Dennis Kutsenko's Sketchbook
Awesome studies man!

Thanks for the comment dude! Really nice studies and colors. I've noticed in some of your girls from imagination you're having a problem with breasts, it looks like you're elongating them for a sexy effect but they're actually so big it's making the rib cage seem too long, like they grew elongated sternums to compensate. The photostudies look spot on though :D

Here's a less than helpful tutorial on the subject!

Keep working hard!

very awesome studies!, your style remind me of some old anime.
A question: when you study from a photo, did you color pick the color?, or you just pick the color by yourself?, I'm just starting this kind of study and still a bit confuse what is the right way... Thanks!
archipelago- Thanks man

Vertical- Thanks for that. Need work on my breastssssss

RyK- Ah, the old anime style, I love it. I sent you a PM hope it helps.

Quick update on the knight painting I'm working on. Not done. I'll try finishing it tomorrow best I can.
[Image: Newsome01.jpg]

I think I'll move on with what I learned. Got stuck didn't know how to move on, so I guess I need more studies.
[Image: Newsome_Offline.jpg]

A quick one. Might spend more time on it.

[Image: Dancer.jpg]

Dennis, what up! I really like how you're developing a very personal style. The anatomy and poses are getting better with each piece! I'm demanding more boob studies though! Anyways, can't wait until your next update.
Cool stuff mate, I am also looking forward to the next update!

Nice recent stuff!

As for that knight dude, I like the armor design especially the neck part. What looks kinda weird is that fire thing he has going on. It'd look better with less sketchy lines. But in overall, your work has a nice vibrant look, it's nothing that I see too often. S'good.

Thanks for checking by mine too, I appreciate it!

CoreyKLamb - Thanks man! I really am trying to find my style, I don't wanna go too realistic and not too cartoony at the same time. And yes, gotta do a ton of boob studies for sure.

rich4rt - Thanks man!

Conny Nordlund - Ah, thanks for the wonderful comment.

I'm currently working on another piece, I just did this one for fun. Couldn't get the face right, need to do more face studies.
[Image: ninjagirl2.jpg]

Another quick one. The war between ninja vs samurai girls!!!

[Image: Samuragirl.jpg]

Kick-ass sketchbook here, Dennis. Your master-studies and photo-studies are inspiring, very good colors and values (werty5 I think is the one that catches my eye in particular).

Some of the last women you drawed, I think you put their boobs a bit too high up on the ribcage. For the knight-guy I would suggest you could thicken his arm a bit, knowing that armor on top of the arm isn't skin-tight and quite thick, it would be thicker. Other then that very cool style!

nice work dennis, your studys and designs are looking great!
one thing i would say is that your figures come across fairly static and rigid so would be great to see some more action studys, keep it up! :D

Andromonoid- Thank you for the kind words! Gotta work harder on my breasts

mindwrack- Thanks man! You're right about the stiff poses. Especially that knight piece up there. Even though I do gestures every day, I guess I'll do some longer action poses. Thank you again man.

This one turned out kinda shitty but oh well. Back to my studiessssss
[Image: victorian1.jpg]

Hey Dennis I hope you don't mind but I did a quick paintover of your last character to demonstrate some issues that are visible in your characters.

[Image: 6990222612_cd84666323_b.jpg]

Firstly the perspective is off, the lines of the body don't recede to the same point. I understand her back is arching but then it should still follow the same lines, unless she were leaning towards us.

With the perspective lines in place you can now visualise curves around the forms. For example on the legs you've drawn the stockings go straight across, however by wrapping them around the leg it gives a sense of form, shape and depth, this can be done with all of the clothing in relation to the horizon/perspective.

I moved the clothing under the boobs to make them pop, we all like a bit of boob poppage! Her hair was flowing in the wind, so I also did the same for her skirt, I thought about story and who this person might be, she's a fighter so I made it tattered and broken, don't be afraid to dirty your characters up to add to the personality. I also shortened her left arm, and brought her torso down. When it comes to shading make sure that the highest point gets the highlight (think of a cylinder), whereas now your shading the mid point of the arm so it appears flat and the edges as a highlight. I understand this as rim light, but this should be used in conjunction with the cylinder method thing - hope this makes sense. This link explains it better -

Hope this helps mate!

Ah, damn! That's kind of embarrassing for me, haha; the perspective is way off. Definitely helpful stuff here, I'll make sure to set up some perspective grids and stuff before doing one of these again instead of doing everything off the top of my head. Probably gonna go back to the basics and studies for a while. Thanks again for the crits man.

ah don't be embarrassed mate, you have nothing to be embarrassed about, this is how we learn! You don't really have to set up perspective grids for characters unless it's a complicated angle or scene, with characters like the one above you can just eyeball the perspective, just be mindful of it :)

rich4rt- Thanks man

Painting my friends into warriors with nicknames and shit, just another one.
Started out like an action pose and then ended up stiff, oh well.
Anyway, back to my studies.

[Image: Elliot.jpg]

Oh good to see you back in action hehe. I like this last painting, the design, the colors and the style, maybe needs a bit more work on the drapery........such a complicated subject (I need to work on it too : )) Keep it up!

Cool stuffs!

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