Delorias SB
Hello. Thanks for visiting.

The purpose of this sketchbook is to improve my skills. I'm stuck and need some social pressure and help.

Looking forward to your critique, advices and any other kind of help.

Will try to upload my shitty art every week.

Here is first dose of what I did on last week and some other stuff.

Materials studies

Some studies of brush work and colour

What i did for my Portfolio

Welcome to the forums! You are off to quite a good start! The material studies you are making right now is probably a great thing for you to focus on at the moment.

Keep up the good work!

I think you should visit my sketchbook i do similar texture study.Maybe there something to get out of that.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Welcome Delorias! Your art does not look bad at all (at least to my unqualified eyes). The potion bottle looks great :)

There will be many people out there enough to call your art shit or ignore it, no need to add to that sentiment yourself.  Uncertain  Self talk actually effects everything we do, so it is good to be mindful of if you may be being overly negative or self deprecating lest it becomes an unintentional habit.

Anyways, nice to see some still life work being done, though I assume these are studies of paintings or photographs of setups? Highly useful exercise to do irl. These are pretty well executed quicker studies in any event.

One quick thing I'd advise for those still life ones is to pay more attention to your edge work. Realism of a naturalistic form relies on a good balance between the harder and softer edges. You use a lot of hard edges and could make use of more softer edges in your work to balance them out. Example is around the contour of a round form like the pomegranate,  the contour around the fruit could be softened in areas to balance the harder edges and to emphasise form turning away in places. Lost edges can be introduced into places such as the shadow areas so things merge together and unify. An intentioned control of the edge balance in yourwork will help you show 3d volume better. Be very mindful of where light and shadow meet and what kind of edges are present and useful to show.

If you don't already, perhaps you can try and setup and paint a still life from life. This will help you to see volume better and by squinting your eyes, be able to observe and decide how to simplify your value massing/grouping as well as identify where the soft and hard edges are. The more you squint down the more unified subtle halftone values become and the hardest edges stay hard to your perception and easy to identify.

@Zerrontos Thank you. Yes, i think materials are important for the art finalization, especially when I'm doing my portfolio in casual style.

@Who Thank you for your advices! Yes, these still life art are all from photos. I think i have to work on irl reference, because photo's one are too easy (if there is not much rounded objects). Actually about edge control: i was trying to do it in previous art, but i failed. I'm actually not sure where I can make edge blurry except for the shadows. I'd like u to look at new one that i did recently.

This week was kinda intense for me... I found many thing that im bad at, at least it was helpfull. 

This time i worked a lot on paper, especially with human body and Especially with faces. Also i did one more icon for my portfolio. It's unfinished and I'm looking for your advices. I wonder if this kind of rope i did on my scroll is fine for putting in game? It looks not that good, but from user side that will see this icon in much smaller scale, i guess, it looks decent? Hope anyone here that worked on such icons can tell me.


Still life that I tried to make more edges merged

Paper time

Push yourself you want to show your best work in your portfolio if you feel you let yourself short that only you who get penalize.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Quote:[email protected] Thank you for your advices! I'm actually not sure where I can make edge blurry except for the shadows. I'd like u to look at new one that i did recently.

Here's a short article on some ways to use edges that may help you decide on edge variations to try in various situations. I think the majority of the decisions on how to treat edges in each painting really comes from your own aesthetic preferences and choices, but there are some general 'rules' like hard edges come forward in space, soft ones drop back. Hard edges draw a lot of attention softer ones allow rest areas to balance this.

I like the iron painting you did, personally, much better than the other one. don't be scared to try go even bolder with edge variation if you enjoy a more loose 'painterly' presentation. I'm going to drop some examples here to look at. In general note the variety and rhythm and placement of the edge choices made by the artist overall, but also look at how they treat every edge on a single object. You'll notice quickly there is a lot of variation that drives interest but also, how bold they can be in really losing edges not only in shadows but in the light, and still retain form and the naturalistic overall visual impression without having to render everything out. See what you enjoy. A good way to learn to use edges is of course to observe/study various approaches on some high quality work and then experiment on your own paintings.

@darktiste You are actually right. I somehow forgot about such a thing, was focused on invisible process in studio. Thank you.

@Who Big Thanks for this material and examples. I was trying to implement this in my works, this time in environment sketches. But somehow when im being focused on edges the shape of object getting lost because of my weird brush strokes. 

Some environment sketches from imagination.

woah what a difficult study. the lighting in this one must've been a bitch lol. Still, I like your idea with the downward strokes stemming down from the clouds, it's a great solution that I think is slightly obscured by the jagged portrayals of the cloud highlights. I can't provide any advice on rendering the lifted dirt around where the plane is landing, but something looks off to me. Let me know if you do studies on this because I need to work on this as well.

The rendering of the plane is easily the most successful thing here, you did really well on the body especially, love those slight reflections of orange light.

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