Dennis Kutsenko's Sketchbook
Great #sketchbook here Dennis, I like this style that you're exploring, just getting a nice balance between realistic and cartoony.

The only suggestion that comes to mind would be to maybe bump the contrast on the armour of the knight painting.

Other than that as I've said before great work here, both in studies and illos! Keep up the great work!

isra-ac- Thanks man! I'll do some drapery studies for sure.
kidult- Thanks man!
mactire- Hey man, thanks!

Just a quick one! Only dirty lines :( wanted to try out the Random Character Generator for myself.

You can find the character details for this character HERE

Might do a couple of these, just with lines for now. Also, sorry for the lack of updates, too busy tryin to pay bills.

[Image: Josefa-Bouche.jpg]

Looking awesome :D
Now I feel like trying it too.

Awesome sketchbook! Don't be afraid of contrast or big brush strokes, they're your friends. :D

those studies are amazing!
Great sketchbook man with awesome characters. I especially like your attention to details in the costume designs. I think the main thing you need to focus on is your anatomy, some gestures and the values.

Looking good regardless though, keep it up ;)

Like your style in design. However in my opinion biggest thing that makes your figures look off (except anatomy of course) is flawed perspective. You can consider laying a perspective grid in the begining of the image. Just to make sure you everything is placed in right spot. Keep up the good work ;3

excellent sketchbook! the critique everyone is mentioning sounds on point, and is also really useful advice for me to keep in mind, as I climb that ladder from the gutter. what are your areas of focus atm?
keep up the hard work :D

by the way, I have no business asking, just satisfying my curiousity to recognise things, but do you by any chance have...Japanese heritage?
Kutsenko sounds like a Japanese surname to me.

Ursula Dorada- Thanks and I hope you do try it out, curious how it will turn out.
stace- Thanks stace and you're right ahaha.
BenFlores- Thanks!
Warburton- Thanks! You basically said I need to work on everything haha. Ya man, I'm working those studies and gestures everyday as warm up.
ramalooke- Thanks man. Ya perspective always gets the better of me even when I set up perspective grids. Guess I have to do some studies.
rookie Thanks! My areas of focus? Probably line art right now. I just want to draw characters atm, haha. Hopefully want to make a game one day. Also, my last name is Russian/Ukrainian. :)

Just wanted to post some quick dirty characters I made using the random character generator. There are a lot of issues in those I know, haha. Back to my studies. 047352f3

Ella Kase
Character Info
[Image: Ella-Kase.jpg]

Kate Blondel
Character Info
[Image: Kate-Blondel.jpg]

Raphael Evrard
Character Info
[Image: Raphael-Evrard.jpg]

Nice line drawings Dennis


great work! love your line art.
Hey Dennis. Really sexy characters. Waiting for more ;3

Looking good man, liking the lines. Perspective's a bitch, can definitely agree with that haha. Keep it up.

:O that random character generator is just.. omg.. dont even.. cool so using that, all of yours look so cool as well! I shall try and match your standards! truly inspiring :D

Jamesxwu- Thanks man.
Trobino- Haha, thanks!
ramalooke- Thanks :)
JakeB- Thanks!
Jaik- Thanks, I hope you try it out! I love lookin through what you guys create there.

Here's three more made from the character generator. Tried to focus more on the personality of the characters; not quite there yet. I'll probably do some straight color next post when I get some free time.

Evelyn Caillet
Character Info
[Image: Evelyn-Caillet.jpg]

Rita Holder
Character Info
[Image: Rita-Holder.jpg]

Orval Clerc
Character Info
[Image: Orval-Clerc.jpg]

Very nice line work and designs on your characters Dennis, kate blondel is my favourite one :). Watch the torso proportions though ,as they seem a little too long in some of the characters. Keep up the hard work!

They keep getting better man, when are you going to color some of those?

Heey. More sexy characters. It's good to see some quality drawings. But my eyes miss your color works ;<

Cool characters Dennis! Keep up the good work!

Steve Anthony Pierce
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Wicked character designs man! been so intent on improving my figures that I haven't touched design for a good while! Keep up the hard work and thanks for commenting on my sketchbook :)

p.s. I was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy off on judging your origins via name xD lool

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