CC 04 Finals
You can post your finals in here.

Please keep your uploaded images no larger than 1500px wide, and if you can please upload your images as attachments to the forum. This helps keep page load times down, and the images always up.

Also, try to make a compilation of your studies and sketches in one or two files. You can hide it under a spoiler for better scrolling.
If you have written a script, please include it with your wips. Scripts are an essential part of the comic making process.

The brief for challenge can be found here:

Good luck and have fun!

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I have to post my final tonight because I won't be able to do it later! Tonight was my personal deadline. So that's what I was able to do with the given time.
Below are layouts for other 3 stories which I didn't pick +some sketches. I haven't attached the layout for the final because it's too messy.
Used an old ink pen, pencil and a black marker +some minor digital adjustments.
Everyone who's got time left, looking forward to see your stuff later!
Let's show Dan the Daggers spirit! :)

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I dont have any wip stuff sorry.

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I'm persuading myself for days
to submit my page. Sick, puke
I finally decided to do.
So here it is, my  '' down the hatch '' page.
I hope that it will not hurt your eyes and brain. Blushing

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My picture under 1 mb: 

Studies / WIP thread:

FINISH HIM. I mean I finished it.

Had no time for colouring, so just lines it is.

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Here's my go for PROBABILITY GAME.

I went with a scrolling comic style, so it looks longish but its only 8 panels and hopefully in this age of digital comics and infinite canvases it will count as a single page.

Looks like I'll have to link to imgur because my comic won't resize to 1 mb legibly (and a 1 mb image size limit on a concept art forum is a little silly no?)

Probability Game

Lame I know but hopefully it won't disqualify me.

I've also attached a lower quality reformatted version of the comic that saved a little better at 1 mb.

I tried several different layouts for the page, and while it's designed to work with either one or two columns,  I think single column scrolling works best, but two isn't too bad either.

And here's some WiP:

Learned so so much in this challenge, really pushed myself to my limits!

Link to WIP thread:

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This is as far as I go! Wish I could've had more time but alas... work!

No excuses. I'll own all the mistakes I'll have coming. Thanks for the extension!

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If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
IG: @thatpuddinhead
Everyone's stuff is looking great! :D

If ill have time ill update this post, if not whatever, learned a lot from this, including stuff like script writing! But in the end this is probably my weakest cc entry out of all previous ones.Lessons learned.


Final! wow so many amazing entrys from everyone!
here is a link to my WIP thread :


this was a fun challenge!

wanted to make a fun comic that bordered on joking/srs. smth with more meaning past face value - twas hard.

link to my whip thread:

screw it, here's the post-12pm UTC deadline edit as my final:

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Well. This was a great challenge and great fun. I hope to make more comics about average dragons in the near future. My biggest issue was that I sunk all my time in on one panel to make it pretty but then neglected the rest of the comic in a big way. The pacing is totally off--not too sure how to improve the script or change the pacing so that it's the same idea/feeling.   This was a ton of fun regardless and I learned a ton!

Here's the WIP thread to see how I failed in that I made a pretty image that meant nothing and then tried to make a full page comic to support it (when it was just a minor setting panel..)


My Final. Hope this will keep your pants on :')

Here's my final.  Good luck everyone.  
[Image: 2045x3000.jpeg]

My comic! So many great stories from everyone!! :D

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Bringin' gradients like its 1998.

Hope I'm within the deadline! Erm. And I hope I'm submitting correctly... Attaching final, and studies and WIPS.

WIP thread:

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   -   Sketchbook   - 

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