Dennis Kutsenko's Sketchbook
Damn, your line art is so clean and readable! I love those designs, too. I especially like the variety of shapes you manage to pull off in a single design and yet it still feels cohesive. Good stuff dennis!
JonHop- Thanks man. You're right about the torso's, I keep trying to make the characters longer than normal on purpose, but the torso shouldn't really be as long as I make them.
Ursula Dorada- Thanks, I'll start coloring this current one, the other ones I was just testing the generator with.
ramalooke- Thanks man, should be coloring more often now.
Pierce- Thanks, I'll try.
rookie - Thanks man.
CoreyKLamb- Thanks for the nice comment man.

Started this one using the Character Generator again, will be coloring/painting it soon. Sorry the design looks kinda ridiculous at the moment, probably some technical problems and the line work isn't quite finished either. Never colored with just line art before so this will be a new experience.

Arron Hood
Character Info
[Image: Arron-Hood.jpg]

Your studies are great. You model form very convincingly. One crit I might offer is that the gesture seems a little stiff and the anatomy seems a little idealized. And it's not entirely clear where the forms exist in space. I just finished reading a book by Michael Hampton that helped me immensely as I try to address those problems in my work. It's called Figure Drawing: Design and Invention and it offers some great insights on drafting convincing figures that are anatomically correct and feel well balanced. It's all about good form analysis. I hope that helps.

Hey, the last pose looks pretty neat. I would reconsider his props ( the blade thing on his back, exhaust pipes on his shoulder and his weapon). Looking forward to see those colors, keep on rockin

hey dennis,
really awesome studies and I like those characters too.
keep it up!

Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

ndhill- Thanks man, I'll try to see if I can find some more stuff from him online. Though, you should see the pile of papers of Body/Face gestures and construction study work I have in my room. I do around 2 pages of each, front and back everyday, so I should be gettin better soon. Just give me some time.
iCi- Thanks man. I probably should reconsider all those things, haha.
Flo- Thanks man

Not much for now, just a block-in of shapes and stuff for colors and texturing later.
[Image: ArronHoodBlockin.jpg]

Oooooh yes!

Love this one. He reminds me my days playing Ragnarok Online. Especially this assassin's katar he's holding. Sweet <3 Btw. Changing he's right feet angle (our left) and getting rid of the horizon line can be beneficial. Not sure, see for yourself.

[Image: Untitled-1copy.jpg]

Ursula Dorada- Thanks :)
ramalooke- Thanks man. I actually played Ragnarok Online, great game. Thanks for the paintover, I'm probably gonna be fixing it a lot more later.

Well, I learned something for next time, never gonna start coloring line art until the lines actually look correct, lol.

This isn't finished just progress shot for now. I really wanted to stay with the line art but I realized it was flawed, so I had to move shit around. Probably will be doing a lot more of that later. :(
[Image: ArronHoodColor1.jpg]

Looking really good man, linework to colour can be a challenge, this is working really well though. Losing the lines and softening the edges in some places really helped I think. Keep it up, looking forward to seeing it finished :)

You may want to look at the position of his head Dennis, right now it reads as if though his head is attached to his chest, I think the head needs to move up quite a bit. Looking cool otherwise!

JakeB- Thanks man. Coloring line work is a challenge, but damn I really want to be able to do it well. Gotta get it down one of these days.
Simonarpalmer- Thanks for the crit man. I moved up the head in yesterdays before I went to sleep last night. Hopefully it was moved up high enough.

Well, this is as far as I wanna take this. not really that finished and probably hella technical issues but I learned what I wanted. All I can say is I'm gonna do way better linework for next one.

[Image: ArronHoodColor2.jpg]

Good job Dennis ;3 I look forward to see your next piece ;3

Cool sketchbook man :)
Nice character in your latest posts man, i'd say your linework is prity solid, though i look forward to seeing more of it.
My advice, from looking at your most recent post would be to watch where and how you apply textures. Theres alot of it in almost every aspect of the charater and its making it abit tough to read. Don't be afraid to leave certain areas loose to give focal areas attention and let the eyes rest. (which is prity rich from myself who has to fight the urge to render the crap out of everything ;p)

Hey dude, you're studies are brilliant! Nice line work too, i find it really hard to start a painting from linework. Keep it up!
diggin your linework and concepts dennis wish mine were as good, keep it up!

*He who says he can and he who says he cant are usually both correct*
I really like your choice of colors

Woah dude the latest character has some awesome perpective and is an improvement in terms of anatomy. Looking forward to see your next better piece!

Do something for Halloween Dennis.

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