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Just a quick update as I haven't had time to take any pics from my sketchbook. I'll take the pcis either tomorrow or Saturday and post them then.

I was getting abit fed up last week with the constant studying so I decided to stop painting and and spend the free time I had outside of my classes to do some sketchbooking with no particular aim and just drawing for fun using my imagination.

Roughly sketched this idea for a knight/warrior which I liked the look of so I decided to develop it further in photoshop.

Rough Sketch

Used some photo ref to help with the hand and with the design of the clothes

Wasn't really feeling the empty space in the bottom left corner, he felt rather naked so I decided to add a cloak with the help of some reference that I took of myself.

Finished Line Drawing

Value Block-In

Blocked in the values using the same process that I was using for the paintings from a few weeks ago. Stuck with using the the basic soft round brush.

Started rendering the face but I'm not digging the direction it's going in, maybe I'm just judging it too early though? I'm using the soft round airbrush and colour picking from the values I have on the screen already and then using a hard round for any hard edges.

I'm trying to make it look realistic without using any reference for the lighting and I'm unsure if that's a good idea or not?  I'm trying to see what I can do from imagination (mostly) but don't know if I should shoot some reference quikcly to give me an idea.

Maybe I'm just finding it hard since I don't use photoshop for painting, feel like if I was doing this tradiitonally I'd find it easier...

hes got a real babyface right now... and no its not a good idea to make it look realistic without any reference. Id reccomend getting Daz3d studio, building the scene with it, use the lighting tool, (which isnt hard to learn) and go from there. If you pose that figure in daz3d you'll see the wealth of mistakes and shortcomings youre not considering, give it a shot :)

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Gotta echo what Fed said and say to use references. Also be careful with your proportions. Right now his head is feeling super large, especially in comparison to his arm. Goof luck, I can't wait to see where this piece goes!

- Fedodika: I was trying to go for  a more youthful appearence but perhaps I went overboard. Yh I was toying with the idea of either seeing how far I could push myself without using reference or using reference. I see alot of artists who can go quite far without the need for reference but I think it's abit too sonn for myself haha.

I gave Daz3d ago in the end. It did help point out a few of the mistakes you mentioned such as the head being too big for the body. I was referring to myself in a mirror on my desk to give me an idea of proportions but I should of constructed the pose more before jumping in.

- chubby_cat:  Thanks cat :) Yh after messing around with Daz3d I saw the proportional mistkaes I made. I should of construcuted the pose more like I did on my poster as that really helped me. Aatleast I know for next time :)

Thought I'd post some life work first. Aplogies for the quality of the photos. My rooms abit crowded atm so I couldn't set my lights up properly.

Life Drawing

Started another 3 week pose and spent the first week blocking in the figure. I started rendering this week and will continue doing the same next week so I'll post that on the weekend once I have some more space in my room.

Portrait Class

Really wanted to dome construction drawing this week and take  a break from how I;ve been working the past few months. This was my second attempt as my first was god awful. Once I start that anatomy course in April and dive back into figure drawing I plan on getting back into construction drawing aswell as quicksketch, and see if I can combine the way of working that I've been doing with construction drawing as I feel like I'm still copying what I see rather than anaylizing what I see and simplifying it into something easy to read.


Played around with Daz3d which helped identify proportional mistakes that I had made but I decided to shoot some reference of my own in the end as I prefer that way of working. Not bashing Daz or anything but I find posing a model based on my sketch much easier.

This is my drawing based on my reference.

I then printed the drawing onto some bristol board and did a value comp.

I've decided to complete this as a graphite drawing as I find working traditonally easier than digital. Plan on changing some things such as making him look younger and I want to group my values better as I feel like it's all over the place in some areas and try and design their shapes better.

If there are any proportional mistakes or any mistakes in general please let me know. I'm all ears :)

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argh well, the blue drawing is a ton better, then when you shaded it, the once strong face got really weird and lopsided, the cool value patterns got washed up from the shading, same with the hand. In the blue one the hand is really clear and has a cool shape, then as you shaded it it looks mushy, you just lost alot of those cool shapes, and it having the same value as the shirt isnt a good way to make it read.

Also the shadow under the sleeve, blend those two values together instead of that skip of light between it. Its weird its like the drawing went from a 7/10 to a 4/10 its so weird how impactful those shapes are... its really got me thinkin about some things myself...

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Nice! The swordsman illustration really feels more convincing after reference. I've found using myself as reference in the absence of anything else is really useful, even if I don't look like what I'm trying to draw. It definitely adds a layer of realism anyway.


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