \o/ ! I can see this guiy in a game/movie for sure!

What's letting the piece down is the rendering. 
It looks as if you were going for a style that left the linework in.... but in some areas, you painted over the lines?  I was confused by this and concluded that you wanted to paint the dude realistically, but couldn't be bothered haha. Idk I could be wrong though lmao

So honestly, the biggest change I made to the piece was painting over the solid black linework as much as possible. I wanted to try and make the character *pop* and feel like he could be standing in front of the viewer (if I allocated more time, this probs could have been possible). 

Before I got into that, I noticed that your darks were real dark, so I used a level adjustment to lighten the image, then got stuck into it. When your values are either too light or too dark when you're in the middle of working on a piece, you become limited in the way that you can work. I always find it better to work in the mid-range values for the majority of the piece - adding the darkest darks and lightest lights toward the end - and sparingly. Although this could ofc vary from piece to piece. But with a general top-down lighting scenario, you're set. 

You pretty much nailed the matte metal look and feel, I added a little bounce light to the underside of the armour to enhance the form "coming out" if you get me. I used the light grey from the background to achieve this. I noticed you added little scratched details to the metal, which was a cool addition - I do feel like any details of the sort should be added after you've described the form thoroughly though.

Paying attention to edges could really breathe life into this piece (read: yeah, I may have went a little overboard with my application lmao yolo) - add dynamism through playing with the focus. E.g. I blurred some edges around the bottom half and sides of the dude to create a focus in the mid-top half of the design. Though, if you're selling all components of the design to a 3d guy - certainly do it subtly. 

Couple of quick notes:

*the cast shadow underneath looks half-assed D: make sweet love to every bit of the piece. Make it look professional, because you are professional - that's the mentality you should make stick. What would a shadow look like irl? (Note: always ask this question - super helpful)

*circular pattern designs - removed and added ellipse shapes > reduced the size > ctrl+J to duplicate as many as I wanted > repositioned where I wanted them > locked layer transparency > painted over and considered how light would fall around the rim. Why do this instead of drawing each by hand? Looks more man-made/technical, repetition in adesign creates consistency. Would have used ctrl+T > distort to fit the right perspective if I had the time too.

*probably could have added ambient occlusion underneath where his right hand is resting on the plate.

*most important of all - understanding how to paint realistically all comes from a solid understanding of how to paint a sphere under different lighting setups, as well as with differing materials i.e. metals, wood, plastic, etc. Nail your understanding of that and rule the world.  

So yeah that was basically the gist of it, I hope this has helped you out even a little bit - my apologies for the late reply once again --- annnnndddd yeah, go kick ass and chew s'more bubblegum \o/


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