iamorim's sketchbook!
kurtjeremy - thanks for the proportions tip! :)  I got some critiques in the critiques section that helped a lot.
about the compositional studies: I was trying to think about the focal points, balance between values, contrast this kind of stuff. First time I do something like this so I'm pretty sure that some of them make no sense.

gabbytaylor - yeah I agree with you. I messed up for some reason. I tried to paint them without reference. That makes me think that I need to practice more from imagination '-'


compo studies, unfinished color study and a nemesis sketch I want to give a shot 


some basic structure stuff I was stupid enough for not doing before :|
loomis and michael hampton's books, photos and imagination

Quick update here.

A character for the CHOW#11 . I know the color of her skin is pretty bad. I tried to add some more colors like in the last studies I did but that didn't work. It was just getting worse haha. I will come back to her later :|

And the nemesis from the last post. Let's see where I go with this.

These look great so far (the second one actually scared me a little! haha)! The only thing I can think of to improve is your shading and contours on the girl don't match. It looks like there should be a lot more shapes and variety of depth, based off the shading. Other than that, you got this! Keep up the good work!!

GabbyTaylor - Yeah, I know what you mean. I could have pushed a bit more. Thanks! :)

Unfinished character. I reliased that I suck trying to design nice clothes :D At least her color skin looks better than the CHOW, it is more alive. Big problems with high satured colors.

Some color in the nemesis painting. It looks like shit but I'm gonna finish it. I think I'm making it too complicated, I don't know '-'

iamorim, great stuff with the CHOW - the way you rendered her arm = on fleeeeeeeeek. Great effort, I can't wait to see when you come back to her with some gained knowledge.

The great thing about you is that you _finish_ your sketches. Oh man, that truly is a great thing to be doing... even though it may not turn out how you see it in your head, never stop finishing your sketches, because you'll level up loads and understand what it takes to finish a piece. So it'll make building your portfolio easier and submitting your work to different art sites.

Looking forward to where you take this Nemesis piece.

Keep pushing man! :D

smrr - hey thanks a lot. Amitt gave us some good points in the CHOW thread. I started trying to finish the sketches recently, that's a good thing to do. Now I can see how hard can be to finish something haha. And as you said you learn a lot while pushing the piece to a finish state ;)


So, nothing amazing. I'm  trying to understand some basic anatomy because my knowledge about it is shit.
Notes from books and some tracing stuff over a photo. I'm gonna trace the other muscles after I read about them in the books.

EDIT: I updated the back view tracing because I noticed there was a big mistake :|

Thanks meat about the critique on the nemesis :)

About the last image: i like the #1 but I'm not sure if it is a good option because his "tongue" goes out of the picture. If it is a compo problem I would take the #2 sketch.

Any tips please?

Ill choose #3

The full 8 or infinite symbol the tongue is doing is too much.

Where does the tongue goes where is not outside?
I would make some room for it with a wider neck or jaw or both :)

How can he keep that long tongue suspended on air with such litle musculature to it.
I would make the tongue thicker at origin and tapering down.
Maybe the tongue resting on the shoulder.

Have you checked anteaters? Maybe make his face goes outwards like anteaters does.

Sketchbook: p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7
(07-11-2015, 12:02 PM)iamorim Wrote: hi!

some basic structure stuff I was stupid enough for not doing before :|
loomis and michael hampton's books, photos and imagination
Looks great! Maybe you could try drawing some skulls to help you construct faces from different angles? Just a thought. Keep up the good work!
Sweet! You're on the right path!

The thing that is hurting you the most at the moment (in my opinion) is your lighting... I can see you're thinking about the light sources, but you're not properly thinking about how does they behave. Do some lighting studies in black and white... try to think of the direct light path, all the bounces, local values, fill lights...

It alone should improve a lot the quality of your paintings!

alfonsox - I really like the full 8 thing hahaha but yeah, you have good points. Maybe it is too long and there are no muscles enough to be suspended on air. I'm gonna think about it before the final sketch. thanks a lot!

sketchsoph - thanks! I did a quick version of the tongue vertical but didn't save it :D I think I will make him smaller to have space to the whole tongue. 

quarkwolf - thanks man! I need to do more of them.

rhasdra - thanks for the tips. I should do more from life :|



Great effort, your enthusiasm has inspired me thanks a lot. I am sure that you will develop your skills very quickly. I really like the finished version of the nemesis. I look forward to see your progress.


some arms and chow stuff

Oh the chow concept! Awesome!
Love the still life work too, beautifully rendered,

I love those sticky gross tongue/centipede things you have in your most recent post. Definitely solid values and material/light play. Also the confidence of the edges on them, keep doing that. That shit is awesome. Do you study much of Anthony Jones's work with his black and white values? Darkest he goes is about an 05-08%, and then lightest being around a 75%? Either way, it helped me a ton with values with close up people and objects.

Keep it up!

David Szilagyi, 
Professional Badass, phD.

Absolutely gorgeous studies-- There is high quality here that is very visibly paying off. I don't think that I could critique you, because you're going in the right direction, and I think you already know where your weaknesses lie. Continue!


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