Finished another parody image for my friends burger restaurant

[Image: andrew-gibbons-ballarat-town-hall900-fin...1554981072]
Updated this character concept with a black back ground
more and more leaning towards these black backgrounds as a way to keep consistency with some pieces
have things feel cohesive and looking like a set. like im creating my own collection of characters
so this one is from 2019 and is an alternate version of a character i did in 2014
[Image: andrew-gibbons-saurai-re900bb.jpg?1554975135]
this is the original design i did
updated the background to fit in with the aesthetic im liking with my work
the grey backgrounds feel kinda bland or clinical and white is a bit too bright
this clean background full body character illustration is something that really feels like something i consistently enjoy looking at and one of the types of image i will probably keep making.
[Image: andrew-gibbons-2014bb900.jpg?1554976767]

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Touched up and finished a couple more portraits from MK
Did some research into the characters and decided to try and make a complete roster
I settled on 84 characters so i've got 80 left to go..
will hopefully get better at and more efficient at painting portraits by the end of them

[Image: andrew-gibbons-jade900latest.jpg?1556079860]

[Image: andrew-gibbons-mileena900.jpg?1556543019]

[Image: andrew-gibbons-skarlet900.jpg?1556559191]

[Image: andrew-gibbons-tanya900.jpg?1556545813]

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A few more MK portraits

[Image: andrew-gibbons-khameleon.jpg?1556688984]

[Image: andrew-gibbons-kitana900.jpg?1556691490]

[Image: andrew-gibbons-frost9002.jpg?1556802146]

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So I did a couple more MK portraits
tried some brushes I don't usually use and they were pretty fun and got me into a good painting groove
I chose to use as a base for these two, the creators of Mortal Kombat as the two characters are strong demi god brothers
thought it would be a nice little detail to add some depth

[Image: andrew-gibbons-ed-boon-as-daegon.jpg?1556969011]
[Image: andrew-gibbons-john-tobias-as-taven.jpg?1557004606]

I've got 9 pretty much done even though i plan to go back in and fix small things in all of them
so I've got 75 or so characters to go..
maybe i'll get it all done in 6 months..but hopefully sooner
Will depend what work I have come up

There is a purpose to these by the way..
I like mortal Kombat but haven't dug some of the character designs so I wanted to do my take and redesign some more than others. the newest game is pretty dope though
Then I also am using this for practice of portraiture, materials rendering and general painting skill
and I'm occasionally drawn into be a completionist so  wanna do all the characters
It's a good challenge and hopefully will also have some positive growth as far as getting my work out in front of people

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357


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