Dennis Kutsenko's Sketchbook
That weapon, i don't even know what it is but i want it.

Great work man. Very cool design on that latest character!

#83 don't call anymore. You never take me out. I shaved my legs for you, and nothing.

Where the hell is the UPDATE!?! Don't make me come find you!
i want to see the last dude finished! :D

hey dennis how you doing man :D


Firstly, man oh man this is an absolutely killer sketchbook... like damn! It'd be awesome if you were able to update it once in a while
and secondly,
Happy birthdaaaaay!! (check this stalker out lul) hope you have a great one and all the best!

Your sketchbook is lovely! And so many intersting character concepts, each one really tells a story. Thanks for sharing! Have a merry christmas :)

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Aw Come on, wheres the new arts! Is there somewhere we can see your new stuff? Your sketch book shows loads of promise!

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