Sketch Goulash!
Great studies

Ugh. Been gone too long; 2.5 months. In other news. Met a slew of financial and personal life goals! ^^ Can't wait to get back to work; gotta push double time to make up for lost time! Lots on the horizon e.g. personal ip project, refined studies, partnership and group dynamics! XD

[Image: 9517466021_877f19abb3_c.jpg]

Another Selfy! *__*

[Image: 9532717979_39576056ed_c.jpg]

9 hours. 12.11.13 Working to push the colors a bit more. Got a couple final touch ups.
[Image: 11349712903_1f681e353e_c.jpg]

Nice! You can see an improvement just by the two self portraits. Watch the size of the eyes, they are getting a bit big in all of your studies.
Good to hear you have made progress on other non-art related goals. These are very important too and I think a lot of people ignore their personal and financial life to just blindly follow art and hope to get through the other end.
Hope to see more from you soon :D

quick 1 hr still life. 1.7.14

2 hr photo study. 1.8.14

[Image: 11848304033_4b56d43554_c.jpg]

blah blah blah! HAMPTON!
[Image: 11880483704_51ca01998a_c.jpg]

selfie. 1.12.14 5 hours
working on dem greys, trying out color combos, and trying out a new technique! :D

I also found out Michael Hampton has a blog with some additional posted lectures which you can find :here:.

[Image: 11921478834_a8843f4cb7_c.jpg]

Nice self portrait! Clear improvements from the first one on this page. Keep it coming Man.

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Those facial proportions look a lot better than the last one and you've got better values. Nice work man. Im finding self portraits are great practice to do regularly. Especially when you dont know what else to work on. Im starting to do one every 3-4 days. Then working on anatomy and other stuff on the days in between. Just stay in the habit of doing at least something each day and you're bound to see improvement.

It be cool to do a series of these like flash cards from pixel-lovely with anki or something. I'd like to do some more actual form exercises with the muscles themselves.

terms and sub-groups. (for later reference)

____Lower Leg____
---Tibialis Anterior--
---Extensor Digitorum--
achilles tendon

____Upper Leg____
---Tensor Fascia Late---
iliotibial tract
---Gluteus Medius--
--Gluteus Maximus--
bicep femoris
vastus lateris
vastus intermedius
vastus medialus
rectus femoris

[Image: 11991993333_a60ec41c31_c.jpg]

...and this is cool! O_o

some warm up gestures and hampton of the foot.
did some work on the hand while on the go, but it looks awful, so I'm not posting it. haha
... but if you're :curious:

[Image: 11959451365_538b6a8112_c.jpg]

I like the muscles drawn onto the photo. Also like the gestures and hampton structure studies. Awesome to see how things are structurally built. I bet that will really stick in your head.

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Looks good, good improvement with the portrait.

With the photo studies, idk if you are doing it, but try starting with a perspective grid, find the horizon line etc etc. it'll make it easier because light will make more sense, and it'll give your work a more solid look, also, when painting materials or water, really try to think that you are painting water, not copying shapes and colors, stop looking at the reference and look at your study, it has to stand on it's own.
If the water doesn't look like water think of the reason why, and then fix it, sometimes little highlights and gradations are what's missing, and they will improve the feeling immensely.

More gestures and leg studies. I decided to go back and recap over some of the material. Its a lot of stuff to chew on for a day at a time. Good to make the push though. Some one posted :this: in my stream, looks like a good way to go if you want to learn the names of the muscles/groups
I tried turning some of the models in space and drawing them in a different angle to really push what I learned. Helped bring out the shape-recognition issues I have and trying to think in perspective and form. Definitely gonna make a regular thing out of it.

[Image: 11993386935_fb9e3b8a6c_c.jpg]

...still got a lot to learn! :D

Lots of hard work going on here, your painting seems to be improving with each update and also your lines got a bit better since the previous posts but they could still use a little more love in places. Keep up the hard work!

Anywhere specifically you see I could work on? -like, where they could use more love? I'd love to know so I can consciously attack it! -thanks! :D

(01-17-2014, 09:45 PM)JonHop Wrote: Lots of hard work going on here, your painting seems to be improving with each update and also your lines got a bit better since the previous posts but they could still use a little more love in places. Keep up the hard work!

Really good studies man. Lots of hard work, I like the muscle painting over the picture, it's a good idea, I think I will try that.
Keep it up!

Concept sketch for the graphic novel I'm working on.

[Image: 12126955063_5548371f34_c.jpg]


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