Sula's Sketchbook
@Chavreaper: Thank you man :)

Here, today's train wreck.
I could polish this one, but since it was my first time painting glass from life, I think I should just do one more instead of wasting time just polishing render. Trying to figure out the way reflection works should be more productive.

[Image: Life-painting-03.jpg]

Love your sketches and all of the studies!!!
Quick bump here :)
Still kinda busy, been reading more than sketching :( Going to fix that asap.
Salvaged sketch from the weekend:
[Image: Salvaged-sketch.jpg]

Got tired of only messing with pencils. I don't like the results at all.. so decided to take break and go back to colors.

Here, screencap study and quick and sloppy application:
[Image: Screencap01.jpg]
[Image: ScreencapApplication01.jpg]

I am going to do a lot of Dexter studies, my box of DVDs just arrived :D

This screencaps studies are proving to be much of a challenge than I have expected. There is so much.. saturation...
Anyway, I was kinda dumb not post the ref for the last one. Here is this study, the ref, and I am going to try and apply it.

Anyway, planning on doing much more of these. I used to say I was good with colors, that it was strongest point, but now.. lol. I feel like a newbie.
[Image: Screencap02ref.jpg]
[Image: Screencap02.jpg]

Quick dirty application. You know, I am loving the challenge :D
Color on his shirt are pretty off.. have to try it again later.
Fixed a bit. At least look like a shadow now.
[Image: ScreencapApplication02.jpg]

Hi, nice studies, I like your life drawing and the photo study, but I want to see more of your sketches! lol. btw, I just started watching Dexter after all this time, it's good!
Dennis, when making the grid are you actually drawing it on top of the original and then moving it to the study as a frame of reference? Sorry if it seems obvious, just thought I would give this a try and don't want to be cheating myself on my studies.
Sula sorry for dropping this in your sketchbook. Thought I was quoting Dennis and I effed it up.
Your studies are looking great, wish I could provide a comment with more insight than that.

(02-29-2012, 04:54 AM)Grundalug Wrote: Dennis, when making the grid are you actually drawing it on top of the original and then moving it to the study as a frame of reference? Sorry if it seems obvious, just thought I would give this a try and don't want to be cheating myself on my studies.

@Grundalug, what I have done about the grid is something like this: I open the image I am going to use as reference, place photoshop guide that will allow me to find major masses of the images, than I go to image>duplicate and clear the canvas.
This way I have the same guides and the same canvas size on both images.
It feels a bit like training wheels, that's why I am still sketching once without grid, once with the grid and checking what I have missed on my gridless study. I can tell you the differences are becoming smaller.

And thank you ;)

@Ryk: haha thanks man! I will try to scan some and post it. Just can't promise when. I really suck with pencils lol

Ursula, you're doing great in here. the studies look good and you're on a good path. keep at it!
and might i say - that salvaged elf sketch.. god daayum.

Okay, here it is. Ryk aksed for it, and well, see, drawing is my weakest point.
Everytime I try to draw I end redoing it a lot because its never what I had in mind. I think I will have to just learn to live with this, and keep trying.

Been playing an asian game, they have a cool concept for the sorceror class. Even if my protfolio is overstuffed with portrait like art, I decided to portray the class. I started doing a few quick studies:
[Image: SB-06.jpg]

Then trying to nail down the pose. The last one was ALMOST it:
[Image: SB-07.jpg]

And this last one's where I get closer, may get her hand tilted back again, I think it was reading better..
I.. don't know. lol
[Image: SB-08.jpg]

But like I said, I don't know if I want to spend more time painting character art that does not work as a full illustration. Planning images and making them work is sort of my big challenge now, and I think I will just go back and try to flesh out some more sketches :)

Really like the 3rd one here. Very cool pose! Has a kind of deadly but sexy vibe to it, haha. They are all pretty cool variations though.

(03-01-2012, 08:21 AM)SulaMoon Wrote: [Image: SB-07.jpg]

I need to freak out at a little less :p
Painted this to relax a bit.
Its actually a image I redo from time to time, this is the 3rd time. First one from 2006: , second one from 2010: and this one:

[Image: Dragon-eye-2012-2.jpg]

Thanks Sula , didn't realize you got back to me on that.

Cool stuff, love the pencil sketches of the sorceress, you're really skilled at it :)

Some nice reflections going on in your reptile eye!

@Grundalug: it's cool man, I was kinda silly to post it here lol. Thanks for stopping by again :)

@Tooth: thank you man!

Here, today's harvest.

[Image: SB-09.jpg]

love your work. that Reptilian eye is beautifully rendered. keep up the great work!


Also, I hope you have a wonderful birthday :) cheers!
love the last post, sweet lines :D

@Rich4art: thank you man :)

Here, having some fun after doing some comp studies like Dan suggested on the live stream. Going back to comp studies first thing tomorrow...
[Image: Color-sketch-01.jpg]

Testing new Photoshop brush.

[Image: waterlady-copy.jpg]

cooool brush test. Reminds me of Jell monsters from Monster Rancher.


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