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I think the reclining girl you did a fine job on, her face is decent and her hand is pretty good too. Also her body, well it may look like that, but you can also embellish a body just like a face, jeff does this a lot in quick sketch. He pumps the shapes of the shoulders, breasts, waist (narrows them), stylizes the shapes of the legs and angles the feet, making it look quite mechanical, but sexy. 

Main issue is just her bicep strangely narrows before going into the forearm. Also her leg that is lifted, kinda strange how its curving into the foot, and the contour of her back... Like i would omit the shadow you have thats casting, just shade a little around where the terminal starts, then indicated with a flowing line the contour, and i think that'd look much more appealing, but thats a taste thing. 

Glad youre doing the Gibson... The orc, very stiff, try spending more time in the loose sketching phase, finding a really really really cool pose, and not just first one or even the first 10. Our good friend Gregokari has a great exercise to get better at pose drawing from imagination

The rest are in the notes i left on these critiques and im happy to beat with the stick because i struggled for a very long time drawing attractive women, still not perfect at it, but after a lot of scathing feedback over the years i learned what works and yes... Due to subtelty, it is probably the hardest subject to draw well

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