the dawckbook! come watch me fail (and hopefully learn)
thx for the comments fellas! i think im on that quick learning slope for a lil bit i felt small jump in understanding, it must be my hand getting better, soon ill tart to see more mistakes so thatll mean my eye is getting better, 

so this was the first turd local colors were now established lineart is "there" but its shit good some places complete utter shit in others however my focus was to get a base to work with

after a few hours i am here, gotta work more on it, cat isnt painted i bumpes sizes to push my focal points ive left space in my vlue range for bright and darker stuff that ill lay in tomorrow

concep challenge stuff forced me to do my first ever set of armors! they crappy but i wanted to get a first start completely from head just using my visual memory, i think thats whats been helping me the most, ive stopped being afraid to fuck up first and then look up answers since now i got questions, when i just copy and then do it it doesnt feel the same

studies after guild wars concept art and last one is mine

took photos of the drawings from yesterday, couldnt sleep so i drew my cat, mofo moevs alot so theyre like 3 mins eaach or something and stuff from head as usual lately

compositions to apply my armore design i did 12 this are the ones i liked the most

thats about it got more stuff but meh lazy to upload, its crap anyways xD ill se you around !



When in doubt ask yourself, what would scooby do?
great studies!

I like how you're focusing on the structure, for example the lines on the cat sketches. The one with the dark background is my favorite. I like the shapes and form you captured

For your illustration piece, are you using reference for the lightning?

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voodomama: yeah pretty much :/ i kind of wanna re do the line art and painting but leave the composition and placement intact, rather than fixing small mistakes idk tho it feels depressing having to do something 4 times makes me feel bad but i think im learning alot with each time and in this case it would be more for the finnish and wanting to make it look nice, studies about tv glare incoming now that i found some ref and took pictures of my own

hahaha yeah my life has been grids recently fedodika, plus i cant upload what ive recently done since its been mostly ellipses ive done other experiments and stuff tho feels like ive unlocked that reward in my brain for applying practice, work has been tough tho its that part of the year where im swamped with stuff thats not drawing and its depressing gotta squeeeze every second!



When in doubt ask yourself, what would scooby do?
Love the colors on the hooded figure!

The burger guy was just classic!

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