Vandrake's sketchbook
You have some cool paintings! I can definitly see potential. Keep at it!
I like how much own work you produce.
Never stop doing your own stuff :)

Thank you so much!! never surrender! xD
Sonic time!

[Image: dd7dpns-fc157851-3871-45e5-939b-48df260b...lg7tncO86g]
[Image: dd6jstj-f4d94076-dc85-4ff3-8de3-cba3d444...EH_hQp4UzA]
[Image: dd60vsd-09c50157-9467-4b59-9801-d3f39f85...ISyTvCVBBc]
Trying new styles

[Image: dd92cfj-7329c2b7-d323-4c49-8a17-7a5c4cbb...fBdW4-YzlA]
[Image: dd93pfz-fbb1ce19-a38b-459f-b073-1b7dcbf5...esF0JcRDy0]

and other in my style

[Image: dd96w61-aed82e61-d028-424e-8408-b8664dd3...oaF-QsE2l0]
You focus to much of finish work and not enough on improving the fundamental that support the finish result.I think the problem is you might not know how to study but everyone know how to draw so that what you do.If you do some study i think they would be worth much more to post in here than those work because they actually show what your not studying and that important for us to see so that the advise are more precise.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
[Image: boceto3.jpg]
[Image: boceto2.jpg][Image: boceto1.jpg]
Some Sketches and some illustrations

[Image: vampiresa72.jpg]
[Image: guerrerochino72.jpg]
[Image: herecomestheexecutioner72.jpg]

EXTRA, some pixel art xD

[Image: enano.png][Image: fripozo.png][Image: personaje.png]
[Image: astolfo272.jpg]
[Image: fantasyprincess272.jpg]
[Image: wormslayer72.jpg]
[Image: ddbjruh-5d9aa4a3-4634-4004-8873-e70148cd...n-6lUL0m-o]
[Image: ddbxlv7-548b7795-a452-4701-9630-57a767d8...LB3Di6NUPk]
[Image: ddce5eu-4b09fc50-f542-42c4-93e3-911a3160...sCh3Jj-IGU]
If painting is what makes you happy, then you should keep doing it in your downtime. But at the same time, your work would dramatically improve from more drawing studies and just drawing more in general. Do your best to get your drawing right before you paint, otherwise you are just painting the same mistakes in.

I would greatly recommend taking something like Proko's Figure Drawing Fundamental course. It focuses less on anatomy, and more on proportions, gesture, identifying landmarks and mannequinization - all which are great things to know before learning anatomy itself

Thanks for the tips, im improving my level of English to follow the video tutorials

[Image: vampiro72.jpg]
[Image: hada72.jpg]
[Image: girlwithslime72.jpg]
[Image: tomoko72.jpg]
[Image: centauro72.jpg]
[Image: bruja%2B%25282%2529.jpg]
[Image: alucardp72.png]

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